Yulong A100 Class A Headphone Amplifier

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  1. tedious1972
    "Yulong A100 with Grado GS1000"
    Pros - Musical, neutral, detailed, low noise
    Cons - UV meters don't add value, low cost potentiometer, plastic volume knob
    Previously used the Shanling PH300(0) with my Grado GS1000, which was not a good match. The Grado sounded way too harsh and tiring, already after slightly turning the volume up.
    As a result, I purchased the Yulong A100, which was basically another wild guess, despite the positive review on HF. I am very happy with the sound the GS1000 produces when powered by the Yulong A100, which is tight, airy, punchy bass, detailed and musical.
    Altogether I can really recommend the Yulong A100.
    A few comments to the designer, which could be considered for an I(improved) future version:
    - Improve the potentiometer (Alps RK27?)
    - Remove the UV meters (too small to add any value)
    - Replace the platsic volume know with an aluminium one
  2. Puranti
    "High end SS amp"
    Pros - Crystal clear amp, very low noise (black background), ultra low THD, price
    Cons - VU meter channels are switched it's not pratical (right channel is on the left and left channel on the right)
    If you want an ideal ss amp, this is the one you need, best bang for the buck.
    It is a quality building and revealing sound.
    If you need to know about the specs and graphs check the yulong website :
  3. project86
    "Great match for the D100 DAC (good with other sources too)"
    Pros - Highly transparent, neutral, well balanced sound, nice build quality and a low price
    Cons - Lack of balanced option feels like a missed opportunity since the matching D100 DAC has balanced outs
    See above link for my detailed review.
    In summary: The A100 is to amps what the D100 is to DACs. Very neutral, accurate, and transparent. It's an excellent value for the price. I docked it a star in the "Design" section because it omits balanced ins/outs, which seems odd given the D100 does balanced.
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