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Hybrid (8mm dynamic driver + 30095 balanced armature) IEM

Yersen FEN-2000


Recent Reviews

  1. darmanastartes
    Competent and Coherent Budget Hybrid IEM
    Written by darmanastartes
    Published May 2, 2018
    Pros - Detailed, coherent hybrid tuning, lots of accessories
    Cons - Questionable build quality, especially with regards to stock cable connection
    Yersen FEN-2000 Review

    This review is based upon a commercial unit purchased by me for personal use. This review represents my honest and unfiltered opinion. I am not being compensated in any way for writing this review. This review can also be viewed on my blog.


    I listen mostly to heavy metal, hip hop, and electronic music, as well as movie and video game soundtracks. I value detail, clarity, and soundstage above other acoustic qualities. I like V-shaped sound signatures, generally those with more of an emphasis on the treble. Other headphones I own or have owned in the past include the Campfire Audio Polaris, Meze 99 Neo, E-MU Teak, Mee Audio P1 Pinnacle, Mee Audio P2 Pinnacle, Fostex TH-X00, V-Moda M-80, V-Moda LP2 Crossfade, Beyerdynamic DT-770 (250 ohm), KZ ATE, Mixcder X5, Mee Audio M6, Hifiman HE-400S, and (very briefly) Phillips Fidelio X2.


    I have used the Yersen FEN-2000 with the following sources:

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global > Yersen FEN-2000

    Cayin N5MkII balanced DAP > Yersen FEN-2000

    Windows 10 PC > JDS Labs The Element > Yersen FEN-2000

    I have tested these headphones with Spotify Premium high-quality streaming and local FLAC.


    The Yersen FEN-2000 comes in a square semi-glossy box with a clear plastic front which showcases the IEM faceplates. The Yersen came with a semi-rigid zipper carry case with Yersen branding, 2 silver plated oxygen-free copper MMCX cables (one with molded heat shrink at the MMCX ends to serve as memory wire and one without, and three sets of eartips (grey silicone [Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large], foam [Small, Medium, Large], and white silicon with nozzle mesh [Small, Medium, Large].


    Build quality of the set is mixed. The IEMs themselves are solidly built, with metal housings and a polished finish. The nozzles are covered by metal mesh that does not appear to be in any danger of coming off or being pushed in. The inclusion of MMCX connectors on a ~$20 IEM is praiseworthy, and the connectors appear durable. The Yersen FEN-2000 uses a 8mm dynamic driver + a balanced armature (30095 pattern). However, the build quality of the cables is questionable. The adhesive used to secure the polished sleeve of the 3.5mm jack to the plastic body underneath is weak on both included cables, causing the sleeve to come off when unplugging the cable from a jack. I ultimately re-terminated the 3.5mm end on the cable without heat shrink to a 3.5mm Rean connector, as seen in my pictures. Furthermore, both included cables connect too tightly to the IEMs, requiring great force and effort to detach them. Based on other owners’ impressions, this issue appears to be widespread. The included cables attach and detach to other IEMs without issue. Using third-party MMCX cables with the Yersen FEN-2000 is similarly unproblematic. I have also read reports of driver flex and driver failure from other buyers, though I have not experienced either of these issues.


    The fit and comfort of these IEMs is somewhat poor. The driver housings have a diameter of approximately 1cm and extend into the ear canal. The nozzle is also wide at approximately .6cm in diameter. This creates noticeable pressure on the inside of my ear canals regardless of eartip choice. On the other hand, isolation is above average even with silicone tips.


    The sound signature of the FEN-2000 is mildly V-shaped. Mid-bass is slightly elevated, sub-bass extension is respectable but not exceptional. Mids are slightly recessed. Lower treble is elevated. The FEN-2000 is very coherent for a budget hybrid IEM (1 dynamic driver + 1 dynamic balanced armature). Soundstage is above average for a budget IEM. Separation is good and detail retrieval is excellent for the price. Measurements indicate some channel imbalance, especially in the upper treble.

    Sound quality is highly tip-dependent. I recommend using standard silicone eartips with these. The included foam eartips make the mid-bass bloated and boomy, while the included eartips with mesh filters muffle the midrange.


    My measurements were conducted with a Dayton iMM-6 microphone using a vinyl tubing coupler and a calibrated USB sound interface at a resonance point between 7.5 and 8k. The measurements are presented with 1/24th smoothing and without compensation. Measurements above 10k are not reliable.


    X5 vs Yersen FEN-2000
    FEN-2000 vs X5.jpg
    Midrange is slightly more recessed on the FEN-2000. X5 has slightly better sub-bass extension. FEN-2000 has more mid-bass and slam. Bass is more linear on FEN-2000. Treble is rolled off on the X5 in comparison. FEN-2000 has better detail retrieval. X5 is much more comfortable, but does not isolate as well. FEN-2000 has a bigger soundstage but X5 has better separation. Dynamics are better on the FEN-2000. FEN-2000 is more efficient.

    UiiSii CM5 vs FEN-2000
    CM5 vs FEN-2000.jpg
    CM5 has less mid-bass. Midrange is less recessed on the CM5. CM5 seems clearer overall and makes the bass on the FEN-2000 seem bloated. FEN-2000 has a more detailed lower treble and is airier. FEN-2000 soundstage is larger. Imaging is better on CM5. Treble dynamics are better on FEN-2000. FEN-2000 has much better isolation. CM5 is more comfortable.


    At an impedance of 18 ohms and a sensitivity of 97db@1kHz, the FEN-2000 can be comfortably driven from a smartphone. I do not feel that they benefit noticeably from having more power on tap. The FEN-2000 is forgiving of lower-end sources and does not hiss.


    For an asking price of about $20, the FEN-2000 is worth buying for the accessories alone. Getting a very respectable hybrid IEM in addition is icing on the cake. That said, I recommend using a third party MMCX cable with them due to the connector tightness issues.


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