Yamaha Pianocraft MRC-E810

General Information

High Sound and Picture Quality
Superior Design and Parts
The MCR-E810 has a high sound quality design that takes advantage of Yamaha's legendary audio technologies such as 60W x 2 discrete configuration power amps and speakers made of finely tuned cabinets and equipped with carefully selected units. This system also includes a high picture quality progressive compatible CD/DVD player.

It has a discrete construction that precisely places each carefully selected part without dependency on IC chips. The amplifier uses all analog circuits, including the volume section.

While it is compact, it includes high sound quality measures scrupulously designed in every detail: a large power supply transformer, high sound quality parts groups (including new capacitors), a high stiffness body with an octagonal section that is resistant to resonance, and large speaker terminals compatible with banana plugs*.

Speaker Cabinet Has New Design with Innovative Cross-Bracing
The cabinet is built with internal crossbracing having a unique wedge structure. R-beveling reduces diffraction effects. This type of cross-braced structure is used in top class speakers and Yamaha engineers are able to make the most of its advantages. It produces a tighter sound and the increased strength cuts down unwanted vibration.
Linear Damping
Yamaha's Linear Damping maintains a high, stable damping factor even at frequencies from 10Hz to 20kHz, where it generally tends to fall off. The result is superior articulation of all sounds.

Cosmetic Design
Simply, Cosmetic Design Concept
This system provides HiFi component-like design that same dedication to sound and design excellence is behind the creation of the top-class component.
Beautiful Yamaha Piano Finish Speakers
As the world's leading piano manufacturer, Yamaha has a long history of woodworking expertise. The MCR-E810 speakers have the same luxurious and environmentally friendly finish as our grand pianos.

Advanced Features
Easy Operation with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
A user-friendly GUI makes operation extremely simple by displaying clearly understandable menus right on the TV or monitor screen. You can use the remote control to select and adjust any function.
40-Station AM/FM Random Access Preset Tuning
In addition to utilizing a Direct PLL IF Count Synthesizer Tuning system, this model also makes station selection easy. Users can preset as many as 40 stations for instant one-touch tuning, and with each one the tuning mode (auto or manual) is also memorized.
Subwoofer Out
The Subwoofer Out terminal outputs bass frequencies so you can connect a subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer to your system pays big dividends: not only do you get bigger and better bass sound, but the overall sound field has much greater depth and presence.


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