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Great stylish headphones for work or play!

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Good, powerful bass. Attractive, flashy design. Comes with a case. Mids sound ok. Very loud.
Cons: Highs are muted and overall sound tends to the lower frequencies. Sound can leak. Cable feels cheap. Poor comfort.
I originally bought these after my earphones that came with my phone broke. After receiving these I was extremely pleased with the bass: it was boomy, punchy and felt powerful. These were also very loud and I barely had to turn up the volume. If you're into bass then these are great; however the bass seemed a little too overwhelming. The mids were fine but the highs were severely lacking and felt dry and dull. The clarity on these was decent but could be ruined if there was a lot of bass.

In terms of comfort they didn't feel too great. I was certainly able to notice them and the large barrel design kind of pressed against the wall of my ear. It wasn't anything horrendous but they certainly could have been better.

The sound also causes some leakage at high volumes. However, you probably won't turn it up that high unless you want to go def; seriously, it's that loud.

The reason I don't think these are amazing is because, despite the seemingly decent build, they died on me in under a month. A month. That is not good and left me severely dissapointed. This was unusual as the build quality was fairly solid and rigid, so I was surprised, although the cable felt very plasticky and low quality. And that was the problem: the cable was too weak. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I feel I should let you know.

On the upside, the earphones did come with a case which was quite surprising at this price point. It was a cheap one, but a case nonetheless.

As far as isolation goes, they're ok. The loudness will block out most sounds but they won't block out everything. But I imagine it'll be good for most users.

The design of the earphones were really nice and a bit flashy. They definetly stood out with their bright red cable and cylindrical, matte black earbuds. The earbuds were, however, a bit large and do stick out.

Overall, these are decent for the price but, like most in this bracket, tend not to last very long sadly.


New Head-Fier
Pros: isolation, bass, looks
Cons: poor soundstage
4 star for price.

Rex Capri Sum

New Head-Fier
I do not have a a ton of experience with good quality IEMs, so my experience with these may be different than someone else's. I have noticed that these have good bass. Maybe slightly bass heavy, but in a good way, overwhelmingly so. The mids are somewhat weak. And the treble is not very bright. I have definitely heard worse, though. The isolation is fairly good. The only experience I have with high quality IEMs is with my friend's Beats Tour. The isolation is quite as good, but still noticeable. The sound quality in general isn't as good either, but again, the XX's are 1/10 the price.
I may not be the best person to give a judgement on the comfort because I have never been able to wear IEMs. That being said, these are definitely not the most comfortable I've ever worn. They aren't terrible, however. I think bearable would be a good word. I do use the silicone headphones that came with the pair.
Overall, I would recommend these headphones if you are looking for a decent sound under $25 USD. And as indicted above, I would say about 3.5 stars in general.


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