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Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds

  1. kiler
    Sport headphones with a balanced Sound
    Written by kiler
    Published Dec 31, 2017
    Pros - Sound signature is balanced and not bass heavy at all.
    Comfort is really good.
    Excellent Battery life
    Cons - Bass heads might not enjoy this type of sound signature.
    I've published the review in video format below:

    A brief summary of these headphones quality is the following:

    Excellent packaging as we've grown to know from Xiaomi, with a really good and sturdy packaging case. The build quality of the Mi Sports is also up to par with the Piston line from Xiaomi and, if I had to pinpoint a similar sound to the one you have in these, I would say the Piston 3 would come pretty close to it. The neutral, polite and correct sound signature.

    As for comfort, you can use for pretty lenghty periods of time with absolutely no issue, since they are really comfortable. The isolation isn't the best, which I suppose is to prevent runners becoming too isolated from the outside world.

    For their price of around 20€ on Gearbest, I can easily recommend them if you want Sports in ear monitors that have a more neutral sound signature than the one you are used to find in common, bass-heavy models.

    Buy them here: https://www.gearbest.com/sports-fitness-headphones/pp_560728.html
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