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xDuoo XD-05

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  1. Zelda
    xDuoo XD-05 - The All-Rounder
    Written by Zelda
    Published Mar 13, 2018
    REVIEW: xDuoo XD-05 - The All-Rounder

    xDuoo Website

    xd05 1.jpg

    XD-05 page and full specifications


    Price: U$D 210 (MSRP); $200 From Gearbest

    The XD-05 arrives in the usual xDuoo package, outer paper box and cardboard inner black box. At the top, there’s the device itself and underneath a small box with the accessories, which consists of a USB cable for DAC use, micro-USB for charging, 2 rubber bands, manual and mini CD for driver installation (if needed).

    Design & Interface

    Build quality is excellent on the XD-05, made of very thick aluminum body which is not only very solid but also shows its extra weight. It is not a really portable device nor does it have a very ergonomic shape to carry around on the go with a portable player or phone, but it is still very transportable.

    xd05 (3).jpg

    The XD-05 is a very versatile device that supports different types of input options for both the DAC and pure amplifier use. At the rear part are located the ‘Device’ connection for DAC usage through a USB port, the ‘Digital’ connection for both coaxial and optical and the ‘Aux’ for common 3.5mm amplification use. There’s also a micro-USB port for charging use alone, so it can be used while charging. It is worth noting that the Device input needs a female USB cable to be connected (which is included in the box); however for other sources like phones or tables there’s need to get an extra OTG cable.

    xd05 (7).jpg

    At the front panel, there’s the ‘Phone’ for headphone output, though it is a 6.3mm jack (less common for portable amps) so there’d be need to use the 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter for other headphones. In the upper middle there’s the OLED display that shows some info such as sample rate, current selected input, battery and filter (for DAC use). Below are 3 switches, the ‘input’ to set between the different sources, ‘bass’ gain (low and high) and the amplification ‘gain’ (low, mid, high). And on the other corner there’s the volume knob that works as on/off switch as well.

    xd05 (4).jpg

    xd05 (5).jpg

    xd05 (6).jpg
    On the left side there’re 3 extra buttons, ‘Display’ for simply turning the display screen on/off, ‘SRC’ for setting the coaxial and optical input from 48, 96 to 192 kHz, and ‘Filter’ for different DAC options for both PCM (4 filters) and DSD (3 filters).

    xd05 (2).jpg


    The battery rates different length depending on the use of the XD-05, as an amplifier or DAC and the gain level. In the worse scenario it can hold around 10 hours, so can last even longer in a less demanding usage, at least 15hrs.

    xd05 (8).jpg

    Power, Gain, Hiss

    On the specifications, the XD-05 states being able to handle 8~300 ohm headphones, which means it can power from very sensitive IEMs to much more demanding portable headphones, and from practice it proved to be a quite accurate statement. With most sensitive IEM/CIEMs like multi-BA and hybrids, on the low gain setting, the volume know reached around the half way, and for the higher 150+ ohm earbuds or full-size over-ears the high gain was more than enough to drive them to a reasonable listening volume without showing distortion or lack in dynamics. However, if the source volume level is set to max, the XD-05 will be too loud for sensitive gears, so it’s recommended to lower the player volume for such cases.

    Differences between the low and mid gains is very small, but much pronounced when switching to high gain. The Bass gain works fine, though doesn’t give a very strong boost, just some extra kick on the lows and a subtle sense of warmth to the overall tonality but doesn’t mix up with the upper frequencies. It reminds a bit of the Topping NX5 in that regard.

    Hiss is noticed mostly with in-ear sets or low impedance earbuds, and some background noise can be picked up when switching between tracks.

    xd05 (9).jpg
    XD-05 with X10 (optical connection)

    Sound Impressions

    Main sources used: Xduoo X10 (w/optical output), Hidizs AP200, Notebook (Win 10), Aune M1s, PAW Pico. A variety of IEMs, earbuds and headphones (on/over-ear).

    Overall, the XD-05 brings a well balanced sound without a certain hint of coloration. It’s pretty much a very neutral amplifier and focuses primarily in what an Amp/Dac should do, give a cleaner output signal and improving the dynamics range and other sonic characteristics.

    The sounds is improved being tighter, more controlled and with better depth and surrounding stage effect. It does shows a more forward and effortless presentation with some extra energy on the upper frequencies, having more natural detail retrieval.

    The bass has better layering and definition, with more speed and sub-bass reach. With warmer headphones the mid-bass is cleaner towards the lower midrange, though can be a bit dry and less engaging for vocals. The bass boost can do the trick adding some needed warmth and richness to the lower instruments; not my preference with IEMs or closed-back headphones, but a nicer match with open-back sets or earbuds.

    Midrange is cleaner and mainly has better separation and resolution. It’s more articulated and liquid, but the stronger point lies on the higher transparency and imaging the XD-05 can bring. For the treble, while it shows a stronger sense of detail the texture is a bit plain; it has the good extension, but lacks a little bit of reach. Nothing to complain for its price, and actually can rival more expensive options.

    Nonetheless, this device is a great all-rounder and definitely attempts to bring the best balanced possible. Moreover, the op-amp rolling option is a great feature; for instance, the Burson V5i (dual) is a perfect match for the XD-05 and can bring the sound quality to a higher level, mainly in the midrange and treble regions.

    xd05 (1).jpg
    XD-05 & Hidizs AP200


    The xDuoo XD-05 is simply an all-rounder device. It can be used with any source, acts as standard amplifier or DAC option. The op-amp possibility is also a plus. The build quality is very solid, and while portability is not the strong characteristic, in terms of sound quality it’s well worth the price, and even a better deal when found at a discount for below the $200 mark.
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    2. Zelda
      Thanks for reading. The V5i is a good addition too
      Zelda, Oct 2, 2018
    3. J. R. Hill
      What kind of cable are you using to go from the XDuoo to the X10?
      J. R. Hill, Oct 8, 2018
    4. Zelda
      Zelda, Oct 8, 2018


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