XBA-3 - XBA Series Triple Driver Balanced Armature In Ear Earphones

  1. kevms89
    Fantastic all around headphone.
    Written by kevms89
    Published Jun 12, 2014
    Pros - Balance, clear sound, decent bass, comfortable, all rounder headphone.
    Cons - Could have better bass, slightly metallic highs, could have better soundstage.
    This is my best headphone for all around genres, it does everything right, is very comfortable and is worth $200 easy imo. Very good for modern music, if you want huge bass and soundstage I recommend something like the XB90EX but for all around music and balance and clarity, these are it.
  2. JoeDoe
    Clarity for Days!
    Written by JoeDoe
    Published May 6, 2013
    Pros - Separation, comfort, looks, balance, clarity, mids/trebs
    Cons - Bass for some, expensive
    The XBA 3s are some of the clearest-sounding in-ears I've ever heard. Granted that list is rather short... but that's neither here nor there! 
    The triple-armature setup is known for providing accuracy rather than "fun" by many, and this is no exception. The trebs and mids are very well-defined and separated, but not overpowering. The bass leaves something to be desired, mostly in quantity rather than quality. The mid bass is present but blended more than defined IMO. I can get a little more sub-bass with my cMoy but playing from an iPod doesn't do it for me.
    These guys come with several pairs of tips, carrying case, ear tool, and shirt clip.
    As usual Sony does not disappoint. This is my first pair of triples and I'm very happy. Especially since I got a great deal. Looking forward to discovering new things in my music in the future!
    1. akash neagi
      I had accidentally not knowing what they were bought a pair of XBA-1s.....
      I loved them to bits till the day I somehow lost them......
      Then getting the taste of the XBA series I had decided to go for the flagship......
      Yes according to Sony the XBA-4 is the flagship but I like the XBA-3 sound better so I got them!!!!!
      Every time I listen to songs with them the put a huge smile on my face............
      Lately though I have been listening to my HD518............
      I'd say even if it's not "fun" it's a very involving experience!!
      On a note about the source.....
      I've found the XBA-3 to work best with the non US S3.....
      I've tried with the xperia z, xperia tablet s, iPhone 4, iPod nano, iPod Classic and the iPod touch........
      akash neagi, May 7, 2013