WR700 Wireless Headphones

General Information

WR700 Wireless Headphones; Plug type: 3.5mm; Driver Diameter: 34mm; Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz; Sensitivity: 106 5dB; Input impedance: 32 10% ohms; Transmitter range: 10M (33 ft.)

Latest reviews

Pros: Good Sound, convenient
Cons: Wireless signal drops constantly when dongle is in pocket. Hard to get good placing on my ears
Fantastic sound (compared to the other wireless headphones and normal headphones) although, for me, positioning is very hard to get right, but once right the sound is full and crisp, although the highs sound slightly lacking.
The wireless technology works great AS LONG as it does not get inside a pocket
If you put the dongle in a bag with your music player you won't notice any problems unless you are running around, but in my pocket the wireless signal constantly dropped out. I solved it by simply placing my music player in the provided carry case with the dongle attached and hanging the bag from my belt. It isn't good though from a fashion point of view. And it is annoying as the bag swings around while you walk. But it is much better than the constant drop-outs when i place the dongle in my pocket.
I'm not sure what causes this problem, and it may just be me. but i can have the dongle inside a cloth carry pouch, inside a leather briefcase and the sound never drops out (I even put the briefcase in my wardrobe and the music came through fine). but put the dongle in my pocket and constant drop outs. So it can't be because the clothes block the signal, so it must be to do with being too close to skin or movement within a pocket.
The headphones are also very hard for me to get well positioned, this may be due to an operation i had, the pads are fairly comfortable, but as with all on ears i have ever tried get a bit irritating after a few hours.
The bass is smooth and deep, and very controlled. Voices sound very pleasant as do most instruments. But higher notes tend to fall away. They also get quite congested when a lot of instruments and singing occur at the same time. But i have not found a pair of headphones at this price (wired or wireless) that don't.
I listen to a wide range of music but find these best suited to rock. but all types are perfectly listenable too.
If you are looking for headphones for a commute, i can heartily recommend you at least try these. They easily beat all Bluetooth headphones I've heard (including some more expensive) but be warned about the dongle in pocket problem I suffered


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