Woo Audio WA6SE 2nd Generation

General Information

Make me an offer!! FREE SHIPPING! This WA6 SE 2nd generation is the updated version and it's about 6 months old. It is immaculate and sounds great. I no longer need it as I'm waiting for Rogue Audio Pharaoh to arrive which has built in hp amp. All original packaging etc included. Gently used for 6 months!
Make me an offer!! FREE SHIPPING!

  • Updated to 2nd generation in April 2017
    • 2nd gen is a minor update to driver/power tubes from 6DE7 to 13DE7 (1st and 2nd gen tubes incompatible)
    • Tubes: 13DE7 driver/power x 2, 5U4G rectifier x 1
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tube sockets
    • Single-ended Triode, Class-A
    • Transformer-coupled, Point-to-Point wiring
    • Pseudo-dual power supply
    • RCA input x 2
    • Dual 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo headphone outputs (HI / LO impedance)
    • ALPS potentiometer and power switch
    • Anodized aluminum chassis, available in black or silver
    • Self-biasing with compatible tubes [chart]

    • Global voltage (100v–240v) without a converter

    • Dimensions: 6"(H), 5½"(W), 13"(D) amplifier 12 lbs., 6"(H), 5½"(W), 13"(D) power supply 10 lbs.

    • In The Box
    • WA6-SE (2nd gen) headphone amplifier x 1

    • 13DE7 vacuum tube x 2

    • 5U4G vacuum tube x 1

    • Umbilical DC cord x 1
    *AC power cord and audio cables are not included



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