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Experience The Ultimate Audio Advantage with the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset. Hear the enemy before they see you with 7.1 digital surround sound. Mobilize your squad during intense multiplayer gaming using the highest quality voice chat. Maintain the edge by staying informed with on-screen headset status updates. Get fast access to key buttons like microphone mute and volume control with a simple tap or slide of the finger on the headset. And enjoy hours of in-the-zone comfort with oversized earpads. The official Wireless Stereo Headset for the PS3 system is your new deadliest weapon.

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Pros: Comfortable everywhere, usable on PC and PS3 which saved me money, Sleek design with retractable mic, good sound quality, nice features of volume
Cons: Creaky and can sometimes be heard through mic, Weak headband, mic feels very flimsy in hands, expensive
Overall i would say the PS3 headset was a good purchase. It worked well and maintained its quality throughout lifetime of 3 years.
Price of $99.99 is too expensive considering the quality you are getting. The creaking of the headset is amplified when put on and can get extremely annoying.
Very cool design with a sleek way of adjusting volume, balance of voice and game, and muting.
Works fine with PC as well but not Macintosh.
The headband snapped after three years but still works fine... just awkward to use now... but be careful of the headbands when operating.
Sound quality 8.5/10
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Pros: PS support (for those peasants), decent surround sound but only on PSs, works on Linux
Cons: Uncomfortable, leather starts to tear off after a lot of use, small drivers, distorted sound, ZERO bass!
Overall Summary: They're wireless via bluetooth, which means the sound gets compressed.  So there goes what little quality they had.  I'd guess the drivers are about 30mm, so nothing near impressive, or even standard.  Back in my peasant days (aka when I played on PS3), they were pretty darn good.  On PC, these are a total joke.  They have a very "V" sounding sound stage, and their sound stage is pretty dang small.  There's also a huge gap in the front of the sound stage, and things coming from 4-5 o'clock, and 7-8 o'clock sound directly behind you.  Same with the front, everything from 11-2 o'clock sounds more right and left. 
Pros: Good back in the day, comfort isn't terrible, weight is alright, wireless (sort of a con), works on Linux, wireless range is alright, controls are pretty good and useful
Cons: Wireless via bluetooth (sound gets compressed) mic quality sucks, surround sound is horrid on PC, small drivers, horribly distorted sound, ZERO bass,
Final Thoughts: Just... no.  These were gifted to me back in my peasant days, but I never would've bought these knowing what I know now.  Then again, this was 5 years ago, so...
Pros: Comfortable, no clamping pressure, somewhat decent audio quality.
Cons: Terrible build quality, feels cheap, bad surround sound, distortion at high volumes.
Compared to the ATH-AD700, these are a joke. Don't get me wrong, these aren't that bad. But you can find better gaming headphones for 100 bucks. The bass is there, but its barely there (cant hear it nor feel it). I don't listen at high volumes but there's a lot of distortion when you crank the volume up. The surround sound is decent, but not the best. Although i dont care much about stuff like this, but the build quality is absolutely terrible. It feels like im holding a 10 dollar headphone. 
What i like about it is that it is comfortable and the ear cups never get warm after long periods of time. 
"Compared to the ATH-AD700, those are a joke."

Should this not say 'these'*? Might be misleading.
Oops, didn't notice that lol.


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