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This stylish wireless headset offers good looks, great value and performance with High Bass built...

Wireless Cordless TV PC MP3 Computer Headphones-Frisby FHP301W - Great value, works from 30 ft distance, compatible with any TV (plasma LCD RCA etc, or PC, or MP3 CD DVD Player).

  • This stylish wireless headset offers good looks, great value and performance with High Bass built in feature. It is a very cost effective solution for home users, teachers and students, business professionals and travelers who do not want to tangle with wired headphones and have a privacy of enjoying with their audio without disturbing others. Immerse yourself in your favorite game or multi-media content, or get busy communicating using Voip, Chat, or Instant Messaging wirelessly. The dynamic stereo headphones create superior audio performance with an operating distance up to 30 ft. It will even tranmist signals from walls, glass doors etc.

    This lightweight ergonomic design incorporates an adjustable headband and padded cushioned earpads for enhanced user comfort during extended listening. The headphone has volume control and scan buttons for your conveniency. Quality materials and rugged construction provide durability, and our 1 year limited warranty ensures your continued satisfaction.

    Let the thrill of rich, clear stereo sound accompany you virtually anywhere within your house! Wireless headphones let you listen to your TV show or music without disturbing others; perfect for bedtime. Other functions include wireless net chat, baby monitoring activity in another room, or simply enjoying your favorite station on the built-in FM radio. A must have for any multimedia enthusiast! Easy plug and play connection .This headphone is designed to work with any stereo audio source. It may be connected to any desktop or laptop, PC. It is compatible with all operating systems. The device may also be connected to your CD, DVD, MP3, TV or gaming system.


    Receiver (Headphone), Transmitter, Audio Cable, V-Adapter Cable, User Manual


    RCA Jacks or 3.5mm Stereo Output Jack

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