Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo earplug slim stereo headphones with dongle

General Information

Bluetooth Stereo Audio Dongle is specially designed for user to enjoy convenience of wilreless communication. User may listen to music in a wireless mode when music is being streamed. The music source for this seereo dongle can be any consumer device such as PC, MP3, CD Player and other Music system with 3.5mm audio input. By using of the latest technology of CSR, it gives you the sound quality you have never experienced. It also makes your MP3, MP4, ipod, DVD Player,TV, bluetooth enabled, and you can experience with the freedom of wireless with your Bluetooth stereo headsets. Version:2.0V Feasible distance:within 10m Weight:38g Calling tine:9h Engjoying music:8h Standby time:200h Charging time:2.5~3h Item comes with : 1. Manual instruction 2. USB cable 3. charger Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with Microphone Wireless chat online. (MSN, Skype, AIM, QQ...)Two-side real time wireless connection Motile, Portable Use for PC, Laptop, Netbook Wireless operate the Music Player of PC (Controlled by earphone), Former song/Next song, Volume+/-, Stop/Pause/Play Pair with Bluetooth Stereo Mobile phone. All functions of single track Bluetooth Headphone are compatible. Power supply of headphone: Li-Batteries inside You wont miss any callings when you are enjoying music, if only match with this STEREO BLUETOOTH HEADSET !


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