Widing ME10EX

General Information

With WIDING ME-10EX inner-ear earphones you can enjoy the most beautiful music,it can bring you different feeling.If the headphone output on your existing gear just isn’t loud and clear enough, or you need multiple headphone outputs with independent level controls,then you can choose this product to help you.It gives you more than just volume. It's designed to deliver clean, clear, undistorted sound at any level - ideal for long periods of listening without fatigue.

Ÿ Widing ME-10EX is a dynamic type. some micro dynamic drivers, depending on the thermal characteristic of their spider-surrounds(are homogeneous on micro drivers), might get affected upon breaking-in, perceptible improvement in a headphone.

Ÿ Ergonomic design, Perfect to show the ultimate appearance

Ÿ High-impedance speaker design, accurate reduction each note, Wider frequency response

Ÿ Hand made, ensure that each product produced with high quality

Ÿ Inner-ear design.

Ÿ Noise-isolating in-ear.

Ÿ Transfer HIFI music


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