Wicked Little Buds WI-2303 (Silver) - Reviews
Pros: Braided cord for less tangling. Strong sound. Clear Treble. Solid Bass. Great Price. Lifetime Warranty.
Cons: Plastic casing could break.
Why Wicked Little Buds?
I heard about these earbuds from a friend, however I was unable to find them anywhere around me, but I did find Wicked Little Buds online. They were shipped in three days, and when I got them here, I could not help but smile. The artistic packaging was pretty sweet, but the real joy is when I plugged them into my iPhone and started listening.
Powerful Tunes
You would expect that much power form a pair of plastic earbuds, but these Wicked Little Buds have them. I was shocked at the fact that they produced that much treble and bass and fit so comfortable. Maybe some of it has to do with the noise isolation that these earbuds carry, but in my opinion it is the solid manufacturing that does the most.
No Hassle
We are all familiar with the hassle of untangling a pair of earbuds cords. This is especially troublesome for me, as I sleep with my earbuds in at night (too many years of college apartments and noisy roommates). My favorite part of the Wicked Helix earbuds, is the braided cable. With extra friction, we get less tangle. That means no hassle for me when I try to unwind myself from a sleepless night. That means a lot for you, because our fingernails never seem quite long enough to pull out those little knots anyways.
What Should You Do?
My recommendation, buy them! If you need an inexpensive pair of headphones that will give you clear sound and quality craftsmanship, get them. I have never had a problem, but I know that if I did, they come with a lifetime warranty for replacement.