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Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 Dynamic Driver + 2BA Triple Driver Hybrid 2pin Detachable HiFi In-Ear Earphone

  • 1 Dynamic Driver and 2 Balanced Armatures Earphones. This model is equipped with Knowles Hybrid TWFK-30017-000 drivers for supreme mid and high performance. It can greatly show the details. It also has customized low impedance. Whizzer Kylin adopts lower impedance for this model. It ensures great sound transmission even used on phone
  • Improved Construction. Retaining the magnesium housing but with smaller dimensions the A-HE03 offers enhanced wearing comfort while retaining a highly stable structure with minimal vibrations. The improved dimensions make A-HE03 more comfortable when wearing glasses
  • Improved 2-Pin Cable. A-HE03 earphones features a detachable design with low-profile 0.78mm 2-Pin connectors that have been custom-made to highest specifications. The cable is made of high purity single crystal copper that conveys more detail for true reference listening. The cables are detachable and terminate with 0.78mm 2Pin connectors on the earphone side for easy handling.The plug has been crafted with highest durability and plated with gold for enhanced signal transfer and durability
  • 5N OFC+SPC Mixed Braided Cable. The customized silver&copper braided cable can achieve the best transmission efficiency
Ultra HD experience
  • the high-resolution Knowles balanced armature drivers , provides an experience through a complete sense of details in both mid and high frequencies .
Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell
  • CNC machined from Aluminum-magnesium alloy, the high-rigidity alloy contributes greatly in the suppression of vibration which ensures audio fidelity.
Vibration suppression frame & PEK composite diaphragm
  • Further enhancement based on the whizzer acoustic system significantly enhances the wide-band and transient performance of low frequencies.
0.78mm 2pin detachable connector
  • A more reliable connector design, fulfilling audiophile’s needs while also provides the ability of wireless connectivity
5N+OFC&SPC braided cable
  • Tailored-made high-quality cables, designed to effectively reduce distortions and loss of signal transmission.
  • Model: A-HE03
  • Material: aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Driver: 10.0mm Beryllium Dynamic driver + Knowles 2BA
  • Sensitivity : 98 dB SPL/mW
  • Impedance : 28 Ω
  • Frequency response range : 12Hz-40Khz
  • Connector: 2Pin
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Cable : 120 cm 5N OFC+SPC 120mm braided line
  • Outer packing size: 160X140X80(mm)
  • A-HE03 earphone
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Latest reviews


Pros: Premium design and package
Better comfort than A15 Pro
Detailed, balanced sound
Never be disappointed in Whizzer's bass
SO Beautiful
Super good price
Cons: My 2pins connector way too tight to take it out
I read and watch many contradictory reviews about this iem, almost them complained it's bass, boring mid and roll off high make congested sound, just a few people gave Kylin compliment. I owned Whizzer A15 Pro, it build amazing sounded really good for me. Nothing make me more courious than a beautiful earphone with many contradictory reviews and the price is also good.

Source: ZX300. I found that Kylin needs more power than i expected. I have to turn high gain for more clear and tighter sound. It needs sometime for reaches its best also.

Build quality, Fitting, Comfort:
Many reviews talk about build quality, and design, so i just want to say something short and simple PREMIUM AND BEAUTIFUL. The fit and sound isolation are averge, it's not fit deep inside the canal, shallow than usually, not the best secure but not easy to fall out, exchange is comfort it make. For me Final Type E size M is good seal

Sound quality:
- Bass: j
ust my subjective opinion, Whizzer is really really masterful at this area. I don't know about Whizzer A15 but A15 Pro Haydn gave me a good experience of bass. Kylin's mid bass is tight, bit slower side, good control, a bit deep, a bit soft, a bit accented. Sub bass is density, still good control, and rumble in the electronic music, not fatigue at all. Not the perfect for electronic music but it sound really good

- Midrange: mid is detailed and clear, a bit fuller than A15 Pro and P1. Good resolution, warm and nature, accented at upper mid. It's not attractive at first time listen, but emotional.

- Treble: Kylin have good energy of treble, non fatigue. for people who like crispness treble may not like. Sounded quite relax. Kylin not sounded like a big stage, it's like in a chamber, that's mean you feel closer to performers

- A15 Pro:
Kylin has deeper bass, a bit slower, better sub bass quality and quantity. Fuller and better in detailed mid and treble,

- Tinhifi P1: P1 has much more less bass responsed, really fast, almost no accented in mid bass and sub bass. Mid both a bit warm and nature. The treble is big difference, P1 is crispness, detailed. I wish P1 had Kylin's bass

Conclusion: I think Whizzer Kylin is the best undervalued iem, i feel not fair for them. Whizzer Kylin is deserves or even more the price 160$ when they first sale it out, 80 - 100$ for now is bargain. I also found out who is good reviewers, who is the worse after many reviews i read before i bought this iem =))). Sorry for my not good English :frowning2:
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good build quality,
Fresh Design,
Clarity and details,
Cons: Odd 2 pin connection (Limited cable rolling),
Not for large ears (Fit is an issue),
Mids could have better.


The real name of Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is Batman earphone, right? No just kidding (Whizzer logo really looks like Batman’s logo). Kylin name is enough than A-HE03 for me. Before Kylin I have heard about their A-15 model but was not fortunate enough to try. Now whatever Whizzer doing one thing is clear that their earphones are at least very beautiful and well built. From box to packaging and from cable to earphone shell everything is crafted very carefully and feel premium in hand.

– This unit is a loaner one from my fellow audiophile and for this review I have not received any kind of compensation from Whizzer or from any seller and doing it only out of curiosity. More than 50 hours of burn-in is given before starting any critical listening.


Model - A-HE03,
Material - Aluminum magnesium alloy,
Driver - 10.0mm Beryllium Dynamic driver + Knowles 2BA,
Sensitivity - 98 dB SPL/mW,
Impedance - 28 Ω,
Frequency response range - 12Hz-40 KHz,
Connector - 2Pin,
Plug - 3.5mm L type,
Cable - 120 cm 5N OFC+SPC 120mm braided line,
Outer packing size - 160X140X80(mm).

Buying Link -


My audiophile friend didn’t send me the outer box, tips & carry case so no pictures are attached of these in this review. Still after seeing other reviews and YouTube unboxing videos I can say packaging is premium and presentation is really good especially the leather carry case.

What's in the Box?
Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 (Silver dark Blue/ Gray),
0.78mm 2-pin 5N OFC+SPC cable,
Leather Case,
3 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M & L),
2 Pairs of Foam ear tips,
Warranty and User Manual.


Tips – As I have said earlier, it is a loaner unit and didn’t received the stock tips. So opened my mighty Eartip collection box and picked up similar looking wide bore silicone and foam tips for this review. Tips always play an important role to create the overall sound output and same thing happened with Kylin, narrow bore tips changed its sound a bit. I have described the tip rolling effects in sound analysis part later.

Cable – The cable is just beautiful. Whizzer maintained that gray and gold color scheme from plug to end 2 pin connector and its giving the cable a premium look. L shaped 3.5 mm plug ( 5N OFC & SPC written on it), twisted hybrid cable , Kylin branded Y splitter, light weight chin slider & soft ear hook everything is just perfect. The cable is medium soft and not so thick. 0.78 mm 2 pin connectors are used but design is not conventional. You can use a third party 2 pin cable but it’s not going to fit flush with the IEM and that’s why me didn’t tried Kylin with different cables.


Design / Build – Hats off to Whizzer for their fresh design, even reputed brands using clone designs again and again for their new IEMS now a days. All Wizzer products are created with a new concept and fresh design which really demand our appreciation. Kylin is no exception. Unique colors, edgy design, smooth body, brass nozzle & shinny Whizzer logo... wow such a beautiful design. The shell is made out of two parts CNC machined Aluminum-magnesium alloy, its strong and light weight. One thing is unfortunate though, Kylin shells are really small and doesn’t want to fit properly in large ears but once it fits then really comfortable for long listening sessions.

Gear UsedKylin is easy to drive and I have used,
DAP – Fiio M3K, Cayin N3, Iphone SE.
DAC AMP combo with PC – Fiio Q1 Mk2+ Topping NX3s stack, Audioquest Dragonfly Black, Fiio Q5, Schiit Modi 3+ XRK class a stack.

Tracks / Albums Listened

Eagles - The Very Best Of The Eagles
Eric Clapton - Riding With The King (Tidal MQA)
Etta James - At Last!
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Phil Collins - The Singles (Expanded)
Sia - This Is Acting (Deluxe Version)
Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
Legends- Elton John
Michael McDonald - Wide Open
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Sting - The Best of 25 Years


Hybrid IEMs are everywhere now, from 20$ to 200$. Manufacturers trying different combinations and different materials/ different B.A units to achive a perfect blend in their products. It’s mentioned by Whizzer that a 10 mm Beryllium Dynamic driver is used for lower frequency part and two Knowles (TWFK-30017-000) drivers for Mids and Highs. I have not used any IEM before that have used Beryllium Dynamic driver, so was a bit curious about its performance but now really didn't get why manufacturers are actually running behind this Beryllium Dynamic driver. Sonically Whizzer is a ‘V’ shaped tuned IEM, still it has some elements to cherish.

Bass – With stock like wide bore tips lower frequency response is more than enough, quantity is way higher than its quality. Mid bass and Sub bass region is way more emphasized but texture is at least there. Quality wise it’s not that great though. The decay is slow but mostly accurate. Try to avoid warm sources like Cayin N3 with Kylin. For example songs like ‘Instant Crush’ by Daft Punk and ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson gave me headphone like bass which is very much enjoyable. Now if you don’t want Bass to spoil all your music you can use a pair of narrow bore tips. I have noticed a small drop in mid bass region with narrow bore tips.

Mids – Midrange is undoubtedly recessed. Upper mid is forwarded than lower mids as a result male vocals sound less energetic. Female vocals are much more clear, lively and natural than male vocals. Kylin managed to reproduce good amount of space and micro details in upper mid range. For example Michael McDonald’s ‘Just Strong Enough’ with Kylin sounding less resolving but songs like ‘Confetti’ by Sia is much more clear .Personally I suggest narrow bore tips again , with narrow bore tips male vocals improved a bit and harshness from female vocals are almost gone.

Treble – Treble is well extended and like we expect from a B.A driver. The higher frequency part is airy and good amount of space can be noticed but no particular spike is there, speed and accuracy is also good. With narrow bore tips Kylin is a bit sibilant. For example songs like ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Key to the Highway’ by B.B. King and Eric Clapton sounding ok but still treble part is a bit dry, somehow the sparkling effect is missing.

Soundstage & Imaging – Soundstage it’s moderate, with some tracks feels wide but not super wide. Imaging is very good, every instrument can be identified and Kylin managed to handle complex tracks quite easily.


Tape Mod
Air pressure vents are also important to achieve desired tuning. I have tried blocking these vents and managed to get desired results from different IEMs before. Same thing happen with Kylin too. Two air vents are there in Kylin and here are some combinations that I have tried and the results are –
  • Vent near 2 pin connector blocked using tape – Now treble is way lower than before.
  • Vent near the nozzle blocked using tape – Now sub bass increased a lot.( Not desired)
  • Both vents closed using tape and with narrow bore tips - Now good controlled bass with sparkling treble, mids now even more forward then before and better details too. (My favorite)


Undoubtedly Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is a very well designed and good looking earphone. Accessories are also very good & beautiful; sonically it’s a safe/decent one too. 159 $ may a bit higher price but still I can recommend it easily. Bass lovers can go for Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 without any hesitation. I would like to give it as a gift to someone who is as beautiful as the earphone itself.

Johnny Mac

New Head-Fier
Pros: Premium looks and accessory set, eye-catching design, great for treble and bass heads, price.
Cons: Midrange performance is mediocre, fold retaining stock cable.
I’ve heard about Whizzer not long ago with their A15 and A15 Pro IEM offerings and was intrigued since the metallic look and its aggressive thunder-like logo easily calls attention yet that was all I got to with the Whizzer brand, aesthetic peeks.

The aesthetic peeks came to an end when Whizzer’s current audiophile offering came knocking on my door, the Kylin A-HE03, a single dynamic (PEK composite diaphragm, I’ve seen it being said to have Beryllium yet I’m skeptical at its price point) and dual BA (TWFK-30017-000) driver hybrid IEM encased in an Aluminum-Magnesium alloy shell which comes in 3 colorways; Gray, Red, Navy Blue. The Kylin A-HE03 is spec’d out with a 12Hz to 40 KHz Frequency Response, 28 Ohm Impedance, 98dB Sensitivity and a price of $160 from Linsoul Audio’s Amazon site which provided the review unit. Would my inevitable end of Whizzer’s aesthetic admiration be a positive or negative experience now that I’m here to finally hear how it performs? A question begging to be answered by this realview.

Purchase link: Linsoul Amazon Whizzer Kylin A-HE03

Packaging and Build Quality

So far so good, the Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 came in a black box with full foam cut-outs with a white cardboard case with the necessary product information and specifications which was done well. The accessory set included the Kylin A-HE03 IEMs, round snap-on synthetic leather Kylin case lined internally with velvet, a pair of pseudo-comply foam ear tips (T400 and T100) and a set of translucent silicon ear tips (S, M, L) with blue bore nozzles. The IEM housing has a jagged faceplate similar to the recent trend set by the Huawei Mate 20 back surface. The Whizzer logo on the faceplate was in gold and matched all 3 of the colorways being offered and has a vent underneath the 2-pin housing. The underside of the IEM shell features the white L-R markings and another vent along with a distinct gold-plated nozzle with a metal mesh. The overall build was sturdy and caused no noteworthy annoyance when used.


The included stock cable was a pseudo ALO/Kimber-braid 5N OFC/SPC with metallic L-plug housing, Y-split and chin-slider. The strain relief on this cable is excellent and the presence of a clear over-ear memory wire with a gold-plated plastic end was a very exquisite addition which complimented the overall premium aesthetic look of the stock cable, not to mention that the .78mm 2-pin housing was also transparent allowing for the gold-plated contact points to shine through. There was no microphonic noise observed and the storage aspect of the stock cable was slightly bothersome with its fold-retaining braiding.

A predominantly warm sounding set of IEMs with a strong emphasis on the low-end frequency. I used its stock M silicon ear tips driven by the xduoo x3ii and the Sony CAS-1 desktop setup off an MSI GF 62 8RE laptop via Foobar2000 v1.4 for the realview. This set of IEMs also underwent the “recommended” 50-hour burn-in process.

Michael Jackson’s “Baby Be Mine” and “The Girl is Mine” in 16/44 FLAC introduced the low-end performance of the Kylin with a zealous approach. The sub bass impact was powerful and doesn’t shy from being loose with its sub bass control giving it a slow decay impression. The bass on this is emphasized and fat as can be. Bass lovers would find this easy to flirt with.

ABBA’s “I Have A Dream” in 16/44 FLAC gave the Kylin A-HE03 a laid back midrange performance. The lower midrange benefits from the low-end bleed but leads to a rather less distinct midrange articulation. The feminine vocals had a notable addition of air to them and made it sound less natural. The upper midrange is off timbre. An overall midrange impression of being less engaging and lively is to be argued with the Kylin. It’s almost stellar lower midrange makes the Kylin glued on the user’s ears.

Amy Winehouse’s “Cupid” in 16/44 FLAC came out slashing and piercing for the higher frequency performance, not much to take it off your ears right off the bat but almost guiding you towards such outcome. It delivers an edgy performance. Sibilance came to the party as well. Don’t get me wrong, I personally love my IEMs bright and treble bites are very enjoyable on this with the lower frequency bleeding being an extra saving grace.

Soundstage and Imaging
Spacious, the vents are doing its job that is. There is great depth and clarity to the various instrumental tones. Panning is observable as well. Imaging has great accuracy to them and had more width and height to its presentation than depth, an aspect that makes the Kylin an admirable soundstage and imaging performer.

Don’t quote me sexist on this but I personally find it that we, the male gender (the females are welcome too) are first and foremost visual individuals and the Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is a real eye catcher at its price point with its well-thought form figure and design language, heck even the color options presents an already head-cracking choice. The accessory set is complete with that synthetic leather case being a winner, the stock cable looks premium and did a great job of staying on my ears except when it’s time to store them, a trade-off I’m welcome to get all day every day. Conclusions should be short and brief and I’m already dragging sentences here. The Kylin’s sound signature is its weak link, it caters to the low-end and higher frequency lovers leaving midrange fanatics longing if not utterly disregarded but then again at its price point, you could easily say hi to ear tip rolling which the Kylin is very responsive to.



500+ Head-Fier
Will changing cable help.

I got it on impulse purchase

And which pin cable does it use...0.75mm or 0.78mm?
The General Information tab above has the detailed info:

"0.78mm 2pin detachable connector
A more reliable connector design, fulfilling audiophile’s needs while also provides the ability of wireless connectivity"