White Bird Amplification VIRTUS-01

General Information

VIRTUS-01 - Headset OTL tube amplifier. Audiophile HI-END construction done by special order. With a standard set of lamps ie 2 x Electro Harmonix KT88 power tubes as well as NOS 6N6P and WIMA capacitors, NICHICON, RUBYCON is available in two variants, depending on the price of casing: The casing is made ​​of granite - 4950zł. Body is made ​​of steel and aluminum - 3540zł. Each piece can be modified, both visually (customize the appearance of the housing) and electronically (application specific components) in accordance with the will of the individual customer.

High power amplifier supply Virtus-01 allows you to work with virtually all popular models of headphones. The recommended range is 24Ω load - 600Ω. Virtus-01, like all models of White Bird Amplification is fully OTL tube headphone amplifier (common anode system; carried out without the use of signal transformers), which translates into the details as closely as possible the donation of listening to music, and lack of distortion characteristic of the output transformer design.

In order to maximize the quality of the operation amplifier is not used in the built-in selector springs. The input signal is fed directly to an amplifier circuit to avoid the negative impact of the terminal on the audio quality. The equipment is called. through slot that allows you to connect to the two sources at the same time.


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