Westone UM3x - Reviews
Pros: Sq, clearity, bass, natural, neutral
Cons: To neutral sometimes and to unforgiving for bad sources
To keep it short..try him with a cowon d2., another neutral sounding source..u will be surprised how it sounds
Pros: Separation, Soundstage, Mids
Cons: Bass is nice and controlled, but no impact. Treble is too veiled.
Genres I listen to : Metal/Rock - Dream Theater/Megadeth/Metallica/Eagles/Scorpions
Songs I listened to when testing: The Dance of Eternity, Stream of Consciousness(Dream Theater); Little Wing(Stevie Ray Vaughan); 2112 Overture(Rush); Wind of Change 2000(Scorpions)
Overall Impressions:
The Westone UM3x provides excellent instrument separation, good sound stage and very good mid response. It's bass is controlled and tight, but provides no punch and impact. Treble is nice,detailed and clear but is too laid back and often seems veiled. 
Build Quality: 
Build quality of these earphones are extremely tough and durable. I've dropped them on the floor, accidentally knocked them onto tables/chairs but they still look good as new. The wires which comes together with the UM3x is braided and tough with zero microphonics. Having said that, they tangle easily and can be really annoying at times.