Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors - Red, 78550 - Reviews
Pros: Very light, comftorable, great mids and highs, good isolation with foam tips, removable cables, lightweight, Sturdy and high quality carrying case
Cons: Lacking in bass, braided cables tangle easily
For the price they offer great clarity, but I cannot reccomend these to people who mainly listen to bass heavy music. I still use my UM Pro10's regularly (I also have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-IM02 which have a lot more bass) and they IMO they are fine for EDM and pop although it sounds slightly flat and not very vibrant because of the lack of punchy bass. The bass is not in anyway muddy or dirty, it just lacks that resonating punch you experience in IEMs with dynamic driers  The highs get slightly sharp if you raise the volume too high and EQ will help mitigate this if you like your music real loud (above 75% on the Xperia Z3 compact without amp). This is usually uncessary though since the noise isolation is decent with foam tips.
The Pro10's design is fairly simple and very lightweight. So far after 16 months of continious usage they have yet to fail me although there is quite a lot of wear on the stock removable cables near the connectors and I will be looking for replacements soon as part of the rubber coating near the connectors (no memory wire here) is peeling off. The stock cables are good quality although they tangle easily. Be aware that there is no memory wire, but the cables are very soft and rest very comfortably over the ear and don't fall off. Combined with it's light weight these are amazingly light and comfortable. The stock carrying case is also very sturdy and well made. It's basically a orange waterproof vault and will float if they somehow end up in the water. The casing is really thick and solid, and with the foam padding inside I'm willing to bet your earphoones will survive a trip over the Niagra falls as long as it doesn't suffer a 50 meter drop on the rocks.
These are still my go to earphones/earbuds/IEMs for daily use due to their comfort and weight. The bass is dissapointingly flat but the overall quality and calrity across it's soundstage makes it great for everyday listening on the go while i'm commuting. It is also my longest surving portable audio device :D (I loose a lot of earphones)
Purchased for 1200 HKD/155 USD new in Hong Kong.
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Pros: Details, Comfort, Isolation and sound stage
Cons: Sub Bass
 Firstly, like to thank Billy from Busisoft for organising the Westone UM PRO 10 for this review.
Westone needs no introduction, they are one of the industry leaders for professional monitors as well as consumer earphones. The UM PRO line is the newest member of a long line of IEM’s that have be very successful. This review is for the UM PRO 10, the entry model for this line.


The UM PRO 10 comes packaged nicely in a bright orange hard case. With the earphones, you get a huge range of ear tips, 10 to be exact, 5 pairs of silicone and 5 pairs of foam tips, as well as a wax cleaning tool. All in all, a nice range to find the perfect fit. The UM Pro 10 comes with a detachable EPIC braided cable, which is made from low-resistance tensile wire. This provide durability for demanding live environments and also has little microphonics.
These IEM’s are one of the most comfortable I have used, with great isolation. I used them for multiple hours at a time, with little ear fatigue. External noise was reduced greatly, even without music playing. Using these on stage in a live band environment, which is what it was made or, was perfect, with great isolation, comfort and detail.


The UM PRO 10 is a single balanced armature IEM made for on-stage monitoring for musicians. This means that the emphasis would really be on the mids and highs and it’s geared for detail and clarity more than bass or power.

The sound is quite balanced and neutral overall. Sound is forward rather than being flat, everything is clear and vivid, without being overdone. The bass is clean and fast, but I would love to have more, it’s not an IEM I will consider bass oriented. Treble is airy and smooth with the overall tonality more aimed towards a lighter tone. Micro details is nice, although I will not name it as a detail monster or something like that, I admire how UM PRO 10 presented the treble here.
Midrange in my opinion is another strength of UM 10 PRO, it is quite forward and clear, not in your face type of forward but definitely is forward more than flat, vocal is nice and clean. I have listened to some audiophile vocal albums on UM PRO 10, I think it renders them nicely.
I just can’t stop to praise the transparency and treble of the Westone UM PRO 10, it is excellent, and something that is quite grain less. Sound stage is deep and wide, with great separation.
The UM Pro 10 is ideal for tracks from artists like Jason Mraz and Sting. It’s also a solid performer when it comes to live or acoustic songs.

For on-stage use, it is more suited to vocals, guitars or keys, rather than drummers or bass players, as the bottom end is not a major feature. Using the UM PRO 10 on my TD-30K Roland, the detailing and presentation of the cymbals was great. The snare was presented well, but the kick and larger toms were not that great. I found vocals from other band members was presented nicely and this is where the UM PRO 10 shines.


Overall, the UM PRO 10 is great entry level IEM for on stage use, as well as personal listening. The comfort and isolation is superb, coupled with clean mids and smooth highs, the UM PRO 10 delivers. For around $149 USD / $199 AUD, with 2 year warranty, this is a great priced monitor for musicians and everyday users.


IMPEDANCE: 25 ohms @ 1 kHz
DRIVER: Balanced armature, full-range
WEIGHT: 0.445 ounces/12.7 grams
CABLE: EPIC Replaceable Cable
CABLE LENGTH: 50”/128cm
FEATURES: Premium comfort tips,
mini-monitor vault, cleaning tool, and
2-year warranty.
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Been looking at these really heavily. Are they worth getting for house, on the go, and active lifestyle usage? I'm currently using the ATH-IM50, and wanna try these to introduce myself to a Brighter Sound.
Not sure about it, but I've had a go last time and to me, it sounded very muffled. It's as if you're listening to them through socks. There's no treble at all somehow. But, this might be different as I was running them through my iPhone 4S. If you have a good amp maybe it'll be different. But if you're looking for something bright, mind if I recommend you with the IM02 instead?
The UM10Pros are very good for active lifestyle though, I suppose. They're very light and it blocks a hell of a lot of noise! It's just that I don't like the sound.
Hi Whitemass, These are great for on the go usage, as they are comfortable and isolate great. Westone also do an adventure series. which might be better suited.