Westone ES1 Custom Musician Monitor Earphones by Westone

General Information

A great entry level in-ear musicians' monitor, the ES1 contains one full range speaker in each ear and delivers incredible clarity and punch.

Recommended for solo vocalists who may be singing to backing tracks, or vocalist/acoustic guitar players. The ES1 is not recommended for drummers or bassists, as it not designed to handle the low end response that is necessary for those instruments.

Compatible with any personal ear monitoring system on the market, the ES1 provides 20-25 dB of attenuation and comes with the standard 50" replaceable cable with a 3.5mm stereo jack. The ES1 is manufactured with a hard acrylic shell with a body heat activated canal portion that softens as it warms to body temperature.

The ES1 is also a great choice for use with any personal listening device such as an iPOD or MP3 player.


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