Westone Audio MACH 70

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Flagship performance
Pros: Amazing accessories, very light but very durable. Bass, clarity and details.
Cons: Cable is thinner than the average IEM, the pelican case is very large but made well. Proprietary connection to the units limits customization.

Large and wide extension with a smooth top end and commanding bass is what to expect from MACH 70s impressive soundstage: a listening experience perfect for all people and music genres.
The MACH 70 features a proprietary seven-driver system with single low, dual mids, and quad highs and a 3-way passive crossover.


3-way Passive Crossover
DRIVERS: Seven Balanced-Armature Drivers
IMPEDANCE: 42 Ohms @1kHz

The Westone Mach 70 comes in a well decorated box with ample information, inside is the hard case, in the case is a large assortment of accessories, a carabiner, the Mach70 unit, Estron ULTRABaX stock cable, a large number of tips both silicone and foam, a velveted pouch, tool for cleaning, cable organizer, and warranty card with a sticker. The Mach70 itself is made of a high impact plastic with a gray and black matt finish. light and durable, I found them comfortable. Isolation is very good; this product is for performers, so it has to be. The huge case is a great touch. everything is well made; however, while the Estron ULTRABaX cable is one of the thinnest upgrade cables with 224 strands and a quad-twisted design. It also has an ultra-low impedance rating of 0.6Ω, this is so it won’t color the output and it is well made but it also doesn't offer a balanced connection. The foam in the case can be customized to fit your needs.
The Mach70 is very lightweight even with the included cable. It provides excellent isolation and comfort.

The sound impression:
The Bass is tip dependent but with the right fit you'll find it is much different from the Mach 60 and 80.
Sub-Bass is deep and powerful but yet doesn't stand in front of the other frequencies. There is a nice lower rumble with good details and control. The Mid-Bass is more prominent with an impressive slam and good speed. Despite there being only a single BA driver for the lows it is fun and dynamic sounding. The bass in general is well controlled and doesn't fall apart on heavy boosted recordings like some BA configurations.

The Mids present with a nice thick lush tone. The Mids do not suffer recession despite the Bass and vocals are forward center, vocals have good body and male vocals really sound impressive.
There is great separation throughout and the Mids here are warm with excellent emotion. The details are a little more smoothed than the more reference oriented M60.

The Treble presents open and airy with good energy and smooth details. Its more energetic to match the Bass prowess of this unit. The highs are well balanced in the mix and sparkle but roll off quick and naturally. Treble sensitive will enjoy this, as it is never harsh or fatiguing.

The stage is naturally open and well placed. It handles the busiest of recordings with ease. There is no penalty from the Bass or heavy boosted music. It has accurate details and is organic in its shape.

The Westone Mach70 Is well made and more than suitable for a fun sounding monitor but also has that engaging midrange, smooth pleasant Highs, and enjoyably fun Bass too. The M70 is made well and comfortable for all day use.

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