Westone 30 Special Edition Massdrop

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Special-Edition IEMs With Replaceable Cable

Based in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Westone makes in-ear monitors for sound engineers, musicians, and music lovers alike. This version of the company’s Westone 30, previously found only in Japan, is now available to everyone looking for a truly engaging listening experience. Featuring three balanced armature drivers with an advanced three-way crossover, these IEMs are tuned a bit differently than the standard W30, with a bump in the bass frequencies. The lightweight, low-profile earpiece uses Westone’s proprietary True-Fit technology for maximum comfort, and the IEMs come with a replaceable braided cable with a high-strength, ultra-low-resistance tensile wire design.

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Pros: Affordable, comfort, build quality, mostly neutral sound signature with +2 or +3db bass boost, channel seperation, transparancy and made in USA
Cons: Not flagship model, could include more ear tips for even more comfort, mid range could be slightly more detailed
hey guys,
Val here, stopping by real quick to write my quick review of these affordable IEM's W30 SE Massdrop edition. They are indeed as good as I hoped and more, let me tell you why. The presentation of the box alone you can tell Westone means business, very classy and refined great first impression.
Unboxing this IEM was a pleasant experience (links below) but when you hold them in your hands you can tell this is build quality made with level of pride right here in Colorado Springs, USA. The W30SE construction quality has solid attention to detail and feels/looks quality all around product. The cable is beautiful, flexible and very light and does not drag the IEM around. There are many included ear tips probably enough for most ears. There is also ear wax cleaning tool included so you can maintain your new IEM. Comfort is truly excellent you can easily forget you have IEM on so I give comfort 9.5/10.
My first impression listening was indeed VERY good the sound is neutral like with just a touch of bass probably in the 2 to 3 db level. The extra bass does not bleed into midrange and is tastefully executed. I would say the mid range is as mostly neutral just touch recessed between HD650 and HD600 level. The bass is satisfying, refined and accurate and does not effect mid range or upper frequencies. The channel and instrument separation is very impressive you do get pretty good sense of both instruments and voices positions. The timbre is also fairly accurate not as accurate as my B&W 805 speakers but we are talking about completely different products here. Sound I would rate 9/10 as to my ears this is very good and accurate sounding IEM.
Let's talk about value guys, for $229 can you really do better? Maybe or maybe not it depends. In my opinion you can't because you want to look at whole product (not just the actual product) and what value it brings for your hard earned cash. This is a quality made IEM here in USA, 3 way driver design, balanced drivers, 2 year warranty (not 1 like most other companies), customer service in house and IEM experience of 50+ years. If you look at the whole product here you can easily see why I give this product so much respect because there is lot's of substance here for your money. Value I give it 9.9/10.
So here we go boys and girls. I can highly recommend this IEM because it sounds great and will not cost you like house mortgage. It's a wonderful IEM for both enjoying music and critical listening.
If you are interested I made a quick Youtube video with unboxing. In next few weeks I will make a YT video review and see how and if my opinion will change.
The product is available at Massdrop:
If you have any questions or pointers leave a comment I will get back to you.
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And, I'm Pretty sure these are called the Westone 30. Not Westone W30SE, They're a modified variant of the japanese version of these IEM's. 
yes sir as you can see on box "Westone Special Edition 30" available previously in Japan only, the Massdrop version has slight (but tastefully executed) bass boost. Although to my ears it feels mostly flat maybe slightly recessed mid range HD650 level. Overall clear sounding high definition IEM that is made well, comfortable as hell, sounds great, backed by generous warranty and cost me just $229 plus shipping. Thank you for reading my review. I hope my review will lead more people to give this IEM a go.
These look like my J30s, which I love.


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