Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones

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Westone 3 Specifications Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL Frequency response: 20 Hz -18 kHz Impedance: 30 ohms Driver: Balanced armature Features: Soft padded travel case, ten different eartips, and wax loop for cleaning. Standard Color: Black Also on a side note, there is a difference between a "triple driver" and the "3-way driver". The "3" is not a triple driver. triple driver = dual bass, single high 3-way = low driver, mid driver, high driver The Westone 3 is the culmination of almost 50 years of experience creating products for the human ear, and 20-plus years of developing in-ear technology for pro musicians. Westone monitors’ clarity, response and fit have made them the favorites of top recording and performing musicians worldwide. Technical Specs: Sensitivity – 119 dB/mW Impedance – 27ohms Drivers – 3 balanced armatures with 3-way passive crossover Accessories: Inline Volume Control ¼” Adapter Travel Case Ti

Latest reviews

Pros: Energetic and engaging sound. Comfortable.
Cons: Cable routing up over the ears seems strange at first and I wouldn't mind a slightly longer cable.
I've never been an in-ear headphone fan.  Most of what I've heard hasn't had the separation in space and imaging that I enjoy in open airs so much.  I got these this month after seeing some of the deal discussion threads along with a couple other headphones.  (Side note: those threads were dangerous, I almost bought a pair of Audeze LCD2's but now I'm saving for an LCD3s, :)) even worse!
This is a first blush review of the headphones.  They sound much more engaging than the TDK IE800s I just got.  The midrange sounds more captivating, it's neither particularly forward nor dark.  Lots of energy coming off guitar stings.  The seem to image fairly well.  The bass seems very present though not particularly low or tight.  It doesn't feel fast-maybe a bit bloated or tubby.  The bass-midbass-midrange area seems congested sounding some how.  I'm hoping as they break in this improves.  I compare this to a noise floor in preamps/amplifier that is a bit high.  An example is when I first moved into a higher end Arcam amplifier it suddenly sounded like the blackness between notes was so much more black compared to what I had been using that the time resulting in a better and clearer delineation between notes and the realism of the music.  The Westones lack that to some degree.  The treble is present though not sharp-I haven't noticed any sibilance.  Cymbals are good but don't sparkle.  The phones seem more midrange driven though with just enough high frequency presence that I don't feel I'm losing a ton of detail.  Jezabels, Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler all sound good so far.
The packaging is nice.  The braided cord feels nice and I didn't notice any microphonics.  It is on the short side however.  There is a 1/4" adapter as well as a short section of headphone cable with an inline volume adjuster that can be used.  There are plenty of silicone skirt-type adapters as well as the slow-rebound foam type.  So far the stock pad feels ok.  There is a zippered carry pouch and a tool for cleaning/disassembly.  
I know this is hardly a new product or groundbreaking in the in-ear segment.  Still the Westone 3s are exciting for me as I've never quite considered in-ears for anything other than to use at the gym.  The Westone 3s possess a sound signature that doesn't offend by detraction.  A solidly good buy and if nothing else they have helped me recognize a segment of the headphone hobby where I'd never really felt compelled to roam.
I'll get to this after I listen more
So are you going to get to it or...?
Pros: Customizable fit, good seal, great audio range
Cons: expensive, cord not replaceable
I first heard of Westone when standing in line for the iPhone 4. A guy in line had a pair of Westone 3's and let a few people try them. I was blown away, could not believe they were that much better than the BOSE IE I was currently using. After discovering the price, I put any thoughts out of my head of purchasing.
Fast forward a few months and after a stroke of good fortune, (the cat eating though the cord of my BOSE IE's) my wife said I should replace them with the Westone's (did I mention I have a great wife :) )
They come with about a dozen different ear pieces you can fit on the monitors, allowing most people with normally shaped eardrums to find the perfect fit and seal. A nice molded zippered case is also included for carrying.
As far as SQ goes, I would classify them as general purpose. If your listening covers many different genre, then they are well worth trying out. If you're a hip/hop electronic only listener, there are probably better options. 
With the introduction of the Westone 4, they're no longer the latest, greatest but they are money well spent... if you can justify $300 plus for IEM's.


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