Wesc Pick-Up Headphone (Blue Iris)

General Information

While riding the bus and listening to the teenagers behind you make out, or the crazy man who smells like urine babble to himself might be your idea of fun, the WeSC Golden Oboe Headphones have another idea. The 30mm power-drivers blast your brain with the skull-shattering sounds of your favorite beats, while the leather ear-cups keep the wild rants and sloppy smacks from invading what little space you have to yourself.Product FeaturesMaterial: Plastic, leather ear cupsDriver: 30mm PowerInput Connection: 3.5mm Plug Cord Length: 20in + 40in extension (50cm+ 100cm extension)Weight: Recommended Use: Jammin outManufacturer Warranty: 30 DaysCountry of Origin: Bahrain


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