VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Super small and comfortable, dynamic fun sound with boiling bass and full mids, non fatiguing sound
Cons: Treble can be a little roll off, bass is sometime too present for my taste
The Vsonic GR06 is the little brother of the legendary Vsonic GR07 that are highly praised here on Headfi, but is it tall enough to compete with earphones of his price range nowadays?
My answer will be, huuuuuuuum...pretty much yeah.
The GR06 have so much exciting aspect that make them stand out from the over crownded earphones market that it still impose themself as a solid leader in the sub-60$ category.
Firstly they have a very small driver but a very BIG sound. The earphones are very little too and I can sleep on my ears with them and don't notice they are there. The cable is of excellent quality and, as it is intended to be wear over the ears, microphonics sound are quasi inexistent. The tip of earphones are movable so you can fit them more easily in the ears.
When it come to sound  what surprise the most is the joyfull energy that come out of this little beast, the sound is playfull and round, bass is big and punchy, mids are foward and enveloping, high are smooth but present. The sound signature is well suited for all kind of music but shine more with pop, IDM and beat driven music wich benifit from the exciting bass performance. Soundstage is above average too, but can feel stock in your head because this earphones became a part of your body, seriously, they literally fusionate with your head!


New Head-Fier
Pros: More tips than you will ever use, build quality and sound quality
Cons: Isolation not that great if not using biflange
This is my first ever review so bare with me.  My background in iem and headphones in general is limited.  Reference iem that I own and judged against the gr06 were jvc air cushion, klipsch image s2, meelec m16 and entry level sennheisers.  Soundwise they just blew away every iem I had heard until now, everything sounds better got great bass, mids and highs. 
After comparing this to my other iems I finally understood what a veiled mid is, I was missing all this rich mid.  Vocals are excellent, hearing things I did not hear before like breathing or some details on the guitar.  My music preference is rock, mostly heavy metal, power metal, thrash and such genres so I bought these searching for that specifically.  The only thing I would think they need is better highs, just wished those high hats would sound more bright but I fix that with equalization.   
You will receive a lot of tips, more than you need.  The only complaint I have about them is that only the biflange provides proper isolation.  I mostly commute for work everyday with a small bus full of people talking and radio on a volume level I would prefer was lower and with the single flanges I hear everything.  With the biflanges isolation is very good, people need to tap my shoulders or signal whenever they want to talk to me since I'm just spaced out enjoying my music.  I would say is hast a 4.5 out of 5, maybe some triflange would improve a little.  I have not tried the foam tips yet.
They are pretty comfortable after a while, if you have never used over the ear ones like me.  You got play around a bit to get proper fit and isolation. 
The included pouch is rather nice but just wish it was a tad bit bigger, you feel like you are stuffing those iems in there since the cable is not a cheap thin one.
The only complain I have is that its hard to read the little L and R indications because they are the same color as the nozzles.
Overall I'm very satisfied with them and would purchase other vsonic products without second thoughts.
If you want to totally transform these in-ears and get rid of that veil try the plugin TB EZQ using J River.
You will be surprised the potential these drivers have to produce clarity without sibilance or harchness.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Not Fatiguing, Very amazing vocals, Above average Soundstage, Accesories, Classy Looks, Price, Rich and thick sounding.
Cons: Cable too Springy makes it pretty hard to keep it in place, not very detailed.
Brown shiny cable, Over the ear, Unique square housing which is pretty comfortable. 15tips. Durable. What's not to love?
Soundquality: Coming from the Superlux HD668B, the sound on the GR06 is very rich,thick and smooooothh. Non-fatiguing. Vocals are forward and intimate. However, it is not very detailed which makes me hesitant to buy it at first. Bass is no where weak and hit pretty hard.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Look good, lot of accessories, cheap
Cons: Not treble sparkle, sound too thick for my taste, foam tips don't stay in place
This is my first review, but I tried to give a review based on feeling rather than comparison with other IEMs.

I may be asking too much for a ~ 50$ earphones, but as my first pair of in-ears, and coming from headphones like Hd650 and sr80i's, I expected much more after having read some raving reviews.

It's not bad, I actually like the design, cable and ergonomics, but the sound is way too thick and laid-back. They are not bass-heavy. Bass might be at the same level as mids, but not very detailed and too thick.
Mids are fine. Their best part I guess.
Treble can be more felt rather than heard. Very few sparkle. Makes them rather lifeless especially if you consider that I'm coming from cans like HD25 and Grado SR80i. So you can call me biaised on this point, as I have no experience when it comes to IEMs.

Good value though, considering the build and accessories.

Oh, and the foam tips are really bad. They don't keep their form when you squeeze them, which means that they are almost back to their expanded form before you had a chance to put them in your ears. I later bought some audeos, and "real" Comply tips are like night and day compared to Vsonic's ones.
Hmmm, I have never had any trouble with the foam tips that were included with my pair.
I took the core out of the foam tips and put the foam into a regular silicone tip for more isolation.
Compared to my Audeo's Comply tips, the Vsonic ones are too stiff and have no memory, making them harder to insert, and they don't fully seal my ear nor stay in place.
I may try your solution and put the foam inside silicone tips for fun :)


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Ability to transform , comfort, build, looks
Cons: You can only wear them with the ear guides, lacking in clarity and sound only average in stock form
It's a bit of a dream to find a reasonably priced product that literally with a switch of a button can sound just as good as some of the best in-ears I've tried out. The plug-in that performs this feat is free and very simple and is called TB-EZQ. The increase in clarity, mid and high detail, soundstaging, imaging and overall tightness, crispness and refinement are extraordinary. I said before it's a bigger change than going from 64 kbps to FLAC, but its more like going from listening to the radio on an old receiver to listening to music from a good DAP. I only have the CKM500 and RE-262 to do a side to side comparisons at the moment and GR06 + TB EZQ is winning every round. Not by small margin, its very clear when you listen to all three at the same time which is superior regardless of music choice. Only problem I have with these are a bit of a mid-bass hump that works better for some music than others. Not exactly a problem that is hard to fix. 
It sounds great. The thing is, Sweden seems to be always pushing this setup everywhere for some reason, and while it might be awesome his TB EZQ isn't exactly for everyone. So all in all, the GR06 sound excellent by themselves regardless of what he says.
is the mid bass hump good for metal?
They sound pretty good for 60$ without any software, but are lacking in clarity and have sort of a veil over the sound.
I don't believe even 1/10 of head-fiers would prefer stock GR06 before some sort of EQd GR06 in a blind test. If you haven't tried TB EZQ with GR06 than this is a pretty pointless conversation to have.
I wouldn't say the mid bass hump is good in it self for metal, but they sound truly amazing with a song like Dio - Holy Diver. Without software not so amazing, but still decent. The bass is not the tightest nor fastest, but that gives it a certain weight. The bass of a EPH-100 more refined and tighter and overall more enjoyable.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Defined and punchy bass, forward mids, crisp highs, great amount of accessories and sturdy build quality
Cons: Mids overpower at times, no chin slider
Build quality is sturdy with a neat articulating nozzle feature that lets you adjust the tip to your liking. The cable is quite memory resistant and has a very smooth texture. The connector is solidly built but the stress relief is slightly lacking, though it should still hold up for a while. However on closer inspection the earbuds actually have slight casting errors, though these are purely aesthetic.
The GR06 are comfortable when worn down, over the ear or when using earguides as included in the package. Their rotating nozzles should be properly tweaked if you want to get the best fit.
For a $60 package these are excellent value considering the amount of accessories which include 15 sets of tips, of which two are foam and bi-flanges. The rest alternate between foam lining and normal PVC/silicon and can be swapped out depending on your liking for bass/warmt or detail. A soft clasp type pouch is included as well.
Isolation is moderate but will substantially cut down on external sound. In terms of sound quality, these are possibly the best for this price and above. These have a very detailed presentation but a very slight bias towards the mids. However the lows are still extremely punchy and far reaching without ever intruding into higher frequencies. The treble is decent and crisp. Soundstage is moderate, but instrument separation is prominent. However, on certain songs the mids seem to create a sort of overpowering signature. For example in Gotye's State of the Art the saxophone is strangely intimate and overpowering in comparison with the drums and xylophone. But overall the sound is very pleasant and revealing of small details that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.
I'm surprised you have sibilance at times. I wouldn't call the highs "crisp" any way you look at it. They actually sound a bit muffled just like the midrange.

If you want to make these to 200+$ sounding in-ears try a free plug-in called TB EZQ. Now they just demolish CKM500 and RE-262 in any way I can think of. I had the GR07 before these and I really wished I had done a head to head comparisons between the two. I'm reasonable confident that the GR06 + TB EZQ > GR07 in overall presentation.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Beautiful, great cord, fun sound with great placement/soundstage
Cons: Treble is wishy-washy at times
There's a saying, "80% of the quality for 20% of the price". That kind of ratio is hard to find in the audio world unless you're comparing very high-priced items, but in the budget IEM realm, these are as close to that phrase as possible. They have a very similar signature to both EX600 and EPH-100 with about 80% of absolute audio quality, and are less than half price of either. Sound staging is great with forward mids and bass, though the treble is still alive and kicking, just less-so. That's not even to mention the excellent assortment of accessories that Vsonic gives you with just about any IEM they produce. A big feature in this IEM that I don't notice in others is super-strong note preservation in the lower register. Bass notes seem to go on forever in a great way, but never overpower the mids or sound muddy. Sounds like you're right next to an acoustic instrument like bass viola, piano, etc.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Price, SQ, comfort, accessories
Cons: No chin slider, average isolation
Affordable yet awesome? Look no further!
Vsonic has always been known for cheap earphones with high quality, and GR06 lives up to that name.
Build quality/design: well built and looks durable. I love the brownish-gold color of the cable. I also like the design: minimalist (not the flashy type) but very functional. The only downside I can find is the lack of chin slider.
Comfort: over-ear has always been my personal preference and I find the GR06 pretty comfy, although not as comfortable as the Phonak PFE. The housing is quite small and light, fits my ear better than the Shures, which are bigger. Microphonics is very minimal. I can wear these comfortably for many many hours.
Isolation: slightly above average. The foam tips isolate slightly better. Have not tried putting on the comply tips.
Accessories: for approx. 50$, Vsonic is very generous in terms of accessories. 15 pairs or eartips (including 1 pair of bi-flanges and 1 pair of foam tips), a pouch and a set of ear guides (very useful during exercises) are provided.
SQ: the GR06 is a mid-centric earphone. The mids are nicely textured, detailed and upfront. The bass is quite punchy and deep. Treble is the weakest of all three, being slightly less detailed. Soundstage is average.
Overall, the GR06 is a really great pair of earphones. They simply kick every other earpieces' ass at this price range. I bought this as a replacement for my broken UE400, which is priced 77USD. The GR06 is cheaper but better in almost every aspect. Highly recommended.
PS: a pair of earphones like this needs moar love! Why the hell it is low on head-fi rankings!? Moar reviews and bring it up the ladder!
At lendmeurears.com, a Singapore website. But you see in the website the price is 80SGD, but I purchased the pair in the website's counter at Toy Outpost (plaza singapura) for 65SGD or 50USD
In real life? Well, that throws out that option.
Just got my pair, I love them. Alot better than the Visang R03 I had. More detail.