What are the GR04 Flagship Pro Audiophile Earphones? The flagship of Vsonics pro audio in-ear...

VSONIC GR04 Flagship Pro Audiophile Earphones

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  • What are the GR04 Flagship Pro Audiophile Earphones? The flagship of Vsonics pro audio in-ear headphone range. Like it's little brother (R04) the main attraction of this little beauty is its mid-range audio performance. It's full bodied textured and has excellent resolution. The GR04 Flagship is represents a step up from it's little brother in terms of driver balance and headphone impedance. Why the GR04 Flagship Pro Audiophile Earphones? Excellent Sound Quality - It's noticeable that after around 100 hours of burn in (manufacturer advised) that the treble quality is cleaned up and smoothed out. No rough patches up there its clean sailing in the extended trebles. Like previously stated the standout feature of the GR04 in-ear headphones in without a shadow of a doubt the mid-range. It's sweet full bodied forward and spacious at the same time. The midrange gives the sound noticeable texture. Bass is deep very deep in-fact and the treble does extend further than you would initially have imagined but the real show stopper is the midrange performance. Reliable build quality - Nothing is going to break down these headphones especially no cable breaks! Vsonic clearly want to give us a sturdy reliable and durable set of headphones so much so that stress reliefs are reinforced so well that they are stronger than necessary. This may have caused some cable issues itself however no complaints here the cables style compliments and is the perfect addition to the strong reliefs. Plethora of accessories - Looking for a headphone that comes with the necessary accessories to get the ultimate audio experience? You are looking at them. Vsonic noticed that you may get some microphonic noise interference when wearing these headphones over your ears they combat this by including a set of round the ear guides. Good thinking Vsonic! Also in the package is a handy carry case and various sizes of eartips to give you the optimum noise isolation.

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  1. thecansmancan
    "A Hidden Gem"
    Pros - Intuitive design, General SQ, Cables, Price, Accessories
    Cons - Lacks a touch of bottom end extension, MIld sibilance / Tinnyness
    Hidden amidst an array of confusing sister models, the Vsonic GR04 Pro Flagship Edition is one of the best values in IEM's. The Pro Flagship is second only to the much acclaimed GR07 in the Vsonic lineup; however at about half the price proves a far better value. Coupling intuitive pivoting tips with a reasonable balanced sound signature, the Pro Flagship deserves far more attention that it has received. But please, enjoy the video for full details. Thanks for watching.
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