VPI Aries 3

General Information

The new VPI Aries 3 is the ultimate revision of the Aries! The platter and bearing are sourced from the HR-X, the chassis is modeled after the Triple-Plinth Design of the HR-X making the Aries 3 the best looking Aries to date! With a 5/8” thick layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of 5/8” acrylic, the Aries 3 is very quiet and exceptionally inert. The big news: VPI’s new JMW-10.5i Tonearm! The JMW-10.5i allows on-the-fly VTA adjustment for the ultimate in set-up control. All this gives the Aries 3 complete control over the bottom octaves, deep soundstaging, excellent imaging, liquid reproduction of vocals and instruments and an extremely extended top-end.


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