Visual Land VL-G5 4 GB MP3/MP4 Player with Camera and 2-Inch Screen with In-Ear Headphones SSB-08 Combo (Black)

General Information

One of our hottest players now has a built-in camera and a larger 2" screen! This is a sleek, slender and stylishly slim player. It features video and music playback, picture viewer, FM Radio, voice recorder and more! Along with the video features, this player still includes all the features you've come to expect from Visual Land. MP3 and WMA audio files are accurately reproduced thanks to the player's built-in-sound equalizer then through the supplied high quality stereo headphones. If you're not in the mood for watching a video or listening to your audio files, you can always tune into your local FM radio station, with the built-in FM tuner, and scan the stations for news or traffic reports at your convenience. If you attend school or have work meetings, your player has a built-in microphone that will allow you to easily record the lecture or conversation with just one hit of a button, and you can easily play it back at a later time at your convenience.All data are stored onto the built-in Flash memory allowing the VL-G5 to also function as a Flash Memory Drive, so you can carry nearly any file you want, along with all your favorite songs! As always, the flash memory is in a solid-state, meaning that there are no moving parts so there will be no skipping like a hard drive based player. What this means is that you is that you do not have to worry about your music skipping, making it perfect for any outdoor activities.The SSB-08 In-Ear Heaphones feature a high quality earbud style with bass reflection technology! They come with extra ear cushions for a custom fit and a light weight design!


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