Visual Land V-Touch Pro 8 GB 3.2-Inch Touch Screen MP3 player with Camera (Black)

General Information

The Visual Land V-Touch Pro is and upgrade to our best-selling V-Touch. Improving upon an already versatile and feature rich player, the V-Touch Pro does everything its predecessor did and more in a new, sleeker, slimmer housing. Now pencil thin, the V-Touch Pro has a larger 3.2” widescreen with stunning image clarity. The touch screen navigation makes it easy to navigate through the numerous options.Video playback support of AVI, Real Media and Flash Video is displayed on a crystal clear screen. MP3 and WMA audio support with various equalizer settings can be played through high clarity earphone output or the built-in speaker. And of course, like its predecessor, the V-Touch Pro can also display all your favorite pictures in JPEG, GIF or BMP format.The V-Touch Pro still has its built-in 3-in-1 camera, recording still photos, videos and, when connected to your computer via USB, it functions as a webcam.Other features include an FM Radio (with presets and internal recording), Voice Recorder, E-Book Reader and Calendar. The unit also works as a USB Flash Drive, with large, internal flash memory. But should that not be enough to store all your files, a built-in MicroSD Card slot allows for expansion of up to 16GB of more memory.


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