Visual Land V-Motion Pro 4 GB Video/Music/2.4-Inch MP3 player with Camera (Red)

General Information

The Visual Land V-Motion Pro is the ultra-portable, all-in-one media player! Videos, music, pictures and more! The V-Motion Pro sports IMD technology, giving it a sleek and slim housing with a single panel face and piano finish. Its 2.4” crystal clear screen plays back videos and displays pictures with stunning clarity. Music is accurately reproduced thanks to the player’s customizable equalizer and high quality stereo headphone output or built-in speaker.The V-Motion Pro has a built-in camera, making it one of the world’s smallest camcorders! It takes stills, records video and, when hooked up to the computer via USB, works as a Webcam.Improving on our line of products, and listening to the requests of users, we’ve brought back the games feature in this unit. The unit also sports an FM Radio and Voice Recorder, making it truly versatile. It can also double as a USB Flash Drive, utilizing its large, internal flash memory. And should that not be enough for all your files, an expandable MicroSD Card slot is also built-in.


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