Violectric PPA V630

General Information


Finest Pre-Amplifier with countless Features

The PPA V600 was developed with the target to enable highest transmission quality for moving-coil and moving-magnet phono cartridges.
For this reason PPA V600 offers balanced inputs via 5-pin XLR and unbalanced inputs via cinch.
Gain may be set with the aid of a rotary switch in steps of 6 dB from +30 dB to +60 dB.
The exact level balance is maintained by a potentiometer with center detent.
This enables a fine adjustment of even unusual cartridges to the subsequent equipment.

The gain cell itself is a very fast and noiseless balanced instrumentation amplifier
which is normally used for microphone preamplifiers.

Because of the possible balanced wiring to the phono cartridge maximum noise and hum immunity can be achieved.

- Input-impedances are 9-times selectable by Dip-Switches.
- Input capacities are 16-times slectable by Dip-Switches.
- The equalizer characteristic may be set to RIAA, NAB, BBC and Flat law.
- A lo-cut filter according to IEC is switchable.

8 adjustment points inside the unit as well as high-precision and low-tolerance components
are granting the RIAA-equalization to be at least 0,05 dB accurate.
The complete signal path is DC coupled, all filter stages are passive by design.
Of coarse only selected "musical" components had been used for the filter design.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs with a maximum level of +28 dBu (unbal. +22 dBu) enable stressless interconnection with the following equipment.

A built-in special wide range (90 V ... 260 V AC) low noise switch mode supply enables hum-free operation.

Case and back panel are made from aluminum, Nextel coated.
The 8 mm aluminum front panel is black anodized. The labeling is laser engraved.


Inputs: balanced or unbalanced, switchable
Input Impedance: 10R, 90R, 100R, 130R, 150R, 250R, 330R, 1K, 47K switchable
Input Capacity: 33, 66, 110, 150, 180, 210, 260, 300, 330, 370, 410, 450, 480, 520, 560, 600 pF
Max. Input Level: –7 dBu > 1kHz, -26 dBu @ 20Hz
Equalizer fixed Values: 3180 uS (50 Hz) / 318 uS (500 Hz) / 159 uS (1000 Hz)
Equalizer variable Values: IEC 7950 uS (20 Hz) / RIAA 75 uS (2210 Hz) /
NAB 50 uS (3183 Hz) / BBC 25 uS (6366 Hz) / Flat
THD: < 0,001 % / < -100 dB
(20Hz – 20kHz unwtd, RIAA curve, 1kHz, 30 dB Gain, Input –30 dBu)
Noise: Ein = –122/124 dBu @ 30/60 dB Gain
(20Hz – 20 kHz, RIAA curve, 100R input impedance)
Crosstalk: 1/15 kHz 110/105 dB @30 dB Gain - 1/15 kHz 100/100 dB @ 60 dB Gain
(Input Imp. 10R)
Max. Output level: +22 dBu unbalanced, +28 dBu balanced
Output Impedance: < 0,5 R

Power supply: 90 ... 260 V AC 10 VA
Dimensions: 170 x 49 x 225 mm (W x H x D)

Case and Back: Nextel coated aluminum Front panel: 8mm, black anodized, lasered


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