Vincent Audio - KHV-111 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier - Black

General Information

If you're not listening through music through a dedicated headphone amplifier, you aren't enjoying the full potential of your quality pair of headphones. That's because the headphone output of most hi-fi equipment uses off-the-shelf circuitry and isn't optimized to deliver premium sound. The KHV-111MK compact headphone amplifier from the German-based audiophile firm Vincent is engineered for one task, and one task alone. It's designed to fill your ears with glorious sound. Contributing to the superb audio is the Vincent's hybrid vacuum tube and solid state hybrid design. This design brings you the luxurious sound of 'golden age' tube electronics plus the control and reliability of solid state circuitry. A headphone amplifier is ultimately only as good as its power supply, and the Vincent KHV-111MK doesn't skimp in that department. Lift the Vincent and you'll get a surprise. Unlike headphone amps that feel so light, they could practically blow away, the compact KHV-111MK tips the scales at a healthy 7 lbs. The impressive heft indicates the quality of overall build, big power supply, and heavy-duty metal chassis.


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