Vincent Audio - CD-S6 MKII - Hybrid CD Player - Silver

General Information

The CDS6 CD player from the German-based high-end audiophile company Vincent gained lots of rave reviews on 'the Continent.' The new CD-S6 hybrid CD player adds the luxurious sound of vacuum tubes to the engineering excellence of its predecessor. In addition to its top notch performance with standard CDs, the Vincent also triumphs with high-resolution HDCD discs. And thanks to the adjustable output level, you can connect the CD-S6 directly to a power amplifier without the need for a separate preamp. "It delivers all the enthusiasm recorded on a disc, and it has the tools to do so," reports Aaron Weiss in the February 2006 issue of SoundStage! "There are no obvious compromises here, be it across the spectrum, across the soundstage, or in terms of rhythm and timing." "This is a CD player worth getting to know," concludes Aaron Weiss in SoundStage!. "From build to performance, it's the best CD player I have evaluated." The CD-S6 won a "Purchase Recommendation" from the January 2006 issue of Germany's Home Electronic magazine, which termed it "outstanding" and offering excellent value for the price. The March 2004 issue of Germany's Stereoplay magazine also praised the Vincent, raving that it "shines with a spacious and precise soundstage." A masterpiece of sonic excellence, the CD-S6 offers a stunningly outstanding musical portrait in an elegant and classy design. A true Class A configured vacuum tube output stage complements the latest in cutting edge 24-bit, 96 kHz D/A conversion. The result is a warm, rich, and detailed soundstage with subtlety and finesse. Yet it maintains the energy and dynamics of solid-state circuitry that are needed to maintain your favorite musics energy and spirit.


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