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Venture Electronics - Bonus IE (VE BIE)

  1. F700
    A blind purchase for V-shape amateur on a budget
    Written by F700
    Published Oct 16, 2019
    Pros - Durable built
    Solid Aluminium housing
    Non-microphonic cable
    Treble has energy without being harsh
    Smartphone friendly (impedance)
    V-shape sound signature master under USD 40.-
    Coherent package for the price point
    Cons - Recessed mids due to V-shape tuning
    Treble might sound artificial at times (up to the recording)
    I spent some days with the BIE. It's my second set for commuting, the first being the Final E1000, which I own since several months now. I use my smartphone with both IEMs, a Xiaomi Redmi Rote 7. A pretty good sounding device based on several smartphones comparisons, I like it as it is, even compared to my DAPs.

    What follows is a picture free and ultra short review and comparison with the Final E1000, my other budget IEM. I would have liked to go deeper in the review process, but unfortunately time is luxury for a family man... Ok, don't cry or hate guys, we all are trying/doing our best, don't we?

    PRICE - 5/5
    At USD 33.- shipped to my country, a very strong offering from VE in terms of absolute value.

    BUILD - 5/5
    This IEM is solidly built. No issue with the cable. No microphonics. The housing of the IEM surely will pass the test of time. Nothing to complain about at this price point. On the contrary, a lot to praise. Well done!

    FIT - 4.5/5
    Fit is very good. The housing is pretty big, but the BIE stays in my ears, even if I shake my head. Still, I prefer the fit of smaller IEMs, like the Final E1000, for which a deeper insertion is made possible.

    Getting a small case and 4 pair of tips is all we can ask for the price, I guess.

    SOUND - 4/5 (performance/price ratio applied)
    The BIE has a quite pronounced V-shaped sound signature. Big bass, sometimes slightly boomy, recessed mids and elevated treble, which can be too much depending on the recording. No sibilance or harshness, just too much treble for my taste sometimes. It also lacks mids presence in tracks where vocals are meant to convey the emotion in the music. With Hip-Hop and Electronic, the BIE shines. You will love the deep bass from your favorite EDM, house or techno tracks. A bit more tightness would have been welcomed, but at this price point, no complain. The treble indeed could sound artificial at times. Nothing severe, though. Details retrieval is decent, but don't await wonder in that segment. Soundstage is not very wide, but I am not asking for an out-of-your-head experience with that kind of IEM. Noise isolation seems good, no-one complained so far and I listen at pretty high volumes.

    I switched tips. I tried Final E-tips and JVC Spiral Dots. Both altered the sound in an inapporiate way. Final E-tips made the mids even more recessed, slightly muffling the sound and increasing bass quantity. The JVC Spiral Dots are less confortable than stock ones and brightens the sound due to their broader aperture. Stock tips is the way to go for me.

    OVERALL - 4.5/5
    Funny V-shape sound encapsulated in a solidly built housing. The elevated treble might cause fatigue after prolonged listening session, but no problem when you commute 1-1.5 hours a day like I am. I sometimes miss some of the mids from my other IEMs, but I can live with it without any problem. Bass is great, slightly boomy at times, but very good as it is. Nice IEM indeed.

    Why not 5 stars?
    Actually, it would be a 4.75 out of 5 for me. A tad more mids presence would have been sufficient (for my ears) to get a 5/5.

    The Final E1000, similarly priced, is also a solidly built IEM, with similar accessories as the BIE. Fit is slightly better. Soundwise, the Final E1000 has less, but tighter bass. Mids are less recessed, with better presence and more flesh to them. The treble is tamed down a bit. E1000 sounds a bit darker, but more natural nevertheless. The BIE pounds harder and shows more energy in the treble. The E1000 and the BIE complement each other perfectly. No clear winner here, just different tunings. Invest USD 70.- and you get 2 pairs of IEMs with different sound signatures, good non-detachable cables, excellent stock tips and solid housings.

    Well done VE, the BIE is a good IEM, aggressively priced and durable due to his solid built.

    I recommend it to anyone liking V-shape sound signature.

    PS: if anyone from VE read this, you guys have potential. Just talking about my personal taste, a V-Shape sound is modern and pleasant most of the time. There are "older" folks down there, who maybe would be ready to invest/pay a bit more for a neutral sound signature or even a mid-centric one. In any case, well done guys.
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  2. nofacemonster
    Behold! the mythical V.E BIE!!
    Written by nofacemonster
    Published Jul 16, 2019
    Pros - Comfortable to wear
    Warm mellow Bass
    Build Quality
    Can drive easily with less powerful portable devices
    Gives five times more of what you pay for
    Cons - I can't ask for more with what I paid for but detachable cable could be a great advantage.
    First of all, I must tell you that I am not a professionally qualified person to review audio equipment nor that I have the knowledge to do so, I am not an audiophile either, But I do love good music and I have a certain understanding of how they should sound. Also, I do own a humble little collection of equipment to cater to my music needs. I have been a fan of "V.E Monk Plus" for quite some time but there was a constant problem remained, it is the "Pain" that caused by it on the ear after wearing it for a while. Then came the first affordable yet mythically rare "Venture Electronics Bonus IEM". I have tried to obtain one several time but I failed because they were limited in quantities. Last May I was lucky enough to get one from their official website and here goes my idea about what it is compared to my other IEMs.

    I compared it to "KZ ZS5", "V.E MONK PLUS" Using "MI Redmi Note 5 AI" and "HP Sleekbook" as sources. I listen to "Jazz", "Psychedelic Music", "Classic Rock", "Ambient, Classical" and many other genres.

    Comparison to "V.E Monk Plus"

    The first thing I noticed is the comfort of wearing it. Since both of the earphones coming from the "Venture Electronics", BIE is super comfortable to wear since it is an IEM. The build quality is also made with steel makes it appear much expensive, well, of course, it has to be because there is a big price difference between these two models even though they are two completely different headphones. Some of you might be wondering why am I comparing these two, well the reason for that is they both are coming from "VE".

    Soundwise I always loved the "V.E Monk Plus" for its mellow warm sound with a hint of bass. I was surprised by the V.E BIE and I knew it is going to be "Love at first sight (Sound)". V.E BIE is everything that MONK is and better, It has more bass but didn't overwhelm other frequencies or cripple them. BIE definitely leans towards lower frequencies in a very good way. The sound was least fatiguing and warm that I could listen to it all day.

    finally "V.E BIE" is not "VE MONK PLUS", they are two different headphones, it's just that if you are one of those people who wanted a "VE IEM" just like me, then look no further, go ahead and buy the BIE, you won't be disappointed.

    Comparison to KZ ZS5 (V1)

    KZ ZS5 has been long venerated by me due to its extreme detail, Well it has to be, that thing has four drivers in each IEM. But there was one thing that kind of lacks in certain songs that it has lesser bass on songs that do not have much bass. I know that we are supposed to listen to tracks the way artists intended but I still love a little bit of bass on certain tracks because the sound is a personal thing, different people like it differently.

    In this case, BIE may not have that superb detail that KZ ZS5 has but it does come halfway there with wonderful mellow bass.

    I am surprised how VE has archived this sound signature with a single driver IEM when I compared it to multi-driver hybrids like KZ ZS5.


    V.E BIE has easily become my daily driver because of its comfort and sound signature. I also must mention that compared to all my IEM's it is the easiest to drive. My portable source Redmi note 5 AI is a very weak source and cannot drive anything properly according to my understanding but it drives V.E BIE to perfection so I don't have carry around an amplifier with me.

    What V.E BIE definitely full fills all my hopes and dreams when it comes to daily use "IEM" and it is definitely a steal for the price I paid. I can easily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great IEM without breaking the bank.


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