Vedia SRS-300

General Information

Successor of great Vedia SRS-200 earbuds, which comes with Vedia media players but can also be bought as OEM from the manufacturer, below $10. According to company declaration, these buds are meant to break stereotype of useless phones that manufacturers give away with their devices.

Latest reviews

I love this product. It is so comfortable and easy to use. I recommend this for everyone.
Pros: Build quality, qery good and balanced sound, price, size
Cons: Not everyone likes in-ear phones
OK, I got those buds together with Vedia A10 player but manufacturer sells it for $7. For that price tag it's a real steal. Sound is warm but still natural. Very good bass, nice vocals, clear heights (but a bit behind low and mid), which makes them to the darker side. Excellent percussion and el. guitars rendering, seems to be made for heavier music but performs well on anything. It plays good, comparable with Koss Porta Pro, only sound signature is different. Did I mentioned those are cheap bastards?


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