V-MODA Vibrato Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones with Apple Mic/3-Button Remote Designed for music...

VBTO-NERO - Vibrato Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones with Apple 3-Button Remote/Mic - Nero

  • V-MODA Vibrato Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones with Apple Mic/3-Button Remote Designed for music lovers with style, the Vibrato is sculpted from Zinc Alloy and features next generation hybrid silicone ear-tips. Using unique patented die-casting metal technology that enables consistent sound and unparalleled durability, the Vibrato has a unique geometric design. Crafted from premium metals and fabrics, the Vibrato has a solid feel, unlike most plastic or aluminum headphones that feel fragile. Fit is The Sound V-MODA recognizes that every ear is created different and fittings greatly affect the way sound is heard. With this in mind V-MODA's R&D team created the revolutionary BLISS 3.0 (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) fittings that contour your ears for greater comfort, sound and stability for the masses, even for those with smaller ears. V-MODA Vibrato also comes with detachable sport ear hooks featuring the patent-pending ACTIVE FLEX technology, that allow the headphones to adjust independently to each ear and minimize cable noise. TrueHertz - The Great Revolution Did you know that not all headphone drivers are created equally? Without rigorous quality testing, many headphones have variances from unit to unit of up to 30dB, even on the left to right channels. But V-MODA's strict driver testing program guarantees consistent quality and critically-acclaimed sound in every single pair of M-80 headphones, every time. When it comes to the frequency response curve, the traditional old-school specifications people judge headphones by, such as 5Hz-30kHz does not paint a full picture. It's akin to only considering a statue by its height versus its finer details in the sculpted curves and artistic expression. V-MODA sculpts the sound at every step along the entire frequency response range by utilizing a 31-band EQ, lab and subjective testing during the tuning stages. Specifications Driver Type: 8mm V-MASQUE dynamic HD Neodymium driver Impedance: 16 ohms Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 24 kHz Cord Length: 47" Integrated Headset Cable with 3-Button Remote Connector: 3.5 mm (1/8") 24k Gold-Plated Stereo Plug Weight: 15g (.53oz) Warranty: 2-Year V-MODA Premier Warranty + Immortal Life Program (50% off lifetime replacement)

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