General Information

Featuring V-MODA's world renowned sound signature, the V-MODA Spin headphones are ergonomically designed to accommodate the most active of lifestyles with three sizes of medical-grade soft silicone fittings, a Spin carrying case, and two airplane adapters. The Spin headphones boast a powerful neodymium rare earth magnet to produces deep yet precise bass levels while blending seamlessly with warm mids and crisp highs.

Noise-Isolating Technology
BLISS noise isolating technology reduces noise and enables deep bass without introducing artificial sounds into your music
Excellent Bass Response
Advanced sound technology that provides deep yet precise bass levels
Full Sound Spectrum Clarity
Warm mids and crisp highs that blend seamlessly with the vibrant bass
Quality Craftsmanship
Premium design crafted from the highest quality metals
Mobility and Travel
Comfortable noise isolation provides the optimal mobile solution for travel, working out, and enjoying your on-the-go lifestyle without the annoyance of loud outside noises
Comfortable Fit for the Active Lifestyle
Comfortable, lightweight, and secure with three sizes of silicone fittings designed to endure strenuous activities
Audio Device Compatibility
3.5 mm jack and included adapters allow compatibility with many audio devices including iPhone® for music listening


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