V-MODA REMIX Bluetooth Hi-Fi Mobile Speaker - Black

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The Bluetooth portable speaker that sounds too big, too good to be true. REMIX is the culmination of three years of R&D involving dozens of engineers and over 50 prototypes to deliver uncompromising V-MODA award-winning sound and design along with unrivaled customization options. Measuring just over 8" (20cm) wide, REMIX is designed to go anywhere, delivering full-bodied sound wherever you go. Powered by a newly designed glass-fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers, REMIX also features a rear-mounted bass reflex port for an accurate, lifelike sound. REMIX is world’s first speaker featuring a built-in headphone amplifier to drive your headphones with unparalleled power. The included daisy chain cable lets you wire unlimited REMIX together for the ultimate, scaled sound experience. Amazon Alexa is also compatible via the Echo Dot to easily summon your voice assistant. This premium speaker -featuring a luxurious black vegan leather finishing - exemplifies the work of V-MODA’s Milano-based design studio: classically styled, beautifully proportioned and completely customizable to reflect the personality of its owner. In fact, REMIX is world’s first full-surface 3D printed custom product with the Hi-Fi speaker being the epicenter of 6 3D customizable surfaces. Patent-pending RemixRings allow for 3D parts to be installed in materials ranging from fiber to platinum. Enjoy effortless Bluetooth connection within a 33 feet (10 meters) range and simultaneous pairing with 2 devices. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 10+ hours of music, entertainment and calls via the built-in speakerphone. Charge REMIX via USB-C, the gold standard of quickness and reliability. Discover the V-MODA world via REMIX and rest assured with our unrivaled Six-Star customer support, 50% Immortal Life Replacement Program and 1-Year Premier Warranty.

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Reviewer: Audio Rabbit Hole
Pros: Solid Build, Powerful sound, V-Moda like bass, VAMP
Cons: Not Waterproof, Heavy, VAMP impedance, Price?
Okay I know what you are thinking, Why in the hell do we need another wireless speaker? There are many pricing levels among wireless Bluetooth speakers and equally as many sound signatures. Honestly, only a handful of these speakers have much "meat" or substance to the sound. The REMIX from V-Moda has all of the fullness and thickness to the sound that is desired in a wireless speaker. V-Moda really doesn't need an introduction with the audiophile group or the consumer electronics market. They have had a successful run with some recognized products such as the M-100 headphone.This is V-Moda's first foray into the wireless speaker market so let's take a closer look at the REMIX. 
V-MODA REMIX wireless Bluetooth speaker
     -MRSP: $300

For starters, anyone aware of V-Moda knows that personalizing or customizing your product, whether it is shields on headphones or whatnot, is part of the experience that is V-Moda. The REMIX also has the option to customize. Call me boring or a baby boomer but the idea of having a wireless speaker adorned like the Ark Of The Covenant or a chest from the Ming Dynasty doesn't appeal to me. I ordered the Black, plain ole' flat Black. That said I like it, it has the appeal of a stack of monitors to me as if it should say Marshall or Fender across the top. There is also a silver model available.
Some of the selling points from the V-Moda website are as follows:
REMIX is the culmination of three years of R&D involving dozens of engineers and over 50 prototypes. The result is portable Hi-Fi world-class sound that projects precise, vibrant and lifelike sound at all listening levels.
Glass Fiber Dual-Driver - Accurate sound, with sweet, clearly defined midrange, vivacious highs and impossibly low distortion at every volume
Passive Bass Reflector - Hear and feel the precise vibrant bass of your music, without bloated boom or muddy mids
Immersive 3D Soundstage - Full-bodied for a 'live performance' experience
Instrument Engineer Verified - Hear the sound of drum kits, samples and acoustic instruments the way the instrument engineers and original artists intended
Drive your V-MODA, full-size or any high-end headphones the way they were meant to be driven with V-MODA VAMP technology.​
Crisp High-Energy Sound - ​
Unleash your inner audiophile and reach new levels and nuances of your music​
83mW x 2 Pure Power - Multiple times ordinary smartphone and computer outputs optimizes the power delivery to your high-end or high-impedance headphones
Unrivaled Value - Comparable to standalone headphone amplifiers worth $200 or more
Easy Pairing - Press PAIR to easily connect your Bluetooth device
Simultaneous Device Connection - ​
Multitasking users can "multipoint" connect REMIX with two devices at a time, such as smartphone and laptop or smartphone and smartwatch​
USB-C Charging - ​
Future-proof and safer charging via included USB-A to USB-C Cable​
Long Life Battery - ​
Up to 10+ hours of music​
Quick Access Control - ​
Top-panel buttons to control volume and playback of your music​
Built-In Mic for Calls and Voice Assistant - ​
Use the built-in microphone for calls, Skype or summoning voice assistants like Apple Siri or OK Google - but with far superior music quality​
  1.  ​
  2. What's Included?
    1. REMIX Speaker
    2. Elegant USB-A to USB-C charging cable (79", 2m)
    3. Daisy Chain audio cable with 45° 24k gold plated plugs (55", 1.4m)
    4. 4x REMIXRings (1 pair pre-installed on the speaker)
    5. Six-Star Service
    6. 1-Year Premier Warranty
    7. 50% Immortal Life Program Replacement
  3. Dimensions (L x W x H) - 8.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 (in) / 205 x 65 x 68 (mm)
  4. Weight - 1.9 lb/850g (Aluminum); 1.6 lb/710g (Vegan Leather)
  5. Frequency Response - 20 - 20,000 Hz
  6. Wireless Range - 33ft (10m)
  7. Battery Capacity - 3400mAh (up to 10+ hours music playback)
  8. Speaker Sensitivity - 79 dB ± 3dB @ 1kHz
  9. Microphone Sensitivity (Omni-directional) - -42dB ± 3dB @ 1kHz
  10. Speaker Wattage - 10W x 2
  11. Driver Impedance - 4Ω
  12. Headphone Amplifier Wattage - 83mW x 2
  13. Headphone Amplifier Impedance - 12.8Ω
Enough of the hype train...Let's talk about the unit. The first thing you notice after the design is when you pick it up it is heavy, and it is at 1.6lb. It is a substantial and well built wireless speaker. The REMIX has many of the same features as most wireless speakers the ability to answer phone calls, the ability to sync with any Bluetooth items you may have from T.V.'s to headphones and so on.
The REMIX performed all of the basic wireless speaker functions admirably and as to be expected and paired seamlessly with everything I attempted to pair. I really don't feel there is much need to discuss features common to most wireless speakers, however if there was an issue with the basic features I would highlight that issue and none existed. The battery life is listed at 10 hours, and I will say I didn't exactly time it but I felt I was somewhere in that ballpark. 
                                   Top of REMIX
I think would like to mention the VAMP. The VAMP is a built in amplifier that you could use to power your headphones. When I used the VAMP I was like okay this nice, particularly if you have no headphone amp and wish to use one, it is very convenient to have the speaker next to your bed and be able to plug your headphones into your amp. I applaud V-Moda for implementing this feature and it does work quite well. The impedance is 12.8 ohms and this could be a sticking point to some.
Let's talk sound! There are a few names that swirl around as a quality wireless speaker. I have tested a unit by Riva, Turbo X, which had awesome sound. I am going to say that the sound of the REMIX to my ears was more even and satisfying. As goes V-Moda as goes the bass. It is the best I have heard in a wireless speaker. The bass level is strong but blends with the other frequencies. The treble is never harsh and the midrange does allow for details. I have noticed that the placement of the speaker relative to where you are sitting matters for the great tonal balance. Obviously, you more than likely won't be tethered as you listen and that is fine, there is plenty of power and it maintains a reasonable sound quality as you wander away, at least up to 30ft. I noticed that the bass of this unit was better if it wasn't against a wall or corner, I placed it on my nightstand, T.V. stand and PC desk all with great results. Other wireless speakers depend on reflection to aid in bass details and the REMIX would actually sound a bit distorted with a lot of reflection. I really hate to preface it this way but "for a wireless speaker" it renders tones real well. Good job V-Moda! I will say, to put this in perspective, I have never really needed a wireless speaker because I am usually entrenched in my headphones or IEM's and have PC desktop monitors, but I enjoy keeping this next the bed and I am impressed overall. 
                             Size Matters!
If you have been pondering a Bluetooth wireless speaker I truly feel you need to put this on your short list to check out. It is a little pricey at $300 but look at the other's available and consider the VAMP headphone amplifier that is built-in along with the 1-Year Premier Warranty and customer service of V-Moda. The V-Moda REMIX does not disappoint.
Sonic Defender, it's my understanding that the REMIX cannot play stereo sound to two speakers via the Bluetooth connection. Like subguy812 mentioned, you can link multiple together via a cable to get a larger sound, but I don't believe that it splits the sound into L/R channels. I'm pretty sure it plays the same stereo mix from each speaker that's connected. We only have one at the office so I can't test it, unfortunately.
Mark Up
Mark Up
Nice review. Specs say 20 hz - 20 khz freq response. 20 khz is possible but laws of physics won't allow this to have 20 hz as its -3 db point (or even -6 db). The Devialet does it but it's probably 4-6 times the size and weight (and starts at $2,000). Even the huge Marshall Stanmore only goes to 45 hz. They may mean the amp within it.
Hi everybody,
AxelCloris is right. You can link multiple REMIX together via a cable with the sound being the same stereo mix from each speaker vs L/R channels.


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