V-MODA Crossfade Wireless


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good consumer SQ
Build quality
Cons: Bass can be to forward and powerful
Small fit without XL pads
These are my first pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones but I've listened to a few of the most popular like Bose, Beats, and Sennheiser. They are factory refurbished which just means new imo because they basically are and at $99 I feel like they are a fantastic value.

Build quality is very good as one would expect with how much v-moda emphasize it in their description of the hp's. With the stock pads the fit more like a large on-ear headphone more than an over-ear pair. Getting the XL pads helps a lot with the fit and comfort.

Sound quality of the Crossfade Wireless is what one would expect from a consumer based headphone. They have a warm V-shaped signature with a large emphasis on the bass but the mids and highs still sound good with a good amount of detail. The bass does bleed into the mids which warms them up but it's not as bad as others I've heard. Soundstage is on the smaller size but they have a nice 3D presentation and the separation is good for a portable wireless hp. Using them wired helps to ring in the bass some but it's still very much elevated though the overall SQ improves a little. The XL pads help to open them up more and the fact they help with the comfort I highly recommend you get a pair.

At the $99 price point, I feel like as long as you don't need noise canceling the Crossfade Wireless is a good headphone and worth checking out if you like a warm V-shaped signature with elevated bass.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Balanced and complete sound signature
Cons: Small earpads, normal price is expensive
V-moda calls them "Modern Audiophile" headphones and from my experience it is hard to argue with them. They have everything; clear highs that are crisp enough but not too crisp, strong backbone of mids, and expansive but balanced bass. I think it would be hard to find someone who's actually heard these say that it has too much bass other than some extremists who spend most of their time listening to classical music, yes those people would benefit from a completely different headphone, but we are not those people.

These headphones have a forward sound. They are not veiled. Both those statements are necessary because of the following statement; These are tame headphones, as tamed as you can make a lion for instance or maybe one of Khaleesi's dragons; you know they eat people in the background every so often but you barely see it. They are just majestic beings. But these lions..in their cage...at the zoo... they are almost sad, not as kinetic as you want them to be, filled with potential energy. One imagines they daydream of glory days of running after prey with unstoppable ferocity.

This is still the best overall sound I've heard from V-moda but I wish V-moda had made something in between the LP2; which were the equivalent of a large herd of buffalo jumping off a cliff, and our ambivalent lion in his cage. This is not to say that the V-moda are not great sounding, they are. They are actually perfect sounding, which is somehow bothersome. It's like dying, going to heaven, and finding out you have to really walk around on clouds in a white robe and listen to harp music.

In comparison to M50X, these have less viscosity in the bass but most people wouldn't notice it unless you directly compared them. They have a more present midrange, which makes the whole sound signature seem complete and connected. The treble is adequate on the V-modas, but on the M50X's they are like an honorable but lethal ninja friend willing to go to war at a moments notice. Overall V-modas strengths slightly outdo the M50X's if it were not for it's one fatal flaw: the earpads.

What kind of alien has up and down ears that are shaped like diamonds!? Tell me V-moda! What are you!? Where from do you hail, for it is not this galaxy.

Honestly these are great headphones if only they were slightly more explosive somewhere, somehow, anywhere on the signature and if they included XL earpads by default. At their price and with these drawbacks I would take M50X's over them. That being said congratulations V-moda and I can't wait to see the next few generations of your products.

If you can buy these around the $170 mark and you have average or smaller ears, these are a steal! Otherwise get something tried and true, and which I keep going back to: the M50X.
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1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Loud, Sound Good, Good Battery Life. Excellent bluetooth range. Tough.
Cons: Expensive. No APTX. Mushy Buttons.
Over the past few weeks I have tried out quite a few over-ear bluetooth headphones in a mad search for the ‘ultimate’ bluetooth headphone.

I have tried the Bose QC35’s, V-Moda Crossfade Wireless and now the Sennheiser PXC550’s (I wanted to also try the new Sony MDR1000x models but they appear to be sold out with a two month waiting list - and I’m the impatient type.

My usual wired headphones consist of the following (all of which are used regularly):

Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 - in ear monitor
1More Hybrid Triple Driver - in ear monitor
Sony XBA H1 - in ear monitor
Apple Earpods - fall out of ear earbud
Audio Technica ATH50X - Full Size Over-Ears (make you look a bit like a Cyberman)

Playback electronics include:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (an excellent audio player - especially with the inclusion of Neutron).
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - also quite nice sound quality through headphone out - even with stock ROM
AgpTEK H01 - Micro SD based lossless player with a very powerful amplifier on-board.

My music tastes are beginning to vary in my old age - Rush, Pink Floyd, Queen, Bach, Fleetwood Mac, Vivaldi, William Orbit, Hanz Zimmer - you get the idea. Most of my music is well-encoded MP3’s (either 320K rips - some of the older stuff ripped using EAC/LAME (with some cool psycho-acoustical filtering applied) and some downloaded FLAC files. In other words, perhaps not the best in the world but certainly a significant step up from entry-level.

My criteria in order of importance is:

Sound Quality
Ability to pair with two phones
Reliable Bluetooth connection
Battery Life
Facility to use wired connection

I can tolerate some discomfort as I am frequently having to remove my headphones when working but they’ve gotta sound good and loud. I normally like a sound signature that’s neutral (with perhaps just a hint of deep bass) normally. I don’t tend to mind a slight dip in treble as I’m quite sensitive to shrieking upper mids (that’s what happens when you’re married). The ideal sound signature for me normally comes from my Ultimate Ears Triple Fi’s and 1More Triple Driver in ear monitors.

Externals and Bluetooth

The V-Moda’s feel reassuringly solid - this is helped by the metal shields which give the headphones a rather unique look. Whilst smaller than some over-ear headphones I find them reasonably comfortable. They are tight fitting but this actually helps when you’re walking around with them as they don’t shift position at all. You could use them for working out without too much problems but I personally would rather use wireless earbuds for something like that. I can bend over to stroke the cat without them slipping off.

The buttons are situated at the top of the right hand earcup and are a little mushy in operation. Whilst they may not have the technical wizardry of the touch controls found on the Sony MDR1000x’s and Sennheiser 550’s, they do have the advantage of not being accidentally activated every time you move or remove your headphones. Double and triple tapping for track switching can be a little tricky but at least it allows the volume buttons to be dedicated rather than multi-function.

The cushions are soft and comfortable and I have no problems in wearing them on and off pretty much all day without problems. I must admit I’m tempted to get the larger pads although I'm not sure what sort of difference they will offer and whether I would even like the changes that they could make to the sound quality.

The power/bluetooth pairing switch leaves a little to be desired as well - although it's not quite as flimsy as the switch found on the Bose QC35's, it's still a little loose and feels somewhat cheap. One thing I really do like about these headphones though is that they don't have a really bright bluetooth status light - this is something that really annoys me with other bluetooth headphones. The status light is nicely dim - but just as informative.

Bluetooth operation is excellent with these headphones. They connect pretty quickly to your device and tend to maintain a good solid connection as long as you don’t go too far out of range. I typically find that with the inexpensive bluetooth sports earbud type headphones, you can lose connection by simply putting your phone in your trouser pockets whilst walking - there’s no problem in this regard with the V-Moda’s. Double tapping on the MODE button to change tracks does have a small delay but it’s not really that much of a problem once you get used to it. Volume changes take fairly big steps when using the headphone controls - this is something that thankfully can be compensated used the volume controls on your playback device for fine tuning. This is something that I find with virtually all bluetooth headphones though and the V-Moda’s are no worse than many of the others.

The headphones also come supplied with a nice nylon covered heavy-duty cord for wired listening. This cable is designed to only be used one way and features a simple single button remote and microphone - a welcome addition. Unlike many bluetooth headphones which offer this feature, the sound quality differences between wired and wireless use are fairly subtle - more on this in the sound quality section. Needless to say, the differences are nowhere near as profound as the changes found on many active noise cancelling headphones - which can sound truly dreadful when used passively with a cable.

Sound Quality - Wired and Bluetooth

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs I have had the chance recently to try out a few of the top-end wireless headphones recently and have been somewhat surprised by my findings. The Bose QC35’s are a very competent headphone with a very nice, warm and comfortable sound quality and superb active noise cancellation. I must admit I was very tempted to keep these - however I found the sound a little bit boring and felt that they didn’t quite go loud enough for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I almost never listened to music at their full volume but found that I was usually only a couple of steps below max. I wasn’t at all impressed with the Sennheiser PXC550’s. I found the sound quality to be a little too bright, brittle and fatiguing to listen to. Their biggest failing though was their utter lack of volume. I found I was listening quite comfortably to my music literally at full volume all the time. Sorry Sennheiser but no amount of clever bells and whistles and active noise cancelling can make up for that. They went back within a couple of days.

The V-Moda Crossfade Wireless doesn’t feature active noise cancelling. And to be honest I can’t help thinking that this was a good move on their part. The Moda’s have a bass-heavy sound - but not really in a bad way. I must admit it did take a little getting used to but the sound signature of these headphones are pretty addictive.. Bass is deep and punchy. Really deep notes still maintain their pitch and make it easy to follow. The mids are slightly recessed but still show a lot of detail. Strings resonate nicely and there is a sense of depth which you don’t get with earbuds. Treble is slightly recessed but this does make for an inoffensive and non-fatiguing character.

There is a difference between wired and wireless when it comes to sound quality. When using the wire, bass is tighter and less ‘boomy’ and the sound becomes a little less congested. That’s not to say that the wireless performance is shoddy - far from it. Wireless performance is excellent - the headphones have plenty of meaty volume and they sound excellent with some of the more vintage rock albums in my collection. I have a fairly broad taste in music and every genre played well with these headphones - rock, trance, folk - even classical. Range was good - comparable with the Bose QC35’s and Sennheiser PXC550.

One thing I feel like I should point out is that i am using Android devices (and dedicated mp3 players - the excellent Agptek Hp01 and Benjie players specifically) and I don’t have a problem with the fact that the headphones don't use the aptx protocol for bluetooth - having tried the Sennheiser PXC550’s that do use aptx, I definitely prefer the sound quality of the V-moda”s. Whilst I have to accept that the V-Moda’s are likely to produce better sound quality when used wirelessly with the Apple iPhone rather than Android devices because they have compatible high speed bluetooth protocols, I’m still more than happy with the sound quality from my Android devices.

I have just purchased the XL Earpads for the V-Moda’s. To be honest I didn’t really have a problem with the earpads supplied with the headphones - I was simply curious as to how these pads would improve both the sound and comfort. Obviously something like this is a personal thing (size and shape of your head and your personal sound preferences). I noticed the bass went a little deeper and the transitions from bass to treble seem to be a little more seamless and they were slightly more comfortable. Interestingly I found that the larger pads let in a little more external sound than the default ones - only a little bit though, and I’m hoping they will soften up a little more with use as they feel a little stiff.

To sum up. In case you haven’t noticed I really like these headphones. They tick pretty much all my boxes - good sound quality, loud volume, fun sound signature, pretty comfortable, very well made, good battery life, non-fiddly controls that don’t get triggered accidentally, nice case and cable and they can pair up to two phones simultaneously - something I definitely needed. They also sound really good when used with a cable - and can be easily driven to very high levels when driven from my phone - again, something the others I tried really couldn’t do. I was planning on trying out the new Sony MDR1000X noise cancelling bluetooth headphones but Amazon didn’t have them in stock at the time and, after extensive listening to the V-Moda’s, I decided that I didn’t want the compromises to sound quality that active noise cancellation tends to bring into the mix.

They’re not perfect though. Top end is recessed, upper mid range is recessed, low mids and bass are enhanced/boosted and they’re expensive. Much of the bluetooth technology employed by V-Moda could have been improved on but the amplification section is wonderfully powerful and the drivers definitely offer a nice full sound. No buyers remorse here at all - I’m quite confident I’ve made the right choice - even if I am 250 quid down.

I hope this review helps people when trying to make a choice regarding bluetooth headphones. Remember that one man’s meat is another man’s poison - but with Amazon’s excellent returns policy why not try them out and see what you think. For rock, hip-hop (ughh - spit) and that sort of modern bass-heavy genre they’re great. For classical, string quartet and perhaps jazz - you might want to look at something else.
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Overall Sound, Bass, Build, Design, Comfort
Cons: Minor Bluetooth Issues
Let me first start off by saying why I decided to give the V-Moda CFW a go, despite my skepticism towards bluetooth and wireless overall. The reason I decided to give the CFW a go is mainly the decision to have ago at moving with the times. There has been rumors that Apple maybe removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, now while this rumor doesn’t hold much ground, I personally was feeling that this was a terrible idea but then after thinking about it and after trying the CFW that feeling has turned from terrible to me thinking that it actually maybe a good idea but that is a whole other topic in itself.
Design & Build
The design of the V-Moda is going to be a love or hate thing for people, if you love them then nothing else will do but if you hate them then well you will most likely go for something else. I personally enjoy the design of these headphones, while I don’t much like the Chrome or Rogue colour schemes, both the Gunmetal & White colour schemes are definitely amazing. The build on any V-Moda headphone is fantastic, the plethora of Metal & strong/quality plastic makes handling and using these headphones a premium experience. On comfort, I feel that despite my larger than average ears the CFW are still comfortable but I have already ordered the XL Pads so will report back on the sound once I have the XL Pads.
Time to move onto the sound, now my sound impressions are from me using the Fidue A83 for over a year and the OPPO HA-2 for a few months.
My testing of the V-Moda CFW was done purely in Wireless mode, but I can say that the sound is similar from the Wireless to Wired with simply a slighly better resolution of the frequency range and a better black canvas to which the music plays back on. The decision to use these in purely wireless for all my testing is mainly because I am testing a more simpler and cleaner setup over OTG Adapters or stacked AMPs/DACs or expensive DAPs.
Equipment Used:
Samsung S6 Edge Plus
Google Play Music (320Kbps Streaming)
Strong, hard hitting and huge impact. The bass is probably the big part of the sound with the CFW, but do take note that while there is an emphasis in the Bass on the CFW it doesn’t bleed into the Mids or Treble, nor does it overpower the rest of the song unless the track you are listening to is poorly recorded.
The mids are neutral, they are not forward nor are they recessed. They are there, making presence in the track but at the same time they are not in your face forward nor are they recessed like they are veiled.
The treble on the CFW is rolled off more into the upper treble, this gives off a smoother treble than some would like but at the same time it gives of a more smoother tone to the CFW without sounding too smooth and still keeping some detail in the treble with a nice crash with symbols.
The soundstage is about average or what I was expecting for a closed back headphone, it could be larger but at the same time I feel it is still good and provides a nice comfortable listening stage without sounding too closed in or too far apart.
So there are a few issues with the CFW; The first is the hiss which is prominent in most bluetooth headphones but it is a little more prominent in the CFW, however it is no more hiss than what I was getting with my Fidue A83 & the OPPO HA-2. The next issue is that every time you turn the headphones on and it pairs, I have to wait a few more seconds for the music to play through properly but it’s possible this could be cause my phone is rooted or Google Play Music.
Final Thoughts
Despite the issues, which may put some people off, I do recommend these if the sound signature is to your tastes. The slight emphasis in the bass and rolled off treble with a neutral mid range gives off a smoother tone with detail but also non fatiguing tone so you can literally listen to these for hours and not get tired.
I feel that the sound is what I want from headphones and the convenience of wireless does out-way the minor issues I have been experiencing with bluetooth. So if these tick your box then I would highly recommend you trying them out.
Update (2016-02-02):
A quick update on these headphones, it seems the bluetooth issues I was having were solved using a fairly simple method. All I am doing now is; Firstly turn bluetooth on in my phone, then turn the headphones on, to which they pair up within seconds and then I can start playing music straight away. Before I would turn the headphones on first or leave bluetooth on in my phone but now when I am not using my headphones I switch bluetooth off. I also don't get the initial music playback issue that I was getting before where the headphones would pair up with the phone but I would have to wait around a little bit before music was playing properly.
Update (2016-02-22)
After getting the XL Pads for the CFW, they have improved quite a bit. Overall resolution across the frequency range is much improved, the overall clarity has increased and the sound stage has also widened. The bass is now much tighter but with a much better presence with sub-bass and bass extension. The mids are now a little bit forward compared to the normal pads where the mids where neutral, the treble has better presence giving off better detail and clarity. Overall the CFW benefit massively from the XL Pads and in my opinion should come as standard over the normal pads that currently ship with the CFW.
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Yeah it is getting closer all the time :)
Yep, really getting closer, which is really nice too see (actually "hear").

Actually, there has been one Bluetooth device that sounded just as transparent and good as something with wired connection: http://www.head-fi.org/products/mass-fidelity-relay-hi-fi-bluetooth-dac-silver/reviews/14101 Mass Fidelity Relay.

While I was yet always able to hear a (sometimes small, sometimes larger) difference with BT headphones, the Relay was the first device where I didn't have the feeling to listen through a BT device.
So it is possible to get the signal quality, they just need to make it portable. I'd prefer it if they didn't build into the headphones themselves that way you could have the functionality with any audio device/headphones of your choice 


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: sound quality, bluetooth performance, durability, battery life
Cons: looks, treble a tad too rolled off in wireless mode
V-Moda Crossfade Wireless
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(All images are clickable if you want the full res version)
V-Moda was founded in 2002 by Val Kolton, trying to combine fashion and audiophile grade headphones. Here I am reviewing the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless.
V-Moda introduced a couple of other models over the years and received a great reception within the first quite skeptical audiophile world. However, extremely sturdy quality with an incredible attention to detail, plus great sound quality made his brand successful. V-Moda has now sold more than 4 Million headphones and is growing still.
With 30% of the TOP100 DJs using V-Moda products (among them Paul Oakenfold, Giorgio Moroder and The Crystal Method - all bands and DJs I really like) - I was tasked to find out if they are capable of producing a proper wireless headphone.
View attachment  View attachment  View attachment
 Manufacture’s Specifications
  1. Type: Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless/Wired Headphone (Circumaural)
  2. Drivers Size: 50mm diameter
  3. Drivers Type: dual diaphragm dynamic neodymium
  4. Frequency Response: 5 - 30,000 Hz
  5. Sensitivity: 107 dB in 1mW
  6. Impedance:  30 Ω
  7. Microphone sensitivity: -42dB
  8. Maximum Input:  100 mW
  9. Weight with cable: 292g  
  10. Connector: Bluetooth / 3.5 m single ended, 1.5m straight cable with Mic.
  11. MSRP:  AED 1199 ($299)
 Design/Materials/Build Quality
The color scheme I am reviewing is not my cup of tea - but only looks wise. I would prefer the black version. The best thing is: I have 4 different color options to choose from. If I want to further customize my headphones I can choose and design my own “shields” that cover the ear cups. Amazing. I can provide my own design or structure that will be laser etched and/or 3D printed on the headphone. So you can create something really unique and beautiful.
The headphone is general on the smaller size. It’s pretty similar to the original Crossfade headphones. The goal was to protect everything that made the Crossfade such a a hit and add wireless functionality. During the year long process the goal posts changed and V-Moda wanted to improve the sound while running cabled and at least maintain the sound while running wirelessly.
Build quality is solid as a rock. Absolutely grade A, you have to roll over these headphones with a tank to destroy them (and then you would only pay half price to get a replacement thanks to the generous life time coverage from V-Moda). Build quality is absolutely superb.
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Lots of metal, military spec durability and an “immortal life program” - this means, after thee first year of full warranty, as an owner of a V-Moda, you can exchange your broken headphone for 50% of the new retail price with a new one. That’s pretty generous and shows how V-Moda backs their products.


292g - due to the use of lots of metal in its construction this headphone is not light. However, thanks to well designed headbands and ear-pads, it doesn’t feel that heavy. It’s pretty comfortable and sits properly on your head. The ear pads are on the smaller side. Just about comfortable for my medium to large ears. But even if your ears are larger than mine, V-Moda is for you, you can get a set of larger ear pads  (XL-Pads) from the manufacturer.

Supplied accessories:

The Crossfade Wireless come with a genius hard shell case, a carabiner hook, an USB-charging cable and a remote-mic-cable that is of course, removable. You also get a sticker and a user manual.
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Sound (Overall):
The Crossfade M-100 is a highly regarded headphone. I am happy to report that the Crossfade sounds at least as good if not better. Using the headphone via cable switches the headphone into “passive mode” - no batteries needed, ever. The Wireless has a fun signature. It’s on the warmer side, meaning it has quite some elevated boost in the bass area. It certainly pumps out some impressive beats with its large driver. Using the headphones via Bluetooth, is jawdropping. I have heard quite a few bluetooth headphones over time, but none comes close to the sound quality of the V-Moda. The Pendulumic Stance S+ is a contender but has to accept defeat from this amazing BT can. 


Yep. Powerful, huge, dominant. Leaves nothing to ask for. It’s great bass. Defined and impactful, no bloat.


Mids are by the are prominent, not recessed but also not forward. Pretty neutral I would say.


While the overall clarity is really really nice, the treble is slightly rolled off, a bit more so in wireless mode, to my ears. When using a cable and an amp the treble is less rolled off. Overall still great detail and enjoyable, fatigue free treble.

Sound Stage and instruments separation

For a closed headphone above average soundstage and good instrument separation. I wouldn’t call it extraordinary but from a money for value ratio, it’s pretty extraordinary. You can listen to these headphones for hours. While commuting or in the office. You don’t even have to take them off to make phone calls as they work as a headset in both modes, wired and wireless. 
Pros & Cons


  1. amazing sound while using cable
  2. incredible bluetooth performance
  3. microphone and remote in the cable, additional high quality microphone in ear cups for wireless use
  4. military spec durability and build quality
  5. fun sound signature on steroids - best sound quality of any Bluetooth headphone I heard
  6. crazy customization options
  7. 12 h battery life

  1. slight treble roll of in wireless use (but really only by a fraction degree)
  2. looks (also a pro, depending if you like it)
  3. nothing else really
  1. Comfort                       8/10
  2. Sound Quality             8/10
  3. Design                        9/10
  4. Durability                    10/10
  5. Value for Money         10/10
I AM A CONVERT. The only time I used bluetooth headphones was in the gym. There were just too many compromises in sound quality, battery life and durability. But I have to reverse my stance with the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless. They last impressive 12 hours on a charge and unlike other bluetooth headphones these can continue perfectly well when used in passive/wired mode. 
For the retail price off 1,199 dirhams, I believe this will be a hit. It’s like having two headphones in one. You want an audiophile/fun sound signature - use them with your amp in wired mode. You want to get rid of the pesky cables while working, commuting, gym, etc. use them in wireless mode and be impressed. 
Incredible customization options and colour schemes. What’s not to like.  I will be getting a pair. People who know me will be surprised that I go for a bluetooth headphone, but with the quality as good as the V-Moda, I am sold. Apparently the designers of this headphone took 6 months alone deciding on the right buttons (on the right ear cup for play/pause, volume up and down) so that they are silent enough so you won’t hear it click too loud, but give enough feedback so you know you it “clicked”. This attention to detail shows. 4 years in the making the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless redefines the wireless headphone market in my mind. Very impressive.  
Thanks to samma3a.com for the review sample. 
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How would these copare to the MDR-1ABT?
ahhh, no APT-X, No thanks!
Frasier Keaney
Frasier Keaney
Awesome review. I just ordered my pair today! Can't wait to try something else other than the big ol' Dre Beats


Pros: Powerful bass, surprising soundstage, sparkling treble, BUILD QUALITY AND LOOKS!
Cons: I needed to buy XL pads, mids could be much better
Awesome, eye-catching design with lots of customization will ensure that you love how your headphones look! The metal and aluminum body adds protection and longevity to your awesome looking cans, and the headband can be bent/stretched without changing the fit. V-Moda is certainly one of the best when it comes to durability, and the Crossfade Wireless headphones are no exception. The cord included for optional wired listening is also ridiculously durable, and will last a very, very long time. While the original ear pads are a bit shallow, the XL pads will most likely improve comfort without altering the sound too much (a very small amount of bass is lost, but soundstage seems to improve), and I recommend them to anyone with medium/large ears. The battery lasts so long I haven't gone under 50% charge yet in the past month, they last for what seems to be 13 hours or so. Overall, a wonderful design built to last.
They come with an awesome exoskeleton case for protection, the cord for optional wired listening (available even when battery is dead), a nice cord for charging (usb to micro-usb), an extra pair of shields for the side (in addition to your custom-designed shields), and a clip with the case to attach to your backpack. You can also buy other extras on V-Moda's site, such as those comfortable XL Pads, custom-designed shields, and a boom-mic cable that has an attached microphone for gaming and such. Overall, you get everything you need and some cool additional accessories for those that want them (and have the money).
An overall v-shaped sound signature, just like the M-100's. The only difference I noticed is a bit more clarity and accuracy without sacrificing any bass (an overall improved sound). They are a very fun and warm headphone, making everything from old rock to hard rap sound awesome. Bass is booming and powerful, but it's definitely too much for a purist. The mids are somewhat recessed, and lack some detail. The treble is sparkly and clear, but might be just a tiny bit too sharp for some. Soundstage is pretty impressive for a headphone with such a strong bass, and sound isolation+leakage is decent (not the best, but not the worst).  Wired mode sounds just a little bit better, giving the headphones a bit more clarity and the capacity to go louder. Overall, they are a bassy and fun sounding headphone. They are fantastic for people who listen to rock, heavy metal, rap, EDM, and so on.
Perfect clamping force ensures comfort for hours and hours without worrying about them falling off (with the XL Pads). Without the XL Pads, they will become uncomfortable after maybe an hour or so (depending on how big your ears are). The headphones are a tiny bit heavy, but their weight has created no problems for me (I listen to podcasts on the go for hours at a time). Small ears will be fine with the normal pads, but I recommend the XL Pads for medium/large ears.
For anyone looking to love their music and the style of their headphones, these are a wonderful option. On top of the great value, they also provide a 1 yr warranty and a program after that (for life) where no matter what happens to the headphones, you can send back your broken ones and get a new pair for 50% off. So in 3 or 4 years when these rugged beasts finally break, or if I just get tired of the style I have now, I will grab a brand new pair for $150 dollars. Satisfaction to the max!
Pros: Comfortable (when not wearing glasses), Quality sound for wireless headphones, built in microphone
Cons: Sometimes needs to be reconnected on Windows 10, If you have glasses on they can occasionally become uncomfortable
As someone who listens to a lot of music, and more specifically someone who plays a lot of fast-action games I was skeptical at first about picking up a pair of wireless headphones, however, once again V-MODA more than exceeds my expectations.

After getting these paired with my laptop I decided to spin up iTunes and see how they sounded and I was not disappointed. I use V-MODA M-100s normally so I suppose I am a bit spoiled but after listening to various types of music the only difference in audio quality I can really notice is that the M-100s seem to have a heavier bass kick but that's to be expected after all when you are comparing wireless vs wired but the Crossfade Wireless still pack a punch.

After the initial charge, I was able to use my Crossfade Wireless headphones all day (not constantly, I do have things to do of course) without having to recharge which is, in my mind fantastic for headphones of this caliber that are able to deliver a comfortable and clean listening experience whether on PC, mobile, or console.

Now on to the area where most of my initial skepticism came from. Gaming, in games these days whether it's shooters or RPGs that require precise rendering of directional sound this is where a lot of wireless headphones fall short. To my surprise however, I was presented with an immersive audio experience. I ran it through several titles, Fallout 4, Battlefield 4, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive just to name a few where being able to hear where someone's coming from can make a difference. I was honestly impressed with the clarity and V-MODAs ability to put you right in the game.
They also work extraordinarily well on the Playstation 4 as well with the boom mic attachment for clear communications when doing raids in Destiny or other games.

After I got my M-100s when they first came out I switched from being a gamer with a headset to a headphone/condenser mic setup and I've never been happier. As someone who has a strong appreciation for games and music, I can confidently and 100% recommend the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless headphones to anyone looking for no wires, no hassle, and a six star experience.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Great, balanced sound, very natural-sounding, easy to listen and jam to, very liberating with no wires, excellent price point
Cons: Slight discomfort with pads, a little shallow but XL pads can fix this
Just recently received the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless and I got to say, I think the team at V-MODA hit this one out of the park. Just a little on my background -- I have owned the M-80 (which I have since gifted), and I own the XS as well as the M-100 so I have a sense of the V-MODA house sound. I also have owned a bunch of other portable headphones (you can check my profile to see which ones), mostly because I appreciate a lot of different sound signatures and certain unique characteristics of each headphone I own. Which could also mean I can't make up my mind lol but I love them all for different reasons and wish I could just be the one-headphone kind of person but alas, I cannot. I also listen to all genres, mainly rock/alternative. I listen to most of my music on-the-go, being that I live in NYC and I am always on the move. So portability, great sound quality, and isolation are all paramount. I also appreciate style and comfort but not as much as SQ.
For a long time, I would be skeptical about BT headphones. Although every once in a while I'd see someone with a set of BT cans from well-known companies, and I'd think there must be a certain kind of liberty I am missing out on, not having to deal with cables. I thought to myself, I would love to try that and have that freedom on the go. But like I said SQ, is above and beyond, necessary for me as now my ears have been spoiled by good SQ. I don't claim to be an expert and don't have 'golden ears'. But I do go by what I hear and how I feel hearing it. And I'd like to think that I know what crappy, murky sound, sounds like. On that note...
I know I might be hyping these up, but I really really dig these cans and feel like they might be the ultimate portable solution for me. Because of the convenience of no cables as well as the awesome SQ, I am afraid it may make all my other cans a bit... obsolete. Only time will tell and there are some cans that I own that are staples in collection but some others could be on their way out soon (as I would hope to simplify and thin out the herd at some point) I do love different sound signatures and different characteristics that headphones have to offer this CFW takes the cake for my needs. To my ears, they are detailed, warm, pleasant, lively and enjoyable on the move or even at home. They are on the warm side and the low end boasts a full bodied beautiful clean bass. Compared to the M-100 I feel the CFW sounds a bit cleaner across the spectrum TBH. In wireless mode, they are very very similar, almost identical. In wired mode, it is slightly more improved with tighter bass and airier highs. Otherwise not a huge difference to the point where I would want to use these in wired mode. They sound too good in wireless mode! It's great however that they sound so good in wired mode, and that I have the option to use them and know I'm getting great SQ whenever the battery runs out, on the go. So being that I had been thinking about getting a BT headphone for a while but concerned about SQ and also any possible BT technology malfunctions that I read were happening with other cans recently, I was intrigued upon learning that V-MODA was coming out with a wireless headphone and keeping tabs on it. Count me a fan of the V-MODA house sound (as well as the beautiful aesthetics and BQ) and I was just hoping that the SQ was going to be up to snuff. I am happy to say that the CFW exceeded my expectations. 
So let's get into the sound:
Bass: The bass hits hard with plenty of impact, remains tight, and reaches deep. I have a deep appreciation for lower sub bass detail and can't stand anything that has that one-note bass. Anyone who has heard the M-100 knows how deep it reaches and these deliver all the same. It's definitely north of neutral but there is plenty of detail and texture, and for portable applications, it's the perfect amount of bass as the low end is the first part of the frequency to go when in a loud environment. The lows give the overall sound plenty of body and warmth, without sounding slow at the least. Good sense of PRaT and energy as well. Very tight and clean IMHO.
Mids: The mids align nicely with the rest of the spectrum. They are not in your face or pushed forward in any way, but they're not recessed in the least. To my ears, this is great because if the mids were any more forward they would be fatiguing, yet I don't feel like I am missing out on the detail with instruments and vocals at all. Male vocals sound deep and smooth and female vocals sound very natural and not overly bright. There is a great clarity and instruments have a nice sense of decay without ever sounding slow. Very smooth and natural-sounding overall. Feels like you're in the orchestra-section at a concert.
Highs: The highs are sparkly without harshness! They are smooth but not overly smooth and nicely extended. This is a great feat because you have to have some sparkle for high hats, trumpets, and brush strokes to sound accurate with the right timbre. At the same time, especially when if I am in a loud setting and want to increase the volume by a notch or so, these haven't fatigued my ears with the treble. Nice and smooth yet sparkly. 
Soundstage and imaging: I would say soundstage and imaging are about average. Good width and height. The M-100 sounds slightly deeper in comparison but for me, made things sound a little too far away. I like that these sound a bit more intimate yet still having the out-of-your-head experience. While the M-100 sounds like a deep hall, I'd say these sound like a deep and wide chamber orchestra room. Sounds like I'm at an intimate, unplugged (no pun intended) jam session with my favorite band. It's a delight to my ears, warm and sweet.
Isolation: Isolation is about average, not bad for a circumaural portable, better than the XS, not as good as my HD25 or DT-1350 which isolate a bit more. 
If I could characterize these headphones in a few words, I would say they are musical, detailed, euphonic, natural with a "fun" sound that any audiophile can enjoy. These, being wireless is incredible icing on the cake, as that is never at the expense of SQ to my ears. I have these on my head and still can't believe I am not connected to my DAP by a wire (using these with my iPhone 6 listening to ALAC and Spotify). They are highly convenient and if my fiancee doesn't permanently kidnap these from me, I can see myself using this headphone as my predominant headphone, only using the others that I have in case I miss a certain headphone's sonic sig/characteristics. 
This is my first BT headphone so I'm happy to see how easy and intuitive it's been to use. Also the buttons are well-placed while being nicely discreet. I love that there is no obvious, bright blue flashing light that tells the world this is a BT can. The small v-light that lights up on the bottom is nice and discreet. So far so good with the BT connection to my phone. I haven't heard any clipping or anything. I am very impressed. It appears V-MODA has taken a lot of time testing these out, which I expect no less. Build quality is great. Battery life is also great, I have only charged these once when I received them in the last few days (about a couple of hours a day) and they still have a full charge. I know some people wish that these had the clip-fold but frankly I am quite ok with it. This way I am a little more ginger with these cans -- I tend to be rough with the M-100 when I would fold them up throw them in my bag. I would rather less moving parts and so far they have been quite the travel buddy. The M-100 will be my beater, slightly more portable back-up. 
Lastly, these are at an amazing price point. Glad that V-MODA did not boost up the price to way more because of its BT capabilities, like a lot of other companies have. I think for anyone who have come to appreciate the V-MODA house sound with the M-100 and XS, these are a no-brainer. Plus it's great to know that V-MODA always has your back in case there is a problem with your gear and has outstanding warranty and customer service. All in all, I am a happy camper and these will be a permanent staple in my stable of cans. Happy listening and thanks for reading!
(Photos to come)
Yes different horses for different courses. I know what you mean. I have the Sony MDR-Z1000 which is on the neutral side, but the CFW is better for on-the-go not only because of portability, but because of its sound sig which I find great for traveling. Would love to try the PM-3s, seems like they would be a nice neutral complement to the CFW also.
Agree I wish I had them both!!! 
Rob Oppers
Rob Oppers
just bought them today. Really wondering how they sound because most of my other headphones are more neutral.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Tamed and Punchy Tight Bass and Clear Detailed Highs, Open Sounding Mids, Built like a Tank, Bluetooth
Cons: Shallow Earpads, Bluetooth issues
While on my search for a pair of 300$ over the ear headphones prior to the announcement of the Crossfade Wireless, I decided to initially purchase a pair of V-MODA's M-100s. After trying them in-store I immediately fell in love the V-Moda's M-100 sound signature. It had the perfect and amount of bass and treble with a great midrange to complement the fun-sounding portable over the ear headphone that I decided I had to purchase myself a pair, however, I stumbled upon the M-100's wireless upcoming counterpart which I heard would feature the same to a slightly more refined version of the M-100 sound signature with the same design. I ordered the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones in 'White Silver' a few days later when the headphones were officially announced to the public. I received them a few days later.
Initial Impressions:
Images: http://s428.photobucket.com/user/Richmen6/slideshow/
Upon looking at the box, it spoke of quality before I even seen the headphones themselves. The outside features a black, white, and orange color scheme which blended in perfectly to my eyes. On the top of the box is a synthetic-leather handle. Additionally, the outside features a cut tab to open the box and the box is undone by a button flap which has a leather-like feel to it. Inside I was meet with a foam covering on top of the headphone case and was greeted with the grey hard-shell headphone case, the additional ocean-blue shields which also have a hex wrench and screws to change the shields I received by ordering off V-Moda's website, and V-Moda's paperwork which included a manual and stickers with a hard paper immortal-life warranty card.
The outside of the hard-shell case is a bit larger than the M-100's case. On the outside of the hard-shell case is a carabiner which allows for easy transportation of the headphones by hooking it to pants, backpacks, etc., and it can be removed if one desires. Upon unzipping the headphones, I was greeted by the headphones themselves and the usb to micro-usb charging cable and the braided one button SpeakEasy mic cable which is used if one desires for a wired connection of the headphones incase their headphones run out of battery; the headphones have a integrated high-quality microphone in them already. One end of the SpeakEasy mic cable is a standard straight aux end which plugs into the headphones while the other is a 45 degree angled side for your phone/ audio device both ends are gold-plated.The 45 degree design increases compatibility with many phone cases. The usb to micro-usb charging cable does not feature a braided cable, but it features a flat, straight design with a silicone material.
Now to the headphones themselves, the headphones sport nearly the same designs as the M-100, which is built nearly like a tank with the same sized driver and a supposed refined sound signature of the M-100's. The headband features V-Moda's Steelflex headband which supposedly can bend flat around 10+ times and still retain their shape, but I have not decided to try it. Additionally, the headband features V-Moda's 'vegan leather' and has some padding on the top to relieve pressure, however, I believe they increased the amount of padding here compared to the M-100's. Moreover, compared to the M-100's, V-Moda opted out of the metal folding hinges for the Crossfade Wireless which increased the portability of the M-100's, making them incredibly small when folded, but now the headphones retain their original shape when packed, which was hinted by the full-size case for the headphones. On the right of the headphones features all of the buttons, with the first and third button on the top controlling volume and the middle button controlling pause, skip, and replaying a previous track. All of these buttons had the perfect amount of click, much like pressing the top of a jar lad. The bottom button is the pairing button for bluetooth which slides to the right and locks up when moved to its initial position, pushing it to the middle pair the headphones with the last paired device if available, holding it towards the far right for 3 seconds activates the pairing mode and it was easy to pair my device, which was a iPhone 6 Plus. Moving the button to the left turned off the headphone in bluetooth mode, but wired mode still worked when plugged in. Even though the headphones are still paired when the bluetooth button is in the middle, when I plugged in the wired connection, it immediately cut off the bluetooth connection. I wished the wired port could have been used as a shareplay connection if I needed it, but V-Moda opted out of this feature on this model. The bluetooth on the device can pair on up to two devices and recognize any one of those two when their nearby and on my iOS device, it even shows the battery life of the headphones, what a neat feature. The earpads when I felt and worn them were a bit firm and plush initially, but slowly broke in over the course of wearing them.
The Experience:
My experience of wearing these headphones over the course of a few days was generally poor to okay in terms of comfort. The earpads were too shallow for me and so the pinna of my ears were brushing up against the speakers which caused noticeable pain within the 10-15 minutes of wearing them until I had to take them off because I could not bear it. It was as if the headphones were squeezing themselves very tightly to my head. I know V-Moda sells XL-Earpads, but I expected these headphones to fit comfortably without them. Furthermore, my ears and head would warm up quite a bit and cause the sides of my head to sweat which was a bit uncomfortable with the pain, even in an air-conditioned room.
Now to the sound, wired mode sounded amazing to my ears. The lows were punchy and tight and the highs were crisp and clear to my ears. I could hear the ring of a triangle instrument for instance with great detail as if someone had played it infront of me. The lows were not excessive or bloated at all, they maintained a tight composure with a bit of emphasis. Electronica, pop, rock, most genres of music shined with these cans. Modern pop songs such as "Boom, Boom, Pow" and Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" sounded absolutely fantastic with these headphones. I could hear slight details in the songs which I never heard or noticed before from my other cans/iems such as from my Sennheiser PC363D headset. Slow, classic songs from the 90's and below such as "Close to You" by the Carpenters and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen also sounded wonderful to my ears, although the bass may be a bit excessive for those songs for some ears. Bluetooth mode is a similar story, only when it works perfectly. Over the course of a few days, the headphones when paired with bluetooth were a nightmare, but it may be due to because I received a "lemon". Bluetooth was coupled with occasional static and a ringing noise in songs nearly every 2-3 minutes of a song playing and popping noises when music stops playing. This worsens when inside of a crowded, closed area such as a car. In a area with lots of walls or surroundings with metal, the problem becomes much more perseverant. I intended to use these headphones wirelessly and these headphones cause them to be diverted from their purpose of one of the reasons why I decided to by them instead of opting for the wired V-Moda M-100's, besides the refined drivers. Inside of the comfort of my own home, this problem is still present, but on a much lesser degree until I lay down on say, the couch. Moreover, songs would randomly change without reason and the volume of the headphones would decrease and increase randomly. This is noticeable when it happens on my iOS device and it shows the volume bar increasing/decreasing when my hand has not even pressed any buttons. I have never had this problem before with any other pairs of headphones/iems I had. The wired connection on the other hand does not have any of these problems. The range of the bluetooth is fantastic, V-Moda claims up to 33 feet, which I managed to get and even a bit more further, up to 40 feet.
Now would I recommend these headphones? Yes, for sound if you want to go with a decent cans with wireless capability. Despite the issues, these may be due to the fact I received a lemon. The issues of bluetooth are a bit minor depending on the surroundings you are using these headphones in, such as your home or in a open public space. Its when you are in an enclosed area or by an area with walls, especially made of metal is when the problems are noticeable. Wireless mode sounds similar to the wired mode, I would say about 90% of wired, there is a hint of a recessed mid and less brighter treble and bass is not as punchy or tight. If coming from a M-100 perspective, I would still recommend these due to the refined drivers of the M-100 sporting crisper treble and tighter bass in wired mode. Although the M-100's do not sport the metal folding hinges, I still do not have portability issues because I carry the headphones in the included case with the carabiner and they are still relatively small for their size. The ear pad size may not affect you, but it did for me. the width of the ear pads to the base of the speakers is around 1/2 an inch. They can be replaced with the V-Moda's XL Earpads if you opt for that option to better improve the comfort, but I did not have those on hand which may have improved my experience. All in all, V-Moda made a modest wireless upgrade of their M-100's, but the comfort and bluetooth issues with the headphones overshadowed the experience for me in the end. The slightly refined M-100 drivers absolutely sound fantastic on wired mode and on wireless mode when it works perfectly.
P.S. I'll update this review once I receive my new pair of Wireless Crossfades from V-Moda in a few days
So you got yours directly from V-Moda?  Just curious if yours ended up being a lemon, why didn't you request for a replacement before writing a review?
Use these at work and gym, can't go more than 10 feet away from source before Bluetooth starts cutting out, besides that they sound great.