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Authentically tuned by a legion of legendary musicians, Grammy-Award winning producers and DJs,...

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

  • Authentically tuned by a legion of legendary musicians, Grammy-Award winning producers and DJs, Crossfade M-80 packs unique materials, professional acoustics, natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level ruggedness into a design 53% smaller than its now legendary, over-ear sibling. Refusing to conform to the sound-age of over-processed digital compression and disposable products, M-80 is a salute to the true masters of music, machines and materials. Half the size of the rock solid leading Crossfade LP, M-80 fuses Pure Noise Isolating Sound, Military-Level Durability and Timeless Materials.

Recent Reviews

  1. HylianJedi5465
    Bang for your buck? Yes SIR!!!
    Written by HylianJedi5465
    Published May 8, 2016
    Pros - Substantial feel, sturdy and tough. Wonderful sound through lows and mids, enjoyable highs. Great look!
    Cons - Slightly uncomfortable over crown of head after long sessions, timid highs.
    Let me start off by saying these are the first "audiophile" cans I've ever purchased. Before then, it's always been Philips or Sony store bought for under $100. I did my research and decided on the M-80s. I listen to electronic music such as Ephixa, classic rock from Ozzy to ELO, metal such as Slipknot/Volbeat/SOAD, and progressive rock like Karnivool/Tool/Dropshard/APC.
    I've owned this pair for about 4 years now, and have been impressed since day one. The sound quality was great out of the box, but after leaving them on overnight...they just sounded amazing. The bass is tight. Not overpowering, but definitely there. Mids are an absolute enjoyment, especially with some "expert" EQ tuning :wink:. Highs...while they don't blow you away with presence, they don't disappoint either. Crisp is the only word I can think of. No hissing or sharpness, it's really quite nice. The separation of the different ranges is nice as well. I LOVE bass. I run Poweramp on a Galaxy S5 Active, with the Creative Sound Blaster E1 as a USB DAC/AMP. I can crank the bass to its limit and it feels like I have two 12" subs strapped to my head, yet the high and midrange stay crystal clear.
    Great soundstage as well, tho not as wide as I would like...not bad enough to really complain tho.
    As for build quality, V-Moda has truly outdone themselves. The headband is very durable, withstanding years of abuse without weakening. I can still to this day bend it into a corkscrew, make it flat, all while popping right back to its original position and holding comfortably onto my head lol. The ear pads are nice and cozy, but the band cushion could have used more attention. At first, it feels great. After a few hours however, it starts to get achy and I have to reposition it. That being said, I tend to be fairly tender headed, so...please, give them a try for yourself! I truly believe they are worth every penny.
    Hope this isn't bad for my first revue, I'm sure I'll be able to provide more insightful revues after I experience more :)
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    1. voxie
      My thoughts exactly, Very good review. Thank you for sharing
      voxie, May 8, 2016
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    2. echo1284
      I've had mine for about the same time. Every time I reach for a pair I see these and all I think of is FUN! They're incredible for the price.
      echo1284, Jun 30, 2018
  2. Gonomon
    Portable, Stylish, Durable.
    Written by Gonomon
    Published Jul 31, 2015
    Pros - It is really good sounding in terms of Bass. It is Portable, Stylish and made in military standards. Mids are good.
    Cons - Highs should be more engaging. Not Comfortable for me.
    It has a solid build that if you want to break them, you should do something extreme to them. Still it comes with 2 years of warranty and if you do break these, you can get a new one at %50 discount. In terms of desing i really like the look of this headphone. There isnt much headphones that sounds good and look well at the same time so it is a good choice if you care about design but still use it for listening music. In terms of comfort, i am bad with all kinds of supra-aural headphones so, after 1 hour usage it gives me ear pain. As terms of sound quality, Bass that this headphones has is amazing. It still can be better but it really gives very qualitied Bass for me. As for the mids they are sounding well too, but not well as Bass does. Highs was bad in terms of engaging but after 50+ hours of burn in they gotten better, still engaging quality of this isnt that great but decent. About noise cancelling they are not very good. People will start hearing you if you listen them at high voice, and you cant hear people only if you are listening them at high voice.
    Final Thoughts: They are good choice for portable players, sounds good for Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop. Not very good for use in public.
  3. goodyfresh
    I enjoy these, but with reservations
    Written by goodyfresh
    Published Jul 29, 2015
    Pros - Great for bassheads for the price and type, unbelievable tank-like build quality, and incredibly stylish design
    Cons - A few comfort/fit issues at first, poor isolation (on-ear, so of course), somewhat boomy bass, congestion
    Note:  The entire original review has been mostly deleted and overhauled.  These were the first at-least-somewhat-good headphones I ever purchased, and I was way too hyped and knew way too little when I wrote this review.
    I bought a pair of these used for $70 (months later, I sold them for my roommate for $50), and for that price and being on-ear they are good headphones.  Here's a breakdown of their different aspects:
    Build:  These are ridiculously well-built.  Pretty much all metal construction, and tested under ridiculous conditions.  They can apparently even be stepped on, repeatedly, and often still be okay (not that I ever tried that).  Based on how sturdy they look and feel, that is seriously believabvle.  They are like some kind of armored-headphone.

    Oh, and the cables are apparently tested for being able to work after a million bend-cycles.  I've been heavily using the second cable from the headphones as an input to my car stereo for over a year, and it still works well.
    Design:  In my opinion, these things look really cool!  The all-metal construction and their shape is very "stylish utilitarian" looking, I would say.  Moreover, the covers on the enclosures can be customized with a number of V-Moda's own designs, as well as with any user-submitted design!  I never went as far as ordering the custom plates, but it's a very cool option.
    Comfort:  For me there were some issues here.  On my head, they at first seemed to pinch a little bit at the top of my head.  However, the excellent build-quality makes it easy and safe to slightly bend the headband outward a few times before each time putting them on.  After a few days of use, they adjusted to my head and were comfortable.
    Sound and Isolation:  These do not isolate very well, of course, being on-ears.  But they isolate well for what they are (although not as well as the most isolating on-ears).  With the music at a decent volume, most reasonable outside noise is not audible.  These will not isolate from somewhat-louder noises like a well-isolated closed over-ear will.
    --Bass:  These have boosted bass.  For how my tastes developed over time, it eventually seemed a bit much.  I would almost consider V-Moda's headphones to be basshead headphones, to be honest; if you're a basshead looking for a cheap super-portable and sturdy on-ear, a pair of these bought used is great to consider.

    The boost seems to be centered somewhere around 80 to 110 or 120 Hz, to my (not super-precise) ears. 
    However, like with many on-ears, the bass does break-up (distort) to some audible extent at high volumes (for me, borderline-painful or downright painful).  Even at the loudest volumes I like to comfortably listen to (loud end of moderate volume), the sub-bass (on tracks with lots of sub-bass rumble, and with test tones) does sound a bit "muddy."
    But overall, the bass does have an impact to it that can be very nice.  I imagine people who love bass will enjoy it a lot for this price.
    --Mids:  Can't hear any distortion in the mids.  They sound pretty nice, but a bit congested.  Also, the mids don't seem flat, but rather seem to favor the low-mids, so that overall these headphones are definitely quite warm--another bonus point for these for all the bassheads out there!
    --Treble:  Sounds about the same level as the upper mids, to me.  They have a peak at the 10 or 11khz band, which gives these good sparkle.
    --Clarity and Detail:  Somewhat impeded by the congested sound of these.  This is very common for on-ears, especially in this price-range.  The detail is pretty good.  Micro-details are, as expected, smoothed-out though, sometimes inaudible.
    --Dynamics:  These have quite good dynamic impact, actually.
    --Soundstage and imaging:  The soundstage is pretty good actually in terms of width and depth!  But, the directional imaging for spatial-separation between elements is slightly "blurred," in correlation of course with the overall congestion of the sound.
    Value:  Honestly I do not like the sound very much given the resources that V-Moda put into this headphone, as I know for a fact it is possible to get a clearer and less-congested sound in on-ears, especially for the original price of these (over $200, actually) when they first came out.  However, this is largely because I am a clarity-junkie.  For those who want plenty of bass-slam and warmth with flat mids and treble, with a bit of extra upper-end sparkle, and like good levels of detail but aren't after levels where they listen analytically/clinically, then these headphones are great.  Especially for the price they now go for used (in the $70 to $80 range)!  I highly anticipate that used M-80's which still work, will continue working fine for years (I bought mine used and it still works over a year later) in the majority of cases, due to the amazing build-quality.    For this reason, I give the M-80 a high rating for its value.

    Overall:  I give these four stars.  I don't like the sound much myself, due to the bass becoming boomy and breaking-up in the sub-bass.  I also prefer more clarity and soundstage with less congestion, which is possible in on-ears at this price.  However, they have a very good value now used, and unbelievably good build.  Also, they look awesome!  So, four stars.  I would put the sound at 3.5 stars (to my ears and preferences) with the value at 4.5 stars, and the build and design at 5 stars.  To me the sound is the biggest part, and that's what brings these down to a four-star rating.
  4. Noob2noob
    Durable but not enough bass
    Written by Noob2noob
    Published Jul 4, 2014
    Pros - Looks, durability, customibility, even eq
    Cons - Not nearly enough bass for edm which is my favorite genre
    Very nice looking small, durable, very detailed I listened them for hours the first day I had them so they're fairly comfortable as well. But I listened to my noontecs and they had deeper base, they just sounded better all around they were more comfortable. I would get noontec zoros for half to a quarter the price. Only problem is they wont be nearly as durable as the m80s.
  5. pro1137
    Now a Budget solution for Portable Audiophile Needs
    Written by pro1137
    Published May 25, 2014
    Pros - Current Price, Build, Style, bass, mids, case, portability, accessories
    Cons - Doesn't fold, treble is a bit unimpressive
    The M80 is a famed headphone for being exceptionally good despite its very small stature. 
    Well, it's true. 
    The M80 follows V-Moda's classic styling, but smaller. 

    V-Moda has a reputation for building extremely durable on-ear and over-ear headphones that utilize a variety of high quality and rugged materials. The M80 features a stainless steel frame that's sure to last. Some outer parts are made of a gloss-finished plastic that also feels solidly built. 
    The headband also has a metal frame, and is covered with a soft fabric, on which the V-Moda logo is printed. 
    The cable is a V-Moda tradition. Bulletproof Kevlar reinforced, 45° jack, and great strain reliefs. 
    Everything about this headphone is built to last. 

    Even the case it comes with is very sturdy. With V-Moda's hard clamshell finish, the headphones are sure to be protected extremely well while inside.
    Sound - The M80 has a few sonic characteristics that truly make it amazing. It's bass heavy but retains a high amount of clarity and detail. Plus it's good at soundstaging. Basically, the M80 is an overall high-quality, refined sonic experience that I wasn't ready to expect in something in its size. 
    As stated, this is a bass heavy headphone. It's punchy, heavy, and just plain powerful. No bleed whatsoever, though. This contributes to the overall clarity of the sound. With rock music, the bass is warm and full. Hip hop, rap, and electronic, it's very impactful. This is because of the m80's small size. There is, however, a slight boomy property to the headphone because of its much accentuated upper bass. 
    The M80's warm and excellent mids are a significant reason as to its popularity. Every song sounds full and enjoyable due to this. Rock and electronic are most benefited by this, in my opinion. 
    The M80's treble isn't something that's a standout feature. Both literally and figuratively. Treble is laid back and smooth. I had originally thought that this wouldn't be too enjoyable for me, as I like bright-ish treble, but I was (more than thankfully) wrong. The treble is extremely detailed, complimentary, and just plain nice to listen to. This goes for all genres. 
    Soundstage - Despite the small cups of the headphone and its on-ear wear style, the M80 is, surprisingly, not congested. I've heard better from small headphones like this when it comes to spacious sound, however. Example would be the Phiaton Fusion MS400. That's not to say that the M80 does a bad job in this realm, though, because it doesn't. 
    Overall - The M80 is a great choice for the portable anything. Audiophile, consumer, teen, adult, you name it. Now at a pretty low price due to the release of the XS, it can be had on a budget. And with its extremely capable and durable build, even reckless people (like myself) can use them without worry of breakage. You can't go wrong with this. 
  6. tonyjones12
    i didnt think much of these headphones hen i first bought them.
    Written by tonyjones12
    Published Nov 12, 2013
    Pros - SOLID BUILT
  7. HUM24H
    Small package, big sound
    Written by HUM24H
    Published Oct 18, 2013
    Pros - Well controlled bass, lush mids and design/build quality
    Cons - Source dependent, bright highs in some cases
    The V-Moda M-80 is seen as one of V-Moda's all time great headphones; the great style, portability, comfort and sound made it a big hit for the audiophile who wanted great sound on the move. In this review I will look at build quality, comfort, sound and then finally conclude.
    Build Quality
    The build of these headphones is fantastic, V-Moda have not gone cheap at all with any part of this headphone. Using a metal flexible headband, with metal braces holding the ears cups to the headband, then metal shields on the sides of the ear cups which can be customised for a small fee of $25. The only part that is plastic is the ear cup housing but even there the plastic is not cheap plastic. Overall the build quality here is fantastic, couple that with the included carry case then these headphones will last many years.
    Now this is the part where I am going to be slightly negative because even though I like the comfort of these headphones, once you pass the 1 hour listening period mark these headphones can start to apply a lot of pressure and can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Apart from this the comfort of these headphones is average.
    Sound Quality
    Finally to the main event and here I am not going to be splitting this into song descriptions as I really want to touch on a serious point, which is these are SOURCE DEPENDENT. Meaning that if you play a bad source with these they will sound bad but if you feed it with a good source they sound great.
    So firstly let's start with the iPod Classic 6th gen and 5.5th gen. Now both of these iPod's have a 5 ohm output impedance, this means the iPod will start to alter the frequency response of these headphones which can be noticed. On both iPod's the bass tends to be quite shy and the mids recessed with the highs being flat. But on the iPod Classic 6th gen we find the sound to be noisy, which a very opaque background with quite a bit of background noise, the bass is muddy which leaks into the mids and the highs are very flat. Now on the iPod 5.5th gen the mids start to come forward and the highs become a bit more bright. The bass though is still a bit shy here, if not more but the soundstage is a lot better on the 5.5th gen than the 6th gen due to the Wolfson DAC found in the iPod 5.5th gen.
    Now we move onto the Asus Xonar Essence STX, here we have an output impedance of 10 ohms which means we get a massively changed frequency response. To the point where the bass seems really recessed but the mids and highs are a lot better through this sound card plus the soundstage is even more open but it's that bass.
    Finally the iBasso DX50, which has an output impedance of <0.5 ohms which is pretty much perfect and you can hear the results. The bass is amazing which great sub bass with no leaks into the mid, the mid is really forward bringing out vocals and the highs are bright but even here the highs can be a bit too bright. So even though this is a pretty much perfect pairing there is still a slight issues with the bright highs
    Overall I would recommend these to anybody looking for a pair of portable headphones that sound and look great. But I would persuade people to pair with a decent source otherwise the sound is going to distorted and overall it will not sound as it should.
  8. Fai9al023
    WOW !
    Written by Fai9al023
    Published Sep 24, 2013
    Pros - EVERYTHING...from looks, to sound quality, to build quality, and comfort.
    Cons - None so far
    Nothing more to say. I am not an audiophile, but I wanted to be a part of the community. So, I started with getting the M-80, and boy am I happy I did. It looks extremely good, the packaging was perfect, the sound is outstanding, the build quality is fantastic, and it is comfortable at the same time. I was surprised at how compact it is due to it's excellent case design. The #1 reason I got these is because of it being the first in on-ear headphones on head-fi. I found this website almost 3-4 weeks ago, and I am happy that there is such a community. Anyways back to the headphones, these are exactly what you would expect to get from paying $160. All in all, if you have the money go buy it right now you will be amazed.
  9. tdockweiler
    Better than I expected
    Written by tdockweiler
    Published Aug 30, 2013
    Pros - Fairly balanced sound, not too dark, clear sounding
    Cons - painful
    This won't be an in depth review, just a few short impressions. Scored these for $90 at Radioshack. I always wanted to try a V-Moda headphone that wasn't too bass heavy.
    Since all my portable players were dead I used my O2+Modi (transparent IMO). The low mids were shoved in my bass and these were too bassy. Well guess what? The cause was my powered USB hub crapping up the sound and with the amp/dac and these headphones I was able to detect it. Problem fixed!
    They have a slight mid-bass emphasis and I was surprised that the low bass extension is very good. The mids are no longer shoved in my face. These actually don't sound dark at all and managed to have very smooth treble.
    None of my music seemed  colored. The sound was pretty crystal clear too. With most headphones under $150 or so they can often sound fairly muffled or too dark. I actually had just returned an HD-380 and these sound WAY more balanced. I couldn't detect any recession in the mids at all.
    Unfortunately the deal killer for me is that they were painful to wear. It seems like the design is incompatible with my head. I don't have a horse shaped head or one that's too big. I had to fully expand the headband. They hurt the tips of my ears and feel like a giant claw is grabbing at my head and trying to pull up. I think it's due to the Beyerdynamic style of metal headband. I did try to stretch them out over night but couldn't even take 10 minutes of them. I guess i'm the rare exception.
    I hope V-Moda reads this because I'd really love a neutral sounding M80 that's over ear. I think the M100 has way too much bass for me probably.
    So overall, loved the sound quality but hated the comfort. Ended up returning them. Kind of hard to do.
    I still think the DJ100 with M50 pads sounds better but those are too hard to drive and too picky with gear.
    M80 actually sounds more balanced than the SRH-840, K240, M50 and definitely the KRK KNS-8400/6400. The low bass is as extended and as present as the DJ100 and KRK KNS-8400. My DJ100 has a little more treble, more forward upper mids and maybe a tiny bit less bass.
    Almost forgot..the soundstage with the O2+Modi was actually pretty impressive for such a tiny headphone.
    NOTE: The audio quality rating is for closed headphones in the $100-$200 price range. I'd say they're comparable in sound to the M50, KRKs, SRH-840/940, DJ100, K240 Studio and a few others. Obviously they all have different signatures.
    1. full dp
      wow m80 is more balance than krk kns 8400/6400??
      full dp, Aug 30, 2013
    2. tdockweiler
      I think one reason is the treble on the 8400/6400...I would say that the M80 just sounds smoother. I'm sure the KRKs measure flatter. Who knows. The KRKs have always sounded kind of treble happy.
      tdockweiler, Aug 30, 2013
    3. tdockweiler
      note: comfort rating should be a 1
      tdockweiler, Sep 2, 2013
  10. ccluk
    M-80 with custom OFC cable
    Written by ccluk
    Published Jun 6, 2013
    Pros - sweet vocal, detail highs, just enough bass to rock
    Cons - not yet found
    Got M-80 and becomes my every day headphone since early this year.
    I don't like the stock cable with phone control buttons so I make a custom OFC cable, sound is a little bit improved and become smooth.
    Most of the time I am playing 40% pop, 30% jazz and 30% classical, not so many dance music.
    Today I brought an album "Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk, this is the number one album recently on many charts.  I know why, the sound is so rich and dynamics with M-80 , make me rock with music, and I never think M-80 can deliver this level of sound at its compact size.
    Highly recommend M-80, it is all rounder everyone knows, it even works on electronics dance music!
    1. Bruciebonus1982
      I love the build of these, solid and reassuringly durable. Sounds arent bad either.
      Bruciebonus1982, Jun 6, 2013


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