V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-ear Headphone


New Head-Fier
Pros: Pleasing aesthetics, solid build quality, decent sound quality. (BASSSSSS)
Cons: Comfort is an issue for some (including sadly, me) bass can be overpowering on some recordings, soundstage
This is my first review here on head-fi. In the past I have owned quite a few headphones by skullcandy, but had not owned any high quality headphones until the LPs. I have owned these cans for approximately 3 months upon writing this review. I listen to mainly edm, house and some soft rock.
Design: These are IMO the most good-looking headphones I have ever seen. I didn't want any headphones that looked super geeky like the grados or the sennheisers so these hit the bulls-eye for me
Durability: These are also extremely durable, as they are made of metal mainly, with a little bit of plastic on the ear cups and on the part of the head band connecting to the ear cups. the plastic part connecting to the headband cracked sadly (but does not hinder functionality happily)
Comfort: Unfortunately these aren't the most comfortable headphone ever. I have owned the skullcandy hesh 2, and I could wear those for long periods of time without feeling ear fatigue. Not so with these, I am able to wear them for about an hour without discomfort but after an hour, my ears start to hurt. I have installed the paper towel mod that I heard about here on head-fi, and this bumped the time I can wear these to about an hour and a half without discomfort, but nonetheless these are not ideal for long listening sessions.
Sound Isolation: These are okay for sound isolation, not the best. These are semi-open back headphones so some external sound does pass through to your ears. 
Sound Quality:
               [Bass] These are the best bass in headphones I have ever heard. It is elevated and loose and will make you literally feel the kick drum it is sooooo good. The only complaint I have with these is                        on some recordings the bass is just too overpowering even for a bass-head like me. It is not an issue with house and edm music. Cellos are also detailed and you can hear every bow movement with extreme clarity and these really shine with cellos.
               [Mids] The mids on these are detailed and crisp, but they are recessed. Vocals are nice and pleasing, guitars are surprisingly good, you can hear every individual string strum with excellent clarity. Pianos sound kind of muddy, the individual keystrokes are not as crisp as I like. One weird issue I ran into is with singers singing harsh "s" sounds (such as with female vocalists) there was a pretty harsh hissing sound, and it distracts from some recordings.
               [Highs] The highs are rolled off slightly, but are nonetheless crisp and sparkly. 
Soundstage: The soundstage on these is a step up from just sounding like two speakers in your head. On the high bit rate ALAC files I have, you can tell the instruments coming from different directions in a 180 degree 'view' but there is no depth to it. 
Value: As these retail for around 130$ on amazon, I was extremely lucky to find a used pair for 71$ I would say these are worth it for anywhere less than 100$
I happened to see your review and decided to finally join the site. I have had my white crossfades for over three years and I use them about 4-6 hours a day; they are still really solid even though they've gotten some wear. However I have replaced the earpads with the Vmoda XL memory cushions which are more comfortable and they make the bass a little softer. So if comfort becomes an issue then you could consider them.
CatHatMan: Yes, I am aware of the xl pads, and I am considering buying them. Are you aware of any sonic differences with the stock and xl pads?


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Stylish, Comfortable Headband, Deep and Vibrant Bass
Cons: Bit of Clamping Force, Fair Earpads, Not Much Treble
Remember that this review is only about 30 minutes into the headphones. I will divide the review into 3 parts. Sound, Comfort, and Style. Lastly, I will end with a paragraph-long overview.


The sound on these is excellent, but not superior. I'd say they're mostly fit for Dubstep, Techno, House, and Electronica in general. These would be a dreamhouse for a person who listens to Trap all the time. The bass is exactly as V-MODA advertised it. "Low, Vibrant Bass", which is great for people who are half-bassheads. The bass isn't really in your face, it's just really noticeable. I'm not sure about the mids, since I don't exactly know much about them. I suppose their there, but slightly recessed. The treble is also slightly recessed, but I think a little natural burn-in would shine these bad boys. Overall, the sound is excellent. 4/5


The comfort on these is great. I'd say the comfort is good, but not excellent. The headband is nicely padded, not much discomfort on those (except you'll probably have to take them off once every hour). The earpads are great, but slightly undersized. The whole build on the comfort is nicely installed and advertised. 4/5


These babes will literally turn heads automatically. The shields shine really good, and very metallicly. The oval-shape of the earcups are very nice, it makes your ear fit great. Overall, the style is very detailed and very nice. 5/5



Overall, these headphones will please people who are looking for the first step in high-quality music. If you are coming from the SkullCandy Hesh 2's (Like I am), you will be very impressed with these bad boys. I'll give these phones a 4.5/5.

-Your Caneivor, Heitek :p
Nice review, I agree with each of your points.
Worth adding, though, the utility plusses of having two interchangable cables, the durability, the case (I took out one of the velcro accessories pouches, and could fit my iPod inside for safe keeping), interchangable shields. These are easy to live with and personalize. Once you've got those plusses, you start to take them for granted though, haha. I misplaced mine...


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Comes with a lot of accessories, very sturdy, stylish, ear pads are some of the softest Ive ever had on my ears.
Cons: A little bulky even in their case for toting around, bass can be muddy at times
Company Name: VMODA
Company Website: http://v-moda.com
Headphone Model: VMODA Crossfade Custom LP (Pearl White, gray ear pads, gray cord, and metallic silver plates)
Frequency Range: 5Hz-30Khz
Headphone Style (Open, Closed, etc.): Closed
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity: Not Listed


Pros:  Comes with a lot of accessories, very sturdy, stylish, ear pads are some of the softest Ive ever had on my ears.
Cons: A little bulky even in their case for toting around, bass can be muddy at times

Rating scale is based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst, 3 being neutral, and 5 being the best.
Describing Sound: http://www.head-fi.org/a/describing-sound-a-glossary
Audio Quality:  3.5 of 5
Comfort: 4 of 5
Design: 4 of 5
Isolation: 4 of 5
Value: 3 of 5
Overall Rating: 4 of 5

Songs that were used to test (320KBPS MP3 converted from FLAC):
  • Adelitas Way - Critize
  • Fun - Some Nights
  • Styx - Come Sail Away
  • Marvin Gaye - I Want You
  • Journey - Dont Stop Believing
  • Adelitas Way comes out very bass heavy, but its not over powering. You can hear the background music and voices just fine. There is a spot in the first minute and 15 seconds where the bass and background music slows down. During this quick break you can hear the artists voice very clearly. Overall sounds very nice and is a fun track for these cans.
  • Fun's Some Nights starts with the singer and very little background music. The singers voice is clear. About 50 seconds into the track the bass lines start and are decently heavy. During the bass lines you can still hear the artists voice very clearly. At about 1:22 during the track the constant bass line stops and has a few kick drums. They seem very accurate and have a little punch to them as you would expect. At 3:00 the artist is alone and sounds very clear.
  • Styx Come Sail Away is a nice classic with a piano opening. 17 seconds into the track the singer comes in nice and clear and sounds amazing through out the introduction. At 1:30 there is a faint cymbal in the background music that comes into play. Its noticeable right away. At 2:25 the bass kicks in and is slightly over powering. at 4:29 the drums pan from right to left and this set of cans shows that off very well. Overall the song has alot of detail and is played with clarity throughout.
  • Marvin Gaye's I Want You starts off on the left side of the stage and slides to the right within the first 20 seconds of the song. The entire song is very analytical. The stage is set nicely and changes sides frequently. The background music wasnt over powering on this one and everything had a nice smooth sound too it.
  • Journey's Dont Stop Believing is another song that starts off with a nice piano introduction with the singer. At 55 seconds you can hear the sparkle in the background. At 1:25 the background music is on in full effect. The bass and upper end frequencies blend nicely throughout the entire song.

Overall the Crossfade's have a reputation for being bass heavy. I intentionally picked music that had a wide range of frequencies and tried to stay away from some of the more bass heavy music. Overall these headphones are a good all around can. They can do alot of things well for most casual listeners. These are great for audio enthusiasts who love bass heavy music. At a price point of $110 from various online retailers I would consider these a decent entry level headphone for the new comers who dont want to spend a ton right out of the box. Along with the money you spend you also get portability and accessories. You get multiple wires (with and without volume controls), cleaning cloth, and a nice portable case.
Original Review:


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Elevated bass, decent electronic sound
Cons: Clamping (See review), muddy midrange, recessed treble.
I bought these on clearance from Radio Shack for $100 on a day when I was off from school. This was my first $100+ pair of headphones, and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the result.
First, I'm going to go over some main complaints, and how I feel about them.
1) The fit. V-MODA decided to place the drivers super close to your ears, so if you have remotely protruding ears like mine, you'll only be able to keep them on an hour at a time. HOWEVER, if you get a foam pad off of a cheap pair of come-withs, and place them in the cups, the headphones feel phenomenally better than before. It just so happened that the pads in my come-with headphones have foam pads that fit exactly inside the cups of the ears, and haven't fallen out since. Other than that, adjustable sides, rotating cups on the up and down, but no side-to-side.
2) Accessories. They come with a very nice case that holds the headphones snugly. On the sides, Elastic bands hold cables and the like in place. The Phones come with a 3 button mic cable, a standard audio cable, a 1/8" to 1/4" audio jack adapter, and a carabiner for the case. Overall, the accessories are fairly nice.
Overall, The headphones have a really nice sound. They, for sure, blow the Beats Studio out of the water, and they definitely aren't just a full-on bass assault. The bass is there, noticeable, but to me, not in your face. The highs are really good, but to some might sound recessed. Mids are also very good. In terms of genres, Trance, House, and Dubstep are extremely impressive. Val's dedication to make headphones that try to express the club feel really shows in these 'phones. I personally listen to music at a fairly low volume (About 4 clicks up from bottom for the most part on the E6), but I can still feel the bass. Very bassy, good examples are A Brief Introduction on Dubstep Production by Dubba Johnny, Crush by Pendulum, Chordplay by Oliver Smith, and Disco Falls by Digital Freq. All Electronic forms of music sound best on the Red EQ setting on the E6. The phones also handle other genres very well, IMO. I listened to the ALAC of Californication (The self master, with highly improved Dynamic Range) through these, and it still sounded great, without any overload of bass. Any genre besides Electronic seems to sound best on the Blue EQ setting. Other examples of good songs that, to me, sound good on these are Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots, Just Like You by Three Days Grace, and Show Me How To Live by Audioslave. Also worth noting is Radiohead's Kid A (Song, Not Album) Sounds very interesting with this setup. They have a great sound overall. If you have problems, both the iPod and the E6 can very easily be modified to help your situation.
4) Appearance. Although trivial, these headphones still have an absolutely amazing design. Factor in the fact that V-MODA lets you get custom side plates, and you have a killer appearance. The full metal, large design is sure to turn heads.
So yeah. The only slight problem with these is the comfort factor, which is easily fixed. 4.5/5.

I'm leaving the other stuff up there just because.
After discovering other headphones (Currently using a set of Grado SR225i), I came to the realization that these are entirely too muddy.
I sold them to another head-fi member for about $50.
You can get better things for $100. Just ask around.
They do have nice bass, but it's too loose. Punchier bass is definitely nicer. The muddy midrange made these near unlistenable for anything that wasn't electronic.
After hearing the M-80, I pretty much realized that these really were not the God-Tier headphone I thought they were.
Sorry for any confusion my bad review I may have caused. Go pick yourself up a pair of M-100s if you really dig the look of the LPs. I'd really only recommend this for people that are trying to ease their transition from Beats into the real high-end headphone world.
i wouldn't go off saying that the design is perfect because that is causing the comfort issue and i also believe that 5 stars on audio is reserved for only truly amazing headphones, but quite an accurate review other than that.
Where did you get the self-master version of Californication?
@WoahReQQuiem: It's been a while sine I downloaded it, I'll try to upload to MediaFire or make a torrent in the near future. If you search around with Google, you should have no problem finding it.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice extras, excellent construction, great overall sound accentuated by booming bass
Cons: Bass can be overpowering in some tracks. Sound "leak" at higher volume levels.
[size=small]A fashion accessory with substance[/size]

[size=small]For those of you who are reading this and thinking "What the hell is V-MODA? A clothing store?", the answer is no. But it might surprise you that 'fashion' has an important role in what they do. The philosophy behind the V-MODA brand is to provide consumers with a good looking product that also delivers in the quality department, both in construction and sound.  Their product range extends all the way from earplugs to circumaural (over-ear) headphones. They're a relatively new company founded by DJ Val Kolton, and a quick look at their Facebook page[/size][size=small] [/size][size=small]will tell you all you need to know about them. Electronic music, big parties, getting on the ears of as many world-famous DJs and celebrities as possible, fashion. The thing with headphones is, just because you can make them look good and have hundreds of pictures of celebrities with them on, doesn't mean they're good (See Beats by Dr. Dre, SMS by 50 Cent). However, anyone who's into the headphone scene knows V-MODA has been well received by critics and consumers for their excellent sound quality across their range of products. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Here we'll be reviewing the  V-MODA Crossfade LP's. They're V-MODA's flagship circumaural headphones, and arguably their most famous ones. Seen on the likes of Skrillex, Avicii, Sander van Doorn, Funkagenda, NERVO, Val Kolton himself and even Paris Hilton, these cans aren't a bit short on their "celebreity cred". But do they come through where it counts? Let's find out... [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Packaging[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] The attention to detail is apparent from the moment you take the box in your hands and just look at it for a while. The box itself is of thick high quality cardboard and is accentuated with a faux leather strap, a neat little metal button and a small red ribbon you cut to gain access to what's inside. You get a sense these people tore a page right off Cupertino's book on how to package a "premium" product. Inside you'll find nice foam padding and and a hard shell case wrapped in plastic where everything is neatly stored. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Accessories[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] The hard shell carrying case included in the box is extremely sturdy and well built, lined with red fabric inside, it has two detachable velcro pads that hold the cables and accessories. The Crossfades include an audio-only cable and another, shorter one, with a built in mic and volume/play-pause controls. There's also a 1/4 inch adapter and a carabiner to hook up the case on your backpack, gig bag, pants, et cetera. But back to the case (or Exoskeleton, as V-MODA calls it). It's an amazing little extra that looks great and will keep your headphones safe if they're dropped. You'd be hard pressed to find a case this good for your headphones for under $25 USD, and this one is custom molded to the shape of the Crossfades. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Construction[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] The Crossfade LP's construction can be summed up with the following words: "sturdy", "beefy" and "durable". The headphones themselves are made from metal an plastic. The headband is covered in fabric on the inside and faux leather on the outside. The ear pads are memory foam wrapped in leatherette as well. Both cables are Kevlar reinforced with gold plated connectors. V-MODA claims these headphones have "military grade" construction and have been extensively tested for durability. They'll withstand drops, cable flexing, extreme headband bends and still maintain structural integrity and their sound quality. While no (sane) user will try to test these claims, you can definitely tell from holding and wearing these cans that they're built to last and are well made. The only thing to note is the cables that poke out from the driver housings and into the headband. They're Kevlar reinforced as well, but being careful not to get them caught somewhere or strain them will keep things working nicely. They come with a 1-year warranty, and if you're the destructive type you'll be pleased to hear these are covered by V-MODA's "Immortal Life Program". Currently available only to U.S. customers, what this means is that if you damage your headphones for whatever reason, V-MODA will give you 50% off towards the purchase of a new product.[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Sound[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] So by now you're probably thinking: "They're wrapped in a fancy package, they come with some neat accessories and are built like a tank... For the price it seems they put all the money towards frivolities and payed no attention to what matters, the sound." And that's where you'd be wrong. The Crossfade are LP's are a great set of headphones. To put it bluntly, BASS! These are definitely headphones angled toward's the casual listener's love for bass-biased cans and the sounds of rock, electronic, pop, hip-hop, and basically whatever you find on Top 40 charts these days. Crank the volume towards the high side of the scale and the headphones will literally tremble, along with your ears, which can get uncomfortable quickly. A great side-benefit of this however, is that it makes the headphones great for tracks that have prominent bass on other genres like classical, jazz, salsa and such. But alas, there is such a thing as too much bass. On some tracks the bass can be overpowering, awkwardly so. You'll be listening to the song and just noticing how the bass gets on top of everything. Though it should be noted that it is rare and possibly the result of recording or mastering rather than the headphones taking over. The other thing about this extreme bass is that at high levels it can get fatiguing after an extended period of listening. Which brings us to another problem that shows up with high volume, leakage. So called "leaking", in the case of headphones, is exactly what it sounds like. Sound "leaks" from the earpieces so that whatever you're listening to can be heard "outside". This doesn't happen with "closed" earphones, but achieving bass like what the Crossfade LP's provide in a closed headphone isn't easy. V-MODA put some small vents on the lower part of the driver housings and this is where the "leakage" comes from. At low and moderate listening levels there is none or very little of it, but once you crank up the volume it gets to the point where people standing next to you can listen to whatever you are pretty clearly. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Comfort[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Clamping force around the head is higher than average but not so much that it causes pain after extended listening periods. The upper edge of the ears can get sore after prolonged use because of the driver grills pressing against them, but a short break will get rid of any discomfort. This being such a subjective issue, it is quite pointless to spend much time on it. Different listeners will have different ears and will experience more or less comfort accordingly. To sum it up, the clamping force is on the strong side but not overwhelmingly so. The ear pads provide good fit and excellent padding thanks to the memory foam. Heat from the drivers is barely noticeable and a non-issue with these cans.[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] The verdict[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] It's more than clear that it would be foolish to simply discard the Crossfade LP's as a fashion accessory with no regard towards sound and build quality as some would think. They're built to last and feel in every way a premium product. The sound quality, while not perfect for the most picky of audiophiles, is spot-on for the "casual" listener that wants great sound and are probably the best cans available to blast all kinds of electronic music through, at their price point. Leakage at higher volumes is a problem for those who don't want to disturb others in libraries, waiting rooms and such; and the bass heavy focus can drag down things for those with a wider range of music tastes. Nevertheless, the Crossfade LP's are great all-around headphones considering they can be found online brand new for under $100 USD. The extras like the superb case and multiple cables are just the cherry on top. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Those discouraged by the overwhelming bass might want to consider the "updated" Crossfade LP2's, which are priced the same as the LP at $199.00 USD. According to V-MODA, they have slightly less bass with more refined mids and highs. Another alternative would be waiting for the release of the much anticipated Crossfade M-100 headphones. They promise to bring the critically acclaimed sound from the on-ear V-MODA Crossfade M-80's to an over-ear form factor. [/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] [/size]
[size=small] My own little V-MODA family.[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Pros: Nice extras, excellent construction, great overall sound accentuated by booming bass[/size]
[size=small] Cons: Bass can be overpowering in some tracks. Sound "leak" at higher volume levels.[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Value: Full price ($199.00 USD): 3 / 5, Discounted ($100-$130 USD): 4 / 5[/size]
[size=small] Build quality: 5 / 5[/size]
[size=small] Comfort: 3 / 5[/size]
[size=small] Sound: 3.5 / 5[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Overall: 4 / 5[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Equipment:[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] V-MODA Crossfade LP[/size]
[size=small] Aiwa NSX-D606[/size]
[size=small] Microsoft Zune 80[/size]
[size=small] iPod Apple iPod Classic (5th gen.)[/size]
[size=small] Via VT1708B (On-board audio) on a Windows 7 PC[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Testing tracks:[/size]
[size=small]  [/size]
[size=small] Afrojack & Steve Aoki - No Beef (ft. Miss Palmer)[/size]
[size=small] The Animals - House of the Rising Sun[/size]
[size=small] Calle 13 - ¡Atrevete te, te![/size]
[size=small] David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream[/size]
[size=small] deadmau5 - Some Chords[/size]
[size=small] Doctor P - Sweet Shop[/size]
[size=small] Gnarls Barkley - Crazy[/size]
[size=small] Karl Böhm - Mozart: Requiem d-moll (KV 626) (Excerpts)[/size]
[size=small] Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life[/size]
[size=small] LMAO - Get Crazy[/size]
[size=small] Maná - Como te deseo (En vivo)[/size]
[size=small] The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez[/size]
[size=small] Matisyahu - Chop 'em Down (Live)[/size]
[size=small] Maurizio Pollini - Chopin: Étude Op. 10, No. 12[/size]
[size=small] Norah Jones - Don't Know Why[/size]
[size=small] Rammstein - Sonne[/size]
[size=small] Rodrigo y Gabriela - Ixtapa[/size]
[size=small] Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri - Cielito lindo/La negra mariachi Medley[/size]

i have this and agree completely with your review. the clamping force softens a bit over time, the ear touching pain i solved with some light open cell foam i cut from the driver cover of some old turtle beach x1's which i am sure you can buy something similar cheap. which i pud under the driver cover on these by removing the pads. i would recommend buying an amplifier as it does improve the sound enough to be worth it in my opinion. i am selling these and be buying the ath-m50s/le but will be sad to see them go, but the comfort just isn't quite right for me. if you are looking into a budget amp i reccomend the fiio e6 and l9 combo from B&H photo on amazon.com. to increase sound quality you must get a line out dock, because without it you would only be increasing the power without bypassing the internal amp.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: looks
It has too much bass and it is only great for some genres........ But it is awesome value for 130 dollars


Pros: very light headphones; good bass
Cons: pads not deep enough, lack of treble. no "sparkle" in highs. bass is slightly muddy
in a nutshell, i find my head bobbing with these headphones on. now onto the specifics.
these headphones look great. they look so much better that other headphones i have seen. if you do not like it to stand out, then these are not for you.
if you do not have ears that stick out more than normal, like i do, then these headphones are extremely comfortable. as my ears touch the inside of the ear cups, they become uncomfortable after about an hour, i am seeking a solution
sound quality. 
the bass is good and forward, the mids are where they need to be. the real problem is that there is a lack of highs. it will produce high frequency sound, but it lacks the "sparkle" that i found in my new cans, the ath-m50s/le
these things are built well, the flaw that was previously in the building process has been fixed, and i think these cans will last me quite well. the cables are removable. the only design flaw. the cable that passes the signal to the right ear may wear out, as it is bent a bit by the frame. if it does, i am happy to have a warranty.
i think i have an idea for the comfort, creating a spacer shaped like the piece that clips into the cans. they feel great, but were not made deep enough. i would glue the spacer to the pads and it should be ok
I just picked these up on a whim when buying paper goods at Costco ($79). Before putting them in my cart, I did a quick review check on my iPhone. Exited to get home for a pleasant surprise and I was let down. Tons of bass!!! Muddy bass that distorted everything else. If that's what you like then they are a great value. I quickly plugged in my IEM Jays - q-Jays for a comparison and the even though the bass is subdued on the the Jays, the rest of the register just kicked the V-Moda's butt. I listen to 5 different kinds of music to be sure, packed up the cans and put them in my car to be returned. I'd have to imagine it would be worth the extra $50 to get the AT M-50's. However, this side bar isn't helping me decide between the AKG-550 or Ultrasone Pro-900.
ath-m50 is definitely worth it, i love my m50's i have the limited edition and love them. against iems for sound quality there is no contest, but i truly think their fatal flaw is that the pad isn't deep enough.


Head-Fi's Sybil
I don't intend to rate or review the festive Gunmetal Black Crossfade LPs.  I wish only to say what Head-fi's strangely inclusive database will not -- that I owned them ever-so-briefly but no longer do.  
You can admire the look, build and accessories, but in order to keep the headphones themselves, you have to actually enjoy the way they sound.  
Let that be a lesson to me.
I wanted to like the LPs -- really, I did -- only they triggered scary feelings from childhood sessions with a false memory syndrome therapist.  Either he chained me up in his basement and inserted angry bees into my hospital gown while forcing me to lip-synch to "Dirrty" or he made me sit in his office long enough for me to notice clumps of glue in his tiny hairpiece and that's why I'm like this. 
My rating is neutral because it is intended to have no effect.  Let foonts who feel strongly about these headphones affect their status.
Only, if you wear them in my presence, please don't point to them and yell Simba.  I'm trying to forget.


Pros: Bass extends well and has very good impact. (will literally rumble at high volumes), sound stage is deep, isolate well, amazing build quality
Cons: can get uncomfortable after long sessions, can get warm(good in winter, bad in summer here at least)
Paid: 124.99 USD
Let me start by saying I use these 90% of the time for listening to Electro, Dubstep, House, etc. and the rest watching movies and t.v. I'll start with design and build quality. These things are made very well. They seem like they could take a few accidents and still sound and look like they did when you got them. headband is very flexible, bails are solid metal, adjustment mechanism clicks satisfyingly, and they are very good looking. The cord is detachable which is huge plus in my opinion. As far as comfort goes these are pretty comfy. I would give it a five in comfort but they start to put pressure on glasses after about an hour, but an adjustment  or a short 10 sec break and its fixed. However, I've yet to put on a headphone that didn't put pressure on my glasses after a while so that is something to keep in mind. They isolate well enough to get the job done. I can be on a noisy bus and have the volume at 60-70 percent and not be bothered by outside noise. However, at really loud volumes you could have someone shouting at you right in your face and not hear them (not recommended ). 
Now to sound. For my tastes in music, as stated previously, these are great! The bass will rumble your brain, punch you in the face, and do it without making everything else inaudible. With SQ the treble and midrange are a little recessed but I just EQ them up and it sounds almost perfect for my taste. I do feel that it could be better if the bass and mid-range were separated a bit better, but they may be unrealistic at this price. The soundstage is, IMO, pretty deep and has height, but it could be wider for sure. sometimes things feel tight and in your face but this is not really a bad thing in my opinion, makes some music feel right. Overall, if your a bass head or you like EDM then these will not disappoint. However, you should listen them first if your going to use anything else with them because I can't really be the judge of that. To me, it makes genre's like rock sound lifeless, but I think they sound good with classical. Gives the Zelda 25th anniversary soundtrack lots of power IMO xD. I haven't noticed any sibilance which is defiantly  a good thing. 
Overall, a very fine headphone that can stand up to portable use and look and sound good while it does it. Don't let the good looks put you off, they are well worth the price. 
Thanks for the great review charvat8. Just got these about a week ago in black and they are truly amazing. Its miracle like how full and warm the bass is while treble and midrange are not lessened in their audio goodness. Just started using the V-Moda at regular volume last night after a week of breaking them in at low volumes and i was amazed at the level of detail when playing games like Skyrim and Serious Sam 3. I could actually feel a realistic thud when i bump against a wall in Serious Sam 3 while in Skyrim combat had plenty of bass impact while the clanging of swords clashing still was nice and sharp in the treble department. The wind was nicely thick and noticeable with birds and the sound of rushing water by a nearby stream alive with clarity. I feel like a buetiful expensive speaker system is strapped on to my head when wearing the V-Moda headphones. They truly satisfy like no other.


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Looks Great, Feels Great, Materials, Very Sturdy, Pretty Portable, Good Mids, A Lot Of Bass
Cons: Highs Are Muddy And Recessed, Lows Are Pretty Muddy, Not Very Comfortable
These headphones are at best good. They look amazing, with its very unique design. As well, these headphones are extremely sturdy, because of the excellent materials used (Leather, metal and memory foam.) These come with an awesome hard shell carrying case, which makes these headphones portable for every day usage. As for sound quality goes, the mids are good. They are pretty clear and accurate, without being recessed. The highs are muddy, and sound very muted and extremely recessed. The mids and lows bleed into the highs in my opinion. The lows are also muddy. Not as muddy as the highs, but still pretty muddy, even though there is an overwhelmingly a lot of bass. The bass seems very boomy, and not accurate and not well defined. Also, these are not that comfortable. The ear cups are way too small and has a very high clamping force.
Overall, I gave the overall a 3.5 stars because of its great design, durability and portability. I also tried the LP2, which is for sure a definite upgrade to the LP.
How is the LP2 an upgrade from the LP? Is just the build quality better, or is the sound clearer? The M80 interests me most of the V Moda headphones, however I doubt I would even consider buying it unless they eliminate the cord with the mic, and drop the price to well under $150. On Amazon they have the frequency response curves for the LP2 and M80, and the M80 is much flatter. The M80 has 40mm drivers vs 50mm in the LP and LP2.
Here's what it says on the vmoda website:Fine tuned sound signature based off the critically acclaimed Crossfade LPRefined mids + highs, slightly lower bass (~1dB @ 100Hz)Minimalist design with virtually no V-MODA branding so you can endorse yourself™, should you chooseCustomizable Gunmetal Shield Kit
Just got these yesterday at Radio Shack for a $100.00 and after burning them in most of the night with a good mix of different music from classical to industrial and ambient they are really starting to open up. The bass is the best i have ever heard according to my taste. Very rich full and balanced enveloping the entire audio spectrum compared to the Sony MDR XB500s where the bass stands out in its own space next to the treble.
Treble and midrange are getting better the more i use them with a warm quality to them out of my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever. When i first used them last night things were muddy which was to be expected from what i read online. Now things are opening up nice and it will be interesting to see how the midrange and treble end up sounding compared to the already delicious thick milky bass.
Sound isolation is fantastic greatly enhancing immersion thanks to the memory foam keeping out environmental distractions. These isolate even more then the fabulous KRK-KNS 8400 i picked up last week. There is no discomfort when wearing the V-Moda. Maybe my big head is just the right size for headphones :D
With the V-Modas and the KNS 8400 i have found two headphones which completely satisfy and will probably now stop buying headphones sticking to music purchases and perhaps one more set of bookshelf speakers. As far as sound leakage i have yet to see it perhaps due to getting plenty of audio at a surprising low volume setting of 10 compared to my other headphones which usually have a volume setting of 18 to 25.
Being a bit of a advertising buff i was really impressed and overjoyed with the buetiful stylish packaging of the V-Modas aswell as the sleek sexual futuristic look of the headphones themselves which are marvelously constructed. Am really happy i purchased the V-Modas and feel quite fortunate to have got them at this amazing low price. Much thanks to the creators of this artistic masterpiece of audio design known as the V-Moda.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Crazy good sound! Great price!
Cons: They don't look as great as some headphones, I would prefer it if they didn`t have any noise cancellation (100% open)
Frequency range: 5Hz - 30kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.05%
Sensitivity: 105 dB
noise cancellation: 10dB
I bought these headphones for 200$ (they retail for 250) and I love them! I listen to heavy bass music (mostly dubstep) and these headphones handle it no problem. I'm not sure if I would recommend these headphones to someone who doesn't like to have a good amount of bass in their music.
I use them with a Fiio E7 amp (minijack to ipod doc to bypass ipod amp) though it is not absolutely necessary and an iPhone.
I recommend them!


New Head-Fier
Pros: Comfortable, Good Bass, Good Quality, Nice controls, Good overall, good value
Cons: They are somewhat heavy, so they can be a little uncomfortable after about 2 hours of use.
I purchased these headphones  after narrowing down my search to Beats by dre solo HD and these. I actually tried the Solos, (I was hearing mixed reviews of them) and they were awful. I then tried on the V Moda Crossfade LPs, and it was the best feeling i ever got from a pair of headphones. I also got them on Amazon for 120.00, so i recommend getting them there instead of on the V Moda website for 250.00. As for the case and accessories, you can see that they really took their time making these. I love these headphones. And if you don't know already, STAY AWAY FROM MONSTER.


Pros: Very loud, good for DJing. Good highs and mids. Awesome carrying pouch. Very good looking
Cons: Bass maybe a little too loud for studio listening.
These are gorgeous headphones. You won't find any other headphone with much style as these. No need for an amp, these headphone are made for ipod listening so they are loud enough to blow your head with heavy bass. This is the only cons... cons for people who like smooth studio listening won't like it. People who are always in noisy place will love them cause they are VERY loud and hard on the bass. Very good for DJing, but no earcup swivel. At a MSRP of 200$, they are a little bit overpriced IMO, but you can find good deal on the bay.