V-Moda Bass Frequency Rouge Earbuds

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  1. jojexy
    "Very nice headphones for under 20USD with some flaws"
    Pros - Great Sound Isolation, Big Bass, Price, Excellent Comfort, Different Color Choices
    Cons - Bass might be overwhelming, Didn't last a year
    These were my first pair of headphones that I've bought in my life. I remember being amazed at the sound quality and bass after listening with the mediocre headphones that came with my Sansa Fuze. As long as I remember, these headphones had the biggest bass out of all headphones that I've owned (I've had the Sennheiser CX-300, Sony MDR-XB20, and Pioneer SE-MJ31). I do not clearly remember the treble and mids since I was a middle schooler back than and I was really into bass heavy music. Comfort and Sound Isolation was excellent, probably had the best sound Isolation out of all my headphones. However the Bass was sometimes overwhelming, and these headphones only lasted me for around 6 month which was a downer.
    I would recommend to you if you are looking for a cheap (Currently only around 10USD on Amazon!) headphone that has lots of bass and good isolation. However if you are looking for a long lasting headphone, I wouldn't recommend these.