Designed for the style-conscious listener with a penchant for the vivid sounds experienced at...

V-MODA Bass Freq Metal In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone (Gunmetal Black)

  • Designed for the style-conscious listener with a penchant for the vivid sounds experienced at the world's finest clubs and concert venues, Bass Freq Metal Audio headphone's premium materials combine to enhance all aspects of the listening experience. BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) fittings in 3 sizes contour the ear to reduce outside noise and provide deep, yet precise bass. Constructed from a lightweight metal alloy, Bass Freq Metal headphones are also the perfect companion for strenuous activities including working out and running.

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  1. atkhan
    Steal for the Price! Tough as Rhinos! Worth Owning!
    Written by atkhan
    Published Dec 28, 2014
    Pros - Made Tough, Resilient, Solid, [Quite] Bassy, Balanced, Decent Soundstage [for closed in-ears], Excellent Passive Isolation (Military Standard, heh!)
    Cons - Not that Good-looking, Remote doesn't work for Android,
    I got these from Amazon. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical due to lack of reviews at the time (positive or negative). But I was ordering my Crossfade LPs [they good or bad, is an entirely different discussion], and the price looked nice so I grabbed them anyways. For $25-30, I have to tell you that they are a steal.
    Just so you know, I've had the following:
    Some older Sony Walkman in-ear headphones
    Sony MDR-EX50
    JVC Marshmellows
    Samsung in-ears
    Nokia in-ears
    Audio Technica ATH-M50x
    American Audio HP-550
    Panasonic RP-HTF600 S
    V-Moda Crossfade LP
    Pioneer DJ600S
    Beats in-ears (or HTC in-ears, look the same to me)
    FannyWang DJ 3000s
    Although the Audio Technica and the American Audio remain to be my go-tos for desktop usage, LPs for the street, these BassEQs are pretty damn nice. No in-ear pair that I've had stands equal here. A lot of you out there say that they are not bassy - I mean come on. They outsmart my Sony EX-50s by a huge margin. The only major thing they lack is probably RATTLING MY EARS that I get with headphones. But that's not an apple to orange anyhow, so it's ok.
    They are pretty tight on the bass. And it's immense. Anymore would be bass-head standard, which we shy away from mostly anyhow. It's very controlled - something that closed-design gives you without asking. The mids and highs are decent, though they MAY sound a bit damp to many, since these will not have that crystal-clear high or mid note.
    In-fact, I'm surprised by the sound-stage. It's pretty nice. I can game, watch movies or talk to someone. I amped them (with an E6 as well as an E07k). They didn't distort. They didn't shake. There is no loose vibration. Everything is tight. They're pretty good un-amped anyhow (on the Samsung S5 or HTC One M8)
    As with most V-Moda gear, sometimes they get tight with extended use. Because of the excellent isolation, they sometimes make you too aloof of the world around, and do have some subliminal pressure within the ear [the Crossfades press a bit tight sometimes, but I've gotta give V-Moda a huge + for noise isolation across their products in general].
    Now I would like to make a note here to everyone, not to pass these as IEMs. They aren't; they're EXCELLENT earphones. I believe they are colored, and not quite flat. Although sometimes I do find them very close to IEMs. In fact, I put on my American Audios in one ear and these in the other and I swear I couldn't differentiate in anything. ANYTHING, despite the fact that the American Audios are flat as ****, and can pass for studio-monitoring. Either they're so f'ing good, or I'm getting older now. Either way, I was impressed.
    Overall, for the price, I believe they are fun, and definitely worth having. I don't really use a lot of in-ears, but I was in a constant state of being some every now and then. After owning these, I look at sooooo much stuff on shelves in stores, but keep asking myself what I'm missing here, and why should I buy this SONY or PIONEER or X.Y.Z.
    The answer? Nothing. These have really suspended my further purchases of in-ears. And it's been almost two years now. I must say, I am very, VERY content. Buy them.
  2. umhhmm
    excellent for the price
    Written by umhhmm
    Published Apr 10, 2014
    Pros - great bass sound is well balanced
    Cons - none so far after 4 months
    I have to say i have tried and own a lot of in ear phones one my faves are still beyerdynamic that being said v-moda bassfreq are up there and i paid 10 bucks off ebay  nib so i did not expect such quality but i have to say the do kick the only draw back i find is they are a little chunky at the ear but not a problem i have to say its most likely the name that is holding this well built good design set of buds back i know they are a little out dated at this point but as i said they do hold their own against a lot of the more expensive sets i can say that as far as the bass goes its hard to beat , at full tilt no distortion and clear as can be if i was looking for some cheap quality i/e phones these would be the ones if i had known about them , all in all these are very good for the price and if they last any length of time i would say we have a winner ,just one more thing these are very inexpensive and have been comparing them the like of beyerdynamics and  Sennheiser ,Bose, and the likes . all i can say is enjoy !
    1. GearMe mine on clearance at Radio Shack for same price a few months ago.  Solid workout IEMs so far.  Use them with a Clip Zip and the sound is great for the $$.
      GearMe, Apr 11, 2014
  3. ronnbot
    They're not bass bloated as the name would suggest, but a very good pair of IEMs
    Written by ronnbot
    Published Jan 1, 2014
    Pros - Sound, looks, metal build, value
    Cons - A bit chunky in the ear
    At $30 that I paid for them, these IEMs are unbeatable. You would have to spend much more to get better sound. I prefer these than the Klipsch S4 it replaced, which had harsh high's and muddy low's in comparison and they broke without being abused. So what's so go good about the V-Moda Bass Freq Metal earphones? A lot!
    Sound quality is superb, with good overall frequency response and clarity; they're fine to me without any EQ. Good and detailed mid's to high's, and the bass is fairly accurate. Furthermore, the sound is not fatiguing at all.
    The build quality seems good with metal casings. I also like the design aesthetics of the earphones although they can feel chunky at times. That said, I find them comfortable enough with good fit (medium silicones are perfect for my ears) and can use them all day at work. 
    I have the single-button Android version and works well with my phone. They also make a 3-button iPhone/Pod version too. When making calls, I haven't heard any complaints from the people I talk to, so the mic must be ok.
    Anyway, they're good earphones, so buy them. I bought 2 pairs.
    ===== Update 2014/01/02 =====
    Unfortunately, I can't seem to comment below. Anyway, I can assure you, 'Aero Dynamik', that I'm a real person who bought these phones and yes, that is my face. Just never had the reason to register before. I didn't talk about myself but I did compare it to the Klipsch S4 that I own and is now broken, which I find not as good as these pair. I suppose I should also mention my other gear that are relevant, which may describe the type of user I am: 
    MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 that are very fiddly with placement
    Logitech F540 that I use for gaming
    Panasonic RP-HC500 that I used to use when I go on business trips
    Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B that replaced the Panasonic
    and a pair of Sennheiser RS160 that I barely use but I find very comfy.
    Anyway, I'll eventually review some of the above as well at some point. FYI, I bought 2 of the V-Moda's because I lost the first one.
    1. Aero Dynamik
      I always wonder how much we can trust a review written by someone who joined the community the same day the review was written, and who doesn't say a single word about himself. Wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from "ronnbot" again, although I hope I'm wrong! This is not the first and probably not last time this happens.
      Aero Dynamik, Jan 1, 2014
    2. GearMe
      Don't know if Ronnbot will hang around...hope he does and continues to offer his input.
      Welcome Ronnbot!
     a pair of these for $10 at Radioshack when they were clearing out their V-Moda inventory a few months ago.  After owning them, I'd pay $30 for these with no hesitation.  Good inexpensive, basshead IEM with decent detail throughout the rest of the spectrum. I use them for working out and they stay put...working well out of a Clip Zip.
      GearMe, Jan 1, 2014
    3. Aero Dynamik
      Hi ronnbot! I'm glad I was wrong about you, welcome to Head-Fi, and thank you for your review! There are - unfortunately - examples of reviewers who join the same day they write their reviews, never to appear again. It makes me suspect that those people are nothing but the manufacturer's dummies. There are definitely people here with ties to sponsors who pretend they are normal Head-Fi:ers. So, my advice is to be very wary.
      Aero Dynamik, Jan 7, 2014
  4. JamesHuntington
    They grew on me.
    Written by JamesHuntington
    Published Dec 26, 2012
    Pros - Sound good, keep going with abuse
    Cons - microphone broke, fit isn't great for me
    After my purchase of these on sale at Radio Shack, I couldn't get them to stay in my ears for anything. I changed all sizes of rubber insert pieces and nothing seemed to be just right. Then after finally getting them to fit alright, somehow the microphone came apart. But they still work, and after taping it back together with electrical tape I can still use the mic. Let's just say that when using them to talk on the phone, nobody ever complains that they can't hear me, even while I'm riding my bike at 20 plus mph down the windy ocean-side highways near my house. I use them for biking and working around the yard, etc and they are very tough. I hate buying new stuff and unless I don't have to then I'll wear these until they break. I like them way better than SkullCandy or some of the other cheapies, and with the mic option they are very good the Iphone. Sound is above average and noise isolation is good. They're not just another throw away set, which is why I keep them around. Worth what I paid.
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  5. KodaO
    Great Basshead buds
    Written by KodaO
    Published Oct 2, 2012
    Pros - Bass is controlled, upper mid range has yet to be bested to my ears (in-ears that is), Amazing value
    Cons - build design is awkward, uncomfortable after extended use.
    Great in-ears. I honestly just typed an entire review on them and my internet crashed. I'll re write it in the future.
    I will say this though. They NEED a boost from about 200Hz down. Don't be fooled by their name, they lack bass entirely on a flat EQ.
    That is all
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