Unisar TV Listener Stereo

General Information

No more arguments about watching TV in bed. And no more waking up your wife or baby because the TV is too loud. Now you can save your marriage - and enjoy those late-night sports events, movies, news and comedy shows you love - with the amazing TV Listener. It works just like your remote control, sending an infra-red signal from your TV right to the deluxe cushioned stereo headphones you wear. TV sound too low or too loud? Simply adjust the volume control right on the headphones. And there's no interference from cordless telephones, garage door openers, microwaves or other electronic devices. Now you can watch TV in absolute comfort and privacy while others sleep, study or read in the same room. Not just for your TV! It also works great for with stereo and home theater systems, desktop and laptop computers, portable playback devices(DVD, etc.), video games and other audio sources. Features: Transmits signals up to 33 feet Works in stereo or mono mode State-of-the-art infra-red system No cords to tangle or trip over No radio or electronics interference Hear crisp, clean stereo sound Works independently of TV speakers Ultimate personal listening device


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