Unique Melody Miracle

  1. Whizz
    A Poised Little Gem
    Written by Whizz
    Published Apr 8, 2012
    Pros - Admirably poised sound signature
    Cons - Price?!
    If I could use one word to describe the sound of UM Miracle it would be Poised. Feed any genre of music to it, and the Miracle will present it with an admirably poised manners. The balance of the frequency from top to bottom, the natural tone and clarity presented in an immersive soundstage really gives me the cloud nine listening experience, and the fact that this is an IEM means I can have this listening experience with me everywhere I go. Overall this is one of the best sounding audio gear that I’ve experienced to date and will definitely remain so for years to come.
    Full detailed review:
    To summarize, here are the list of what I think the Miracle might and might not be preferable.
    Preferable traits:
    1. Balanced frequency response and natural tone
    2. Versatile and visceral bass presentation
    3. Sparkly yet smooth and refined treble
    4. Midrange presented with extremely good resolution and texture, and excellent vocal presentation
    5. Overall poised presentation and grand soundstage that rivals high-end full size headphones
    6. Sounds great with wide genre of music and just about any audio source
    Might not be preferable:
    1. Depend on budget, it might be pricey for some
    2. Full acrylic shell might need sometime to get use to, some might not like the feeling of it
    3. Not for basshead, not tuned for typical club banger
    4. Not for vocal junkie, doesn’t have that thick, warm, and forward vocal presentation
    5. Not for people that seek absolute flat frequency response or uber detailed presentation
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  2. Kanashimu
    Written by Kanashimu
    Published Jan 22, 2012
    removed for now - needs updating
  3. Old_Snake
    UM Miracles
    Written by Old_Snake
    Published Nov 25, 2011
    coming soon
  4. project86
    The best custom IEM I've ever heard
    Written by project86
    Published Dec 1, 2010
    Pros - Amazingly deep hard hitting bass but still well controlled, top notch sound in every area, great value compared to competition
    Cons - Still have to ship your impressions overseas
    That's my full review. In summary: These are simply the best customs, and possibly the best headphones of any type, that I have ever heard. I prefer it to my JH13pro due to it's better deep bass response and more natural tone.
    These sound great paired with a simple portable DAP. But when driven by a high end source and amplification, they respond by becoming world class performers. They remind me more of my Sony R10 than any other headphone I've heard, but with better bass and a much smaller price. I wish more people had the pleasure of experiencing these.
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    1. ArcLight
      Prior to today, for some reason, I never considered IEMs. I was always worried about the comfort, and lack of sound stage. A number of reviews on other sites are by non-audiophiles, so I tended to not count their review for much.
      However - I am willing to keep an open mind.
      Are you saying that I can comfortably listen to music (Jazz and Classical) for say 2-3 hours, have great sound, and sound stage, with great clarity, and feel some bass? This is what some audiophiles have said, and I'm intrigued.
      ArcLight, Mar 20, 2011
    2. smial1966
      Paired with the Tera Player these IEM produce an utterly beguiling sound that is pure bliss!
      smial1966, Mar 17, 2013