Dynamic closed-back headphones specifically tailored to DJs’ needs.

Ultrasone Signature DXP

  • [Taken from the Press Release]

    Closed-back design for use in clubs

    The Signature DXP is intended for DJs who don’t want to compromise on first-class monitoring during their set. With their closed-back design, these dynamic headphones ensure ultimate shielding from background noise.

    So even when the party’s raging and the mood in the club has hit its peak, the DJ can still hear the music properly. And thanks to hinged ear cups, monitoring is easy even with just one ear.

    The Signature DXP’s great performance makes it easier to work precisely in loud environments, plus the long coiled cable ensures unrestricted freedom of movement when heading for the record case.

    Perfect sound for the studio The manufacturing company Ultrasone is known for the outstanding sound of its headphones, and the Signature DXP is no exception.

    With a frequency range of 5 Hz to 30 kHz, the headphones offer a rich bass and cover the full range of human hearing while also offering an extended treble range for a first-class listening experience. All of these qualities make the Signature DXP a completely reliable tool for working with any kind of audio.

    So as well as being perfect for use as monitor headphones while deejaying, the Signature DXP is also suitable for use in the studio.

    S-Logic® Plus
    : hours of fatigue-free listening With its patented S-Logic® Plus technology, the Signature DXP is an extraordinary tool.

    The special arrangement of the drivers improves the stereo soundscape and bass playback. This creates an impression similar to listening through speakers. The technology is also easy on the ears, as 3 to 4 dB less sound pressure is required to achieve the same perceived volume.

    Lowering the sound pressure brings about a significant, noticeable reduction in listener fatigue, making hours of work effortless with the Signature DXP. The headphones are also designed to ensure ultimate comfort. With the cushioning and flexible headband, combined with a low weight of just 290 grams, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing the Signature DXP headphones.

    As comfortable as they may be, these headphones are still a work tool and can withstand the sometimes challenging conditions faced by DJs in their everyday work. Robust, hard-wearing materials ensure the Signature DXP will last a long time, even when subjected to regular use at demanding club nights and in live music settings.

    Handcrafted in Bavaria Ultrasone places the highest demands on the quality of materials and workmanship. In order to ensure these standards can be met, the Signature DXP headphones are manufactured in-house in Bavaria. Well-trained professionals at the Raucherberg estate put a great deal of time and effort into making each individual set of headphones – and this work is clearly reflected in the value of the products.

    Ultrasone underlines its commitment to quality by offering a five-year guarantee on the Signature DXP.

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