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As seen on ESPN Monday Night Football, Ultrasone HFI-700 headphones combined with your choice of miniature microphone results in the best sounding, most comfortable broadcaster's headset ever. Headphones: Ultrasone headphones with S-Logic Surround Sound are known to be well-made accurate monitors that reducing hearing fatigue with their unique driver positioning. Broadcasters will appreciate this renowned feature, especially after listening with them for hours on end, day after day. Microphone: Sennheiser HSP4 Cardiod microphone. The microphone is joined to the headphone with an articulating mount and disconnect that allows for stable positioning and quick field changes. The six-foot cable terminates to a fan out with a ¼" stereo plug for monitoring and a 3-pin female XLR for the microphone. 5V - 50V phantom power is required for the microphone. black mic, pick-up pattern and rugged construction make this the best choice a professional broadcasting headset. Sennheiser HSP4 Specs: Headworn microphone featuring very light weight and superlative audio quality. Permanently polarized variant of the MKE platinum condenser capsule with cardioid polar pattern designed for professional "hands free" applications. HSP4 is available in black or beige. Features: Excellent feedback rejection, Microphone includes a detachable cap as integral wind/popshield, Individually adjustable to all head sizes,Neckband design keeps the microphone clear from shirt-collar or clothing, Twist-proof microphone boom (2.0 mm), can be attached to the left or right side, Microphone boom is adjustable in length and angle, Flexible gooseneck section, Connection cable can easily be interchanged, All metal parts coated in a physical vapour deposition process ,Can also be used with the omni-directional HSP 2 boom microphone. 


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