General Information

One of the things that set Ultrasone headphones apart from all others is the S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. Every pair of Ultrasone headphones is equipped with S-Logic. S-Logic is not Ultrasone's only signature-feature, either. The S-Logic Natural Surround Sound is just that: a natural surround sound in the headphones. S-Logic deludes your ears into believing you are standing in a room with speakers all around you. I had my doubts about the S-Logic at first, but the reality speaks for itself. S-Logic is without question a great, innovative feature that really adds an advantage to the overall Ultrasone experience.

The HFI-700s are crystal-clear sounding, comfortable, portable, sealed headphones with good, not overemphasized bass.

Most sealed headphones err on the side of being too warm; the HFI-700 is a clear change. These headphones are articulate and crystal clear. The bass is good and not over-emphasized, though maybe slightly resonant sounding. The mids are clear and without blatant coloration; not easy in sealed headphones , the highs are quite good. Though a bit lacking in a sense of liquid transition between the various frequency ranges, these headphones are good over-all performers and certainly among the best of the full sized sealed headphones available.

These full-sized sealed headphones are an all plastic design that allow the ear pieces to either swivel flat for storage in a narrow space (like in your brief case), or fold up into the space inside the headband. The ear pads are cushioned with foam pads covered with a nice quality pleather. The cord exits from the left earpiece and is terminated 10 feet later with a stereo mini-plug; also included is a screw on 1/8 to ¼ inch adaptor.


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