Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited - Reviews
Pros: Perfect full size portable cans; replace earmuffs, and do so with some style.
Cons: Too darn expensive; cannot wear a hat; too warm in summer
They remain my favorites for around a year, and I have no urge to get anything else. Premium over other versions was minuscule at the time (price in USD is converted from what I paid in EUR (1140 incl Value Added Tax)), no sonic differences they say, and I had no chance to find out; the brown leather, walnut sliver and different finish were really appealing.
Good isolation, I mainly use them in public transportation (no worries - nobody recognises these).
Should you get a pair? - are there any left??
It is only about how obsessed one is about hi-fi and portable cans in particular.
I do believe there are better cans for home use for less money, IE may be better, too, but for somebody who does not listen to cans at home and cannot stand things in his/her ear canal, IMHO Edition 8s are the way to go (still check out T5Ps, you may prefer those). 
Not much use for the box though -- I lug them around in the felt case of my T5Ps.
- Anybody willing to swap the Madras goatskin bag included with other versions for my virtually unused "Ltd" box?