Ultimate Ears Ue 7 Pro

  1. IEMagnet01
    Made for stage, not for ipods
    Written by IEMagnet01
    Published Feb 23, 2013
    Pros - wide soundstage. superb clarity. sparkly highs. decent bass.
    Cons - too airy for ipod/mp3 use. Not a "fun" sound
    i was excited over my first custom IEM's ever, I was also excited because i've been a sucker for the Ultimate Ears sound for a long time. Now I know that Logitech is now in charge of UE, but I still felt like these would be very musical CIEM's, as the Ultimate Ears commercial line is so well known for their musicality factor. After a month of waiting due to having to get impressions, and then some delays with my molds, i was able to get my UE 7's in a beautiful package very similar to the one I received with my UE TF 10's, but with a bit more professional flair. Now after placing them in my ear, and getting used to the custom fit (very uncomfortable for awhile due to the ear canal not beingused to having something placed so deep inside), i noticed how these did not sound so great with my ipod touch amped or unamped. Didn't sound all that great with my Sansa fuze amped or unamped, and finally sounded only slightly better with my Sony NWZ amped and EQ'd. Now here's the thing...The soundstage in these things are so damned airy and wide, and the imaging seems so odd, that i just can seem to get used to the sound signature. Now if I was using these on stage, as i have been a singer in many bands, then I'd be incredibly satisfied with the balanced and VERY CLEAR sound from these CIEMs. The downside is since I'm using these for private music listening, they just aren't "musical" or "fun" enough for me. The bass is there and has some depth and weight (very very close to the bass in my TF 10), and the treble is sparkly and very present and active. The way they differ than the TF10 is the mids aremore in line with the rest of the frequencies. MORE BALANCED. The TF 10's have that recessed mids that make guitars and vocals feel like they are coming from the back. These are slightly more forward, but the vocals are more stage sounding aka a bit more hollow and less "full" than in universal IEMs. I think the UE 900 would probably be a more ideal IEM for music listening through an ipod or mp3 player, and these would be absolutely AMAZING for musicians wanting a full bodied, clear and properly soundstaged live experience. For that i recommend these 1000%. For everyday music listening, i'll say pass. I am. I'm selling these for reshelling. UE 900 here I come.