Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone

General Information

The TRIPLE.Fi is a high-end consumer earphone with integrated voice functionality that is based on the same technology and sound signature used in our custom monitors. The TRIPLE.Fi 10vi features integrated voice functionality and is specifically designed for use with the iPhone. A miniature high performance microphone allows for hands free phone calls. An in-line multi-function button answers and ends calls and controls music/video on iPhone. Inside the TRIPLE.Fi 10vi are three individually proprietary armature speakers that produce a full spectrum audio experience. The proprietary armature speakers are tuned for full and detailed bass while delivering crisp and clean highs. In addition, the noise isolating design reduces ambient interference and sound quality. The armature is embedded in an anodized aluminum housing that is both small and lightweight and is an aesthetic complement to the iPhone.

Latest reviews

Pros: Too many to write them ^_^
Cons: Can't change wires, No memory wire option :"{
 or not if u love music u will love this one, but my friend just got a  Ultimate Ears 4 Pro Custom IEM and its just... EVEN better ! They cost the same 

BUT appointment with an audiologist will cost u some real dough $$$ 

Go for Triple-Fi if thats all u can spend, but I'd rather date audiologist daughter 

You can change wires. Search the forums; lots of third party cables.
The receptionist I saw the other day at the Audiologist was into me
Until she asked me my age. "Oh, you're 7 years younger then me..."
I thought that was great.


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